For Adam. For Adanes.

Finally, half of Adam went public with her relationship. Therefore, blessing are in order, and it’s time to say goodbye to Adam.

Congratulations to Gain! Everyone deserves to love and to be loved. I hope this will be a happy relationship and her boyfriend is able to bring her happiness.
If anything, I really appreciate Gain for her honesty, so with my fondness for her as Son Gain, a singer, a member of Brown Eyed Girls, I wish her all the happiness in this relationship.

Adam, and so, will come to an official end.
They will end, as no one will ever refer them to be a potential couple anytime some news of one of them or both come up ever again.
They will end, as probably with the rate of news popping up everyday, within a few months, no one will ever bother to remember about a virtual couple anymore.
The Adam that gave me so many memories to treasure within these few years will always be there.
The Adam that with their honesty and sincerity moved me, and many people, so much that I ship them so hard will always be there.
The Adam that gave me the opportunities to make friends with many across the globe will always be there.
Adam is forever in my heart.

It’s true that we don’t know if they were ever together or not,
If We Got Married was just a mere program or a playground for them to take a break, or, a place where they were able to experience a special relationship, a special time together.
But what I saw, you also saw, was sincerity, they were sincere.
And that’s why until now, their relationship, between Kwon and Gain, is still a special friendship that Gain once said “he’s a special friend to me” and that their relationship is “beyond dating”.
That’s why, for me, Adam is forever. They don’t need to be a couple to be Adam.
Kwon and Gain IS Adam.
Don’t ever say Adam is over.

And there was Adanes as well.
I don’t know much about fandom things, but I can say I love Adanes.
They have always been so supportive, whether to Adam as a couple, a pair, or Kwon and Gain as individual artists.
They even support 2AM and Brown Eyed Girls as groups.
Where else can you find such lovely fans like them?
With all the talks that couple fans are delusional that were occasionally mentioned, one would expect when the dating news broke out, these Adanes will go mad.
With all the incidents between the Official fans and Adanes, onlookers with prejudice about couple fans would expect these Adanes will flood the forums like some crazy delusional lunatics in those Official fan cafe and hurt Gain.
But only blessing were posted in their forums. Some even said they were fans of both artists, so please have a good relationship.
And today, the Admin of Adanes posted a post, saying how (s)he loves Adam, and feels sorry that they haven’t done much for Adam, and that (s)he will always support both of them.
Then the comments were all about the good times they had with each other, and that they were sorry that they didn’t contribute much.
Asides from all the support and donations they have done for and on behalf of Adam, these kinds of love, where else can you find such lovely fans like them?

This blog will still be available as it holds many of my “foolish” (but I have no regret) imagination about Adam. And comes with it were the memories I’ve been able to share with many friends.
There are unfinished stories that even though I promised to finish, I regret that I didn’t work harder to finish while there were still room for imagination. I’m not sure if anyone would want to read them now, but maybe, one day, I can find a way to finish them.

Thank you, Adanes, for giving us fans a place to cherish the memories.
Thank you, Adam, for the precious memories of not only the 1 year 3 months in WGM but even until now, with their duet in Gain’s album.
Even if they are not together now. It was their friendship that moved us & I still love Adam for that.
Let’s wish Adam all the best.
And to the wonderful fans Adanes, I wish you all the best too.
Thank you.


2 Responses to For Adam. For Adanes.

  1. seriously….. don`t know what to say..
    110106 was sad, because we all were unprepared for what happened…
    but this day…..
    true.. I said I prepared myself for the day they will go public with their real one, and promised to give blessings as long as that`s a good person who can make my Adams happy..
    but too see Adanes still being this supportive, lovely, and sweet, and caring, and understanding till the very very end…so hurt words cannot describe the pain..
    it`s kinda funny how they are the one thanking n telling us to take care and keep going when we are here crying like this right.. yet can`t help it 😢
    thank you, Adanes, for all the awesome job you`ve done in supporting those 바보 two all these years, during WGM as DC WGM Gall and all the years after
    we will remember you in our heart ♥~ always

    not saying my goodbye to one rooftop beyond dating duo tho 😋 why?
    I never said I would only support them as-a-couple~so…. it just doesn`t matter what kind of love it is, rightㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    moreover, the show`s over~~I know! but it`s my own choice to continue loving them, as good friends/close noona-dongsaeng/아쉬는 부부/whatever complication relationship there might be….that`s my imagination and dream…I can`t even control it, so you don`t try to tell me what to do…
    not to mention, what they had were real!! it was not only us who believed so, they were the beloved national couple ah! and they brought me all these cuteu friends besides the joy and those bittersweet memoriesㅎㅎ how can I not love them? I can`t even thank them enough, so don`t even tell me to turn my back on them ahh~

    YO you shameless two better keep your promise of being there for each other, giving the other strength~ or else…I…I……I`mma hunt you down with all the evidence I collected these past 4.5 years ah U____U I`m not kidding U__U the collection is so huge you`re gonna faint upon saying Hello to it U____U

    *singing loudly to numb the pain*
    …..I’m throwing away what the world tells me I should love~ ♪
    My heart wants to stays in the same place as yours~~ ♫…..

    p.s. be strong *hugs* I know it`s hard but we can do this :”) loveu♡ and thanku~~~~우쭈쭈

    • iceandfire says:

      Hahaha true….. I can’t turn away from them either. They are still forever Adam and i still love them. We always support them as noona-dongsaeng/good friends for so long ^^, as I said they don’t need to be a couple to be Adam ^^
      Let’s keep going kkk and next time…we should do something to get the rain U_U

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