[Drabble] “Can you imagine…”

“Can you imagine a ring on here?”
Her head spun around looking in surprise at his casual-but-not-supposed-to-be-so question.

There was never any definition between them, about them.

It was a long establised mutual understanding that they didn’t need any label to acknowledge what one meant to another.

She was never phased hearing rumors about him, especially with a certain group of friends (tho sometimes, his photos with them raised her eyebrows). Nor he got irked by her jokes about their reversed roles in a relationship in PUBLIC. At the end of the day, he was always by her side, telling her everything on his own, leaving no doubt between them, and she would always be there, caring for him as how she should be.

This has been going on for a long time that their circle didn’t even question or bother to tease them anymore about him staying at her place more often than his own.

That’s why, she was surprised to hear his question out of the blue when what they were doing was just watching River Monsters on Animal Planet. However in her true fashion, it only took her a moment to settle back in his embrace, her hand never left his.
“I thought you prefer it this way?”
“I do, but that was before. I’m going to enlist next year you know?”
“So you don’t trust me?” It was untrue, she knew, but couldn’t help teasing
“Of course I do, but that will help lighten the noonas’ workload of smashing fly now that they have their own family to take care of”
“Heh, even without any ring, no one dares to approach me anyways. They all think my good friend is scary”
“Is that so? Then you don’t need any ring, right? That.. Save a lot of money, thank you” a playful jab to his ribs causing him to tighten his embrace.
“Who said that? I will expect a nice ring, not with sesame diamonds anymore, ok?”
“Let’s go and get one together this weekend, yeobo.”

That settled the matter and they were back to watching TV. Though it might seem odd, and her unnies would definitely lecture him for being so not romantic, she wouldn’t have wanted it in any other way. Because they never played by normal, typical rules from the start.

And she would pretend not to notice how his palm sweated and his ears got all red despite his cool attitude.

A/N: Don’t ask me what caused this… I just… Miss them ToT


2 Responses to [Drabble] “Can you imagine…”

  1. you came back~~~~ *hugs hugs* and oh my god it`s so sweet~~~♥ and this is so THEM I swear!!!! 😍💋 my one rooftop beyond dating good friends ❤
    and look what they did to me… still smile goofily to myself like a fool reading this even after \rekkigo~~~~/ lol….it doesn`t hurt to …..get delululuu here and there sometimes right 😂😂 how can I not!? when monkey is being so damn cute yet…manly n brave here XD no more beating around the bush…no longer try to create the mood for his \foehbah failed/ hopeless romantic events ehhh 😛
    thanks so much for this little cutie piece~~ *chisseu* jst when I was getting into missing AC mood XD spazzing over their Gollum ring x house warming bowling ep earlier tdy ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  2. itscalledfate says:

    Omg. Like finallyyy. Was so excited when I saw a notification update via e-mail and click the link to this site immediately. Lol.
    Craving-for-FF Effect.

    Huks. I miss them too. And reading this makes me miss them even more and also brings back my delusional mind. Kkk.

    Well. Anw thanks for this drabble. So simple yet so antique..like their relationship :]]]

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