[Fan fic] Train me – Chapter 7

“Why do I have to join you for this, Kwon ah?” Gain grumbled, having to open the door for Kwon at 8am on a Sunday. And her best friend just slipped into the house with his grin.

They are meeting up for a trip to one of Minkyung’s relative’s house by the beach. After visiting Kwon’s house, Minkyung has suggested another trip but she asked Kwon to bring some friends with them; and just in time, Khun asked him about photography, Kwon decided to ask Gain, Seulong and Khun to join the trip with them, only that Seulong has dropped out at last minute. Seemed like Miryo was in need of a helping hand at her place, somehow *cough*.

“YAH!! Where are you going?” Gain yelled after Kwon who just headed straight upstair as soon as he got into the house
“It’s cold outside” Kwon just ignored her yell and got into her room before he remembered something “Oh, and Narsha noona and Changmin hyung will join us, they are coming here too”

When Gain got back to her room, Kwon already made himself comfortable in her bed, playing with the mongoose doll he got her few years ago

“Brat!! Get out!!” Gain muttered darkly. Sometimes, even though she loved her best friend dearly, she just wanted to choke him to death for being over-comfy in her personal space, especially when that said best friend held her up to 2am last night just to blabber about the trip today.

“Why?” he whined. It’s always strangely so comfortable for him to be in her room, like it’s his own.
“I need to change, idiot! The meeting time is 9, why are you even here now disturbing me?” she shook her head, wondering if she had a same age best friend or a son.
“You have your walk in closet! Besides, not like I’m gonna look at you or anything!” He retorted, now lying down her pillow, reading the novel on her bedside table.

*Ding Dong*

“Kwon ah! Get the door”

*Ding Dong*
“KWON AH!!!” Gain’s head poked out of her bathroom only to find Kwon was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Sighing defeatedly, she ran downstair to open the door.

“Oh Unnie, Oppa, Please, come in” Gain hugged Narsha greeting her and Changmin and noticed there was someone else behind them
“Khun oppa”
“Morning, Gain-ssi” Khun smiled politely
“Please, come in, and sorry for the wait. Please make yourself at home” Gain led them to the living room.
“No problem, we are 15 minutes early anyway” Changmin commented “Now we only need to wait for Kwon, right, that kid rushed out so early, I don’t know where he’s gone?”
“He’s here actually” Gain sighed “Oppa, you know the kitchen, please help me to get some tea. I’ll go deal with the brat”
“What has he done this time?” Changmin asked after Gain as she walked back to her room.

Responding to Changmin’s question was a series of *thuds* “ouch!” *thud* then a grumbling Kwon and a smirking Gain heading downstair, not noticing a surprise look in Khun eyes and Narsha’s eyebrow raised up.

The trip to the beach house was peaceful (quite) except for a few small bickering between Kwon and Gain (about the most trivial things ever, Changmin thought). As soon as they got to the house, Minkyung was there greeting them with a big smile.

The whole group decided to have lunch first before heading out for any of their “art adventure”. The guys went to buy drinks and snacks while the girls stayed back to cook.

“Let’s get some ice cream as well” Khun suggested after choosing the drinks
“In this weather?” Changmin puzzled as the weather is quite cool indeed
“Hyung, ice cream is best eaten in cold weather. Really!” Khun excitedly pick many flavours so the girls can choose whatever they want. Only after a few minutes picking and discussing what flavours and how many to buy, Khun and Changmin realised that Kwon didn’t join in the conversation. Looking around, they found him counting a big numbers of chocolate box he was holding and proceed to the counter to pay.
“Kwon ah. Wow, didn’t know you have such a sweet tooth” Khun called out, bringing with him all the ice creams and drinks
“No, hyung. It’s not for me” Kwon reached out to help his hyung “It’s for that bully at home. And here is my share for the drinks” he handed out some money
“Bully? Who?”
“Who else hyung, the tyrant who kicked me to the ground this morning” Kwon muttered, though he wasn’t in pain anymore, the humiliation of being kicked by her was still sore.
“And yet, you still buy her all this chocolate she likes” Changmin commented lightly, he didn’t know what he should do in this situation. He liked Khun enough from a few times meeting the guy, but the guy was heading to a dead end road while the one with wide open freeway didn’t seem to notice his own path and yet he didn’t know how to warn both of them.
“Hyung, it’s Gain.” Kwon said simply, grinning, as if it’s the most obvious explanation ever. Busy helping with all the bags of drinks, he missed a sigh from Khun and a sympathetic pat from Changmin to Khun.

Meanwhile, the girls at home decided to cook a fast meal with bibimbap and kimchi jjigae so they can have more time after that to enjoy. The 3 of them got more and more comfortable around each other and Gain found Minkyung was quite a pleasant person to be around, the girl was quite witty despite her gentle and soft-spoken appearance.
“Wow, she is quite taken with Kwon huh?” Gain heard Narsha commented after Minkyung left to open the door for the guy
“Yeah, i think so” Gain replied
“And how do you feel about that?”
“What do you mean, unnie?” somehow, Gain didn’t like the direction this conversation was going
“You are his best friend, right?” the older girl shrugged “I’m sure he will need your opinion, or approval even, you know?”
“She’s a good girl, Of course it’s nice for him to meet a girl like her. I’m… happy for him” she was surprised at the unsure-ness of her reply.
“Really?” Narsha smiled, a bit too sweet, at her “Well, I guess this trip is good, we’ll see” with that, she went to the living room to greet her boyfriend.

Lunch ended in laughter and jokes, while they were resting, Khun approached Kwon who was playing games on his phone
“Kwon ah, can we talk a little bit?”
“Sure hyung”
“Let’s go outside”
“Huh?” Kwon was puzzled but still, he got up and follow Khun out to the terrace.

“Kwon, what do you think of me and Gain?” the question was thrown out casually
“You’re… fine!?”
“Together, Kwon, what do you think of me and Gain together?”
“Why are you asking me?”
“You’re her best friend, right? So I hope you can help me” Khun smiled gently, perhaps a bit shyly
“Help.. help you?”
“Yeah, that’s why I want to join you in this trip, could you help me take photo for us, when I officially ask her to be my girlfriend?”
“Kwon, even though I just met you, I like you enough as a dongsaeng, so I want to ask you this one time, are you fine with me asking her out?”

The whole time, Kwon wasn’t able to process his thought. This is not the first time he’s seen a guy asked out his best friend, some of them dated with her even. But why, he asked himself, this time made him feel so uneasy.

“Hyung, I’m gonna truthful. I feel uneasy, don’t know why but i’m not so sure” Kwon decided that honesty is the best policy
“Figured. You didn’t even realised how you bought her favourite chocolate, or the way you just took her bowl of rice mixing up for her so naturally without being asked before eating your own bowl. But, I like her, Kwon, so I’m not backing down. May the best man win” With that, Khun left a dumbfound Kwon standing, still trying to figure out his own feelings.

Inside the house, Changmin had this strong urge to take a big soup spoon to bang his cousin’s head.


5 Responses to [Fan fic] Train me – Chapter 7

  1. wow, I didn`t expect Khun to be so determined in pursuing Ga-In 😜…. coz they haven`t contacted for a long time rite, and only see each other again for a short while…. and, she hasn`t been showing that much interest in him from what I see U__U *only cares about that clueless brat of hers 😉* wonder if he`s gonna give it another thought had he seen Kwon taking such comfy nap on Ga-In`s bed U_____U

    and that babo pig monkey T^T pls bang his head hard and put some sense into it Changmin oppa~~~ ㅇㅜㄴ with all the things he does for her *and to her* how the hell can he still be there so calmly..and densely……not making a move yet tsk tsk contented with jst the ‘beyond dating’ title ehh :3 or is he waiting for her to confess first to make himself fit with the “good man” standard XDDD

    please make Ga-In or someone teach him a lesson soooon… *now that you can get inspired a lot these days…. can`t wait for i-m-the-man-you-be-the-woman & Q&A to make a cameo… LOL* is Valentine okayyy? XD
    kk jst kiddin… take ur time……but dun make me wait for too long like the previous chap *pouts*
    고마워 & 알라뷰쏘머치♥ IS fighting!!! ♥

  2. effiea says:

    Kwon is so dense hahah please changmin oppa hit that monkey with the soup spoon!!!! I didn’t think Khun would pursue her ;/ So let the battle begin lol please update soon! 😀

  3. ichi says:

    어머… changmin oppa please bang that monkeys head hard! And i didnt expect Khun will be honest and determined like that…

    Thanks for the updateeee~~~~ \o/

  4. songainfan says:

    So cute how he does all those little things for Gain. ♥ I really really like the storyline. And it is kind of sweet how they do not realize their feelings for each other.

  5. “the guy was heading to a dead end road while the one with wide open freeway didn’t seem to notice his own path” – i really love this line ♥♥♥ thank you so much for updating~~~ ヽ(^。^)ノ

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