[One shot] The friend he can never hate

He’s always thankful for them. He knew, without the romance, their group wouldn’t make it this big, or at least, not this easy, so he’s utterly thankful for that.

He met her the first time at work. At first, he couldn’t believe in his eyes that the girl who he almost mistook as a kid in the hallway was his sunbae, and then he almost fell over when he heard she’s his age. She looked so tiny next to him he’s afraid he might knock her over accidentally or something (she laughed at that when he told her later, after they became friends). Tiny she may seem, he was awed by her work ethics, he couldn’t help but keep paying attention to her.

Being same age, they quickly befriended with each other. Being surrounded by the much older unnies for quite a long time, didn’t keep touch well with her friends due to work, she was so happy to have him as her own same age friend in the industry. They started to hangout, the more he got to know her, the more intrigued he was. He couldn’t understand how a petit girl like her could handle the pressure of the brutal career, and yet she took it all on her shoulder, bravely moving forward. He thought she’s such a strong girl. And then, he was there when she cried her eyes out after the fan incident, he wanted to be her strength, the petit friend of him, she’s not so strong after all, she’d need someone to lean on. She masked her emotion after the incident, intentionally or not, it fitted the next concept of her group to the T. He disliked seeing her like that on TV. He missed his best friend, though he knew it was only for the public. He knew how caring, cheerful and innocent she was, and it hurt him somehow to see her so chic on TV.

And so, he’s thankful for them. For allowing the whole nation to catch a glimpse of her true self so long after the horrible experience. The ”she” he knew; the one he would love to show off to the world. The people fell in love with her, just like he did.

For 15 months, from the day he was shocked to see her on his leader’s phone in front of that container until the tearful goodbye, he was happy. He was able to see her regularly, even had the excuses to butt in and annoy her on her mini homepage (or even on national TV) without rousing any noise. Even if under the label of brother-in-law. The romance was on national scale, he knew his place in that so he acted his part. For a while, it was THE thing that helped their group got their long overdue recognition, he had to protect it. There’s no other option.

He confused about their relationship too. He knew, having spent so much time together in such a long duration gave them a unique relationship that only the two of them can have. When they were still in the same dorm, he often caught bits of their conversations over the phone, it was sweet, sometimes childish, but happiness was definitely there. He smiled despite the pang in his chest. For the whole duration, he was there, content of staying in the background, making sure both of them were taken care well.

Time passed and people moved on, even the two main parties in question. Of course, there were still occasional mentions about the past programs, but they all took it in stride now. Looking back, he realised he never asked explicitly about the relationship, not to her, not to his dongsaeng; that’s their privacy he thought, and they would have shared if they wanted to. The only thing he cares is that they were given opportunity to be closer (now his group has another 3 noonas to boss them around), and she’s back to be his friend before being someone else’s wife.

And so, on the event that they were the only ones in their groups attending, he posted their photo, captioned it with the tag ”the friend i can never hate”.

Whether she understood the underlying meaning or not, she didn’t say and he didn’t want to ask though he had his own suspicion when she hugged him a bit more tightly to say goodbye. Being the babo that he is, he would do it his own way. Being romantic at heart as he is, he made a bet with himself, confident that there will be chances. After all, the only person was able to witness and shared her ’alone’ drinking sessions has to mean something, right?


One Response to [One shot] The friend he can never hate

  1. this is~~~~~~ *hugs* cuteness sweetness overload!!!! muahz I love youuuu *teary eyed*
    even though I did feel it sometimes back then, here and there during WGM.. that thought has started to bug me more and more again these days, that He really has something for Her 🙂 and, I just had it confirmed watching the interview tonight 🙂 *look how that forever-seen-babo-always-making-fun-of-himself boy gets all serious when answering questions regarding her ♥*
    it`s great if things could be/turn out like this in real life, him staying by her side, being her strength, lending her a shoulder to lean on~~ coz if its difficult for her to let down her guard with other male friends after all these heartbreaks, then he should be one of the few people who get close access to her…. and I hope he would be smart and sensitive enuff to put that favourable position of him into good use…lol coz after all these years, he still appear like a considerate friend who cares for her so much, gently and subtly 🙂 although his way of expressing his love for her ish still bery much childish sometimes, lol bullying…..like primary kids ah aigoo XD
    p.s. that tag for her by him is still the cutest thing ever ever ❤ waiting for apple baby`s POV version, heheheh~~~~ my finals week ish coming to an end and I`m always here if you need ideas…tagline for him, or watever…. XD
    thank you again and love you~~ chu chu ♥

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