[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 6

Almost a month after Kwon’s birthday, it’s Gain’s turn. Unlike Kwon, she asked her parents to have a quiet dinner with family only on her birthday, and she would celebrate with her friends on the weekend instead. They planned to have a BBQ party at Gain’s place. The day came, everything was great except for one thing: her best friend is no where to be seen.

“Kwon ah! Here, try this” a kind woman gave Kwon a piece of homemade kimchi. He smiled and mumble his thanks with a mouth full.

Kwon called Gain earlier that he would be late. He wanted to drive Minkyung to her relative’s place first. That was his plan until Minkyung’s relative seemed to be very happy that she took a guy home they insisted Kwon to stay back for a meal. Kwon couldn’t refuse, but he also knew, he’s gonna suffer when he got to Gain’s party later. Seeing Kwon kept glancing at his watch, Minkyung also tried to help and get him to leave even though it saddened her a bit.

“Do you still have work?” Minkyung whispered to Kwon
“No, not work. But I have to go back now” Kwon tapped his finger on the knee impatiently.
“OK. You should go, I’ll handle everyone here for you” She smiled gently.
“Really? Thanks a lot, Minkyung-ssi. But I should say good bye to the elders. Shouldn’t just leave after they treated me so well” Kwon grinned and Minkyung’s heart skipped a beat.

After much difficulties, Kwon got out of the house. He drove as fast as he can back to Gain’s place, only to see the light in the garden was off, and the house was strangely quiet. Gulping nervously, he rang the bell. It’s only been a few seconds but Kwon felt like hours before Jea opened the door

“We were waiting for you the whole time, where were you? are you okay?” Jea frantically asked and pulled him into the house, afraid that something bad had happened to her friend
“Ah… I am ok. I … was with Minkyung” Somehow Kwon felt guilty seeing how worried Jea was.
“with Minkyung?” Jaw dropped “And you didn’t even call” Then a frown “We were so worried you know?”
“I’m sorry”
“Did she know?” Jea pointed up the stair
“Yeah, I called her in the morning already” He felt so bad
“Oh, then maybe that’s why she didn’t say anything when you weren’t here”
“Is she angry?” Kwon asked in small voice
“You told her beforehand, right? So maybe not” Jea sat down the sofa, continue to watch her TV program “But it’s her birthday party, and you’re her best friend, you should have been here, you know?”
“I know” He sighed, looked up to the room on the second floor
“Go up, talk to her” Jea urged. She knew Gain was upset even if she put up a calm facade during the party.

*Knock, knock*

*Knock, knock*
“Jea?” A sleepy voice came out.
“It’s me” Kwon said quietly. Gain rarely slept this early, he knew she was upset with him.
“Oh” A short reply came, without any emotion
“Can I come in?” He softly opened her door, even before her reply.
Even if he’s really sorry, Kwon couldn’t stop his chuckle seeing his best friend sat up on the bed in her favourite PJ, it was a souvenir shirt she gave him after a trip, but took it back from him after one time he gave her to change from her coffee-spilled shirt. She looked just like an adorable kid with the monkey printed shirt in a soft light from the bedside table lamp
“Hey” He sat down by the bed “I’m sorry”
“It’s okay” but he could tell that she was mad at him
“No, it’s not, Gain-ah. I’m really sorry” He took out a small box from his jacket “Happy birthday”
“What’s that?” Gain curiously took the box from him “You already gave me that pair of bangles during dinner with mom and dad” It was a cute necklace with a simple crystal pendant shaped like a drop of water
“I was invited to both the parties, no?” Kwon shift to sit further into her bed and leaned on the wall, his legs stretched out “I should bring two presents” He stuck his tongue out “Or you’ll kill me”
“YAH! I’m not that bad” Gain hit him lightly on the arm, but her lips curved up to a smile “I’m not the one who ditched my best friend’s party”
“YAH! I already said I’m sorry” Kwon snatched the necklace from her “Let me put it on for you”

“What the heck are you doing so long” Gain nagged. Her arm’s getting numbed from holding her hair up
“Could you.. uh turn on the light? It’s so dark I couldn’t see” Kwon said, the words came out like a whisper
“Eck, sorry, let me turn it on” She reached out the turn on the switch
“There you go”
“How do I look?” Gain turned around to show Kwon
“Ah…uh…nice” Somehow Kwon seemed lost
“Hey, are you okay, kiddo?” she waved her hand in front of his face and Kwon snapped back to reality.
“Ah… I’m okay. I think my eyes were tired with all the straining in the dark just now” Kwon tried to get up from the bed “I should go now” He looked at Gain one more time “I’m really sorry for today, Gain-ah”
“I already told you I’m okay” Gain held his palm “I was the one telling you about putting your love interest first, right? So don’t worry. But next time, call me if you can’t make it, I was really worried”
“I promise” He took Gain’s hand and hooked his pinky with her, together with the signature afterward “Pinky promise”
“Good night”

“I’m leaving, good night”
“Bye, drive safely” Jea locked the door after Kwon left “Why did he keep clutching his chest?” she wondered.

Things were back to normal after that, and finally, they have a long weekend and Kwon invited Minkyung to his place to show her the photos he took from the trip with her a few weeks back. Minkyung was happy. Her relationship with Kwon was getting better even though it still lacked of a label, officially. However, stepping into the room Kwon kept for his photos, where he jokingly called his own “gallery”, Minkyung was surprised.
“Have you ever been in love?”

“Seulong ah, when was this taken?” Nichkhun picked up a photo frame by Seulong’s desk.
Seulong took a glance “That? I think 3 months ago” and pointed to the one next to it “And that one was 3 years ago. She forces me to keep her picture here, you know, that brat”
“Was she in love then?” Nichkhun couldn’t take his eyes from the photo.

“Yeobo ah, look at this. You got Kwon’s first kiss wrong” Gain’s omma showed her husband a photo. He could only laugh
“We didn’t know. Who took this?” He turned to the back of the photo “This is so cute!”





5 Responses to [Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 6

  1. awww <3333 why so cute sweeties~~~ ^^ he realized it!! and got caught by detective Jea aka the almighty love bridge tooo!!! XD

    and ..!

    she wears monkey printed clothing, and no bottom pajamas when talking to him on bed……does it implicate that later they`re gonna end up like in BLTN? 😂 if so pls make him less dense and make a move on her faster~~~~~XDDD she had a really hard time giving him lessons here anw XD
    tsk tsk lookers-on see most of the game…..love bridges and even Khun & MK alr feel there`s something definitely going on… and why those clueless lovebirds still stopped there only…… such innocent BS U___U =]]]

    *hugs & chisseu* thank so much for this uber lobly Thanksgiving gift oppa I love youuuuuuuuu ♥ *sits and waits patiently for the inspired-by-너뿐이야-볼수록 예뻐 ones* kekekek

    p.s. I read the last part "Gain showed her husband…." at first and thought I was watching…Reply 2009 or sth U_U =]]]] but then his first kiss is her (and hers too?) rite 😋 and so who`s the one that Ga-In`s dad was referring to back then? kkkkk 😝
    p.s. me wanna go fanmeat ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ *moaning………oops whining I mean*

    • iceandfire says:

      Hahaha hmm should i make it like Reply then? =]]]] keep the guessing game going~~~~ well, when Kwon was young, Seulong quite liked his dongsaeng also =]]]]]]

  2. songainfan says:

    Yeahy an update. I am super happy that this story is updated. The realtionship between Kwon and Gain is just too cute. I wonder when they find out that they better should be a couple. XD

    Hehe and also I am curious about the first kiss and how it happened. ❤

  3. just started reading this fic yesterday and gaaaaaah~ i cant stop. please please please update soon ^_^ i tried reading other AC fics while waiting for Train Me update but nothing seems to compare to the feels this fic gives me.

  4. shiwon158 says:

    Please continue this ❤❤

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