[Drabble] One Love

He is her safe haven.

They started out being friends. There were bickers and friendly jabs.

The day he asked her out, she was surprised, sort of. She knew they’d been holding back their feelings during the show, especially him; so, it was a surprise that he decided to speak up and asked for the permission to be by her side.

And since they were friends first, it is very comfortable for her to confide to him, about everything.


No matter what people (or he, himself) say

They awared of each other’s feelings ever since the show was still going. And they have been together for quite a while. And yet, she knows, even if they are to announce it, people will find it’s hard to believe.

His ideal type, for once, didn’t really match her. Big eyes? Hah, so obvious.

And people kept saying he doesn’t ‘fit’ with her. His style and the reputation. They said they are platonic friends at best. (and what do they know anyways?)


But, he’s truly her safe haven

He’s always there for her. Really.

Despite the “image” he’s known for, he took care of her really well, especially when they were abroad. She didn’t need to lift her finger.

The first time she ever won a solo award. He was there with her til the end. She suspected that he was even happier than herself.

He’s always so supportive, even when her concept raised many eyebrows, caused quite a stir. He still supported her, even when she knew, he’s not really keen on re-watching her MV anytime soon.


And, she is his

Is the promise from her to him.

One that she intends to keep, with all her heart.

After all, he’s doing very good job in keeping his promise of loving her.

And she’s totally happy with that.


A/N: Hello everyone, and I’m back~~~~~ for now 😛

This drabble was inspired by “One Love” of Arashi though I didn’t put any of the lyrics in. It was the feeling of such a pure and wholeheart love that inspired me.

As for the character, I’m sure everyone can guess who “She” is ^^. Yes, it’s her. BUT~~~~~~ what about “He”? Are you sure, it’s.. “him”? THAT one? Kkkk


4 Responses to [Drabble] One Love

  1. itscalledfate says:

    Gomawo for a new drabble…………………………. a berry longgg-awaited update….yet very short one… :p but still gomawo.. :* *smooch*

    Well.. yea i know it’s “her”
    and about “him”.. that him.. I am not really sure either..till this day kkk… but one thing for sure is.. there is only one “him” and just “him” that always rolling across my mind while reading this…and….jst..when i see her… :]] *slap me pls lol*

  2. good friends who bickered a lot at first….. only after the show ended did he have the courage to ask her out…. she has her whole faith in him, what other says just does not matter…… he takes uber good care of her whenever they are abroad…… and the \와 멋지다 – / support……..
    well I shall not give comment about puppy type XD but someone else? nah~
    he IS him ^^” ggggg kkkkk ggggg kkkkk ggggg kkkkk ggggg kkkkk ggggg kkkkk my fangirl instinct tells me so 😛 *and after all the logical talks about pink dolphin onepiece…tummy patting….I`m still here GGGGG KKKKK reading this #hopeless =P*

    welll, I don`t know what kind of love it is, but I hope they are still very much in l o v e, and continue to be each other`s haven 🙂 “Love doesn`t change”, he told her that after all, right 🙂 it only transforms into a new shape, its nature stays the same~

    thanks for ur lovely work ❤ *chisseu* *hugs* heeheehee

  3. shigatsu023 says:

    ❤ gggggg kkkkkk ❤

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