[One shot] For all the uncertainties that might come

Tossing the blanket aside, it’s not the first time he dreams of her.

Been few years since she called for a break between them.

It’s not his fault, he wanted to explore and enjoy more. He was only a normal young guy.

Not her fault either, she didn’t mind him going out but she disliked the smoke and alcohol scent getting more and more frequent on him, she felt that they were drifting apart.

At least they talked it out before saying goodbye. 

He finds himself thinking about her even more recently, maybe it’s because of the dating rumor that has been spreading among the industry.

“They look good together”
“He’s such a gentleman”
“They are lucky to have each other”

Whispers keeps coming to his ears, intentionally or not.

No one actually knew about their relationship save for a few close ones. They are still friends. And yet, she is the only friend he keeps an eye on that close. He’s no longer that naive kid, nor a reckless young guy, he knows why he looks at her that way. The only thing he’s uncertain of is, how to make her believe in him once again. She knows he’s not going to those parties anymore, he only drinks under few circumstances.

While he’s still wondering about his own purpose when he found himself in front of her place, he sees her coming back home from late schedule, Rumor guy was with her. The moment he sees the guy tries to hug her goodbye, he strides toward them. It might be surprise in her eyes, or annoyance he isn’t sure.


She isn’t sure why he comes. She just ushers him in quickly after saying goodbye to her friend, worries that a wondering paparazzi might get them in unnecessary rumor, especially the one she currently in is still hot on the table. Rumor guy is her best friend sice childhood, he came back after so long, of course they are sticking to each other.

“Want a beer?”
“You know I don’t drink anymore. Besides, I’ll have to drive home after this”
“What brings you here?”
“I couldn’t sleep, just going around to enjoy the quiet night time”…”did I interupt your time together with him?”
“Yes, you did. He’s leaving tomorrow and I had to rushing our goodbye”
“… Sorry” arrows to the heart. Hurt like hell.
“I was kidding. Don’t beat yourself over it. He was rush to go home anyway. His fiance was waiting” she hates herself for the needs of explaining everything to him even after all these years.
“Yeah, He’s my childhood best friend” she shrugs, turning to get a water for him “been helping him with the proposal plan. The least he could repay me is being my driver, she said it herself” she grins.
“Everyone was talking about you two together” relief could be heard. Or maybe she is imagining only.
“Let them talk. Tomorrow he’ll be back to the US. They will forget it soon. His fiance didn’t misunderstand, that’s enough”
“I think I should be straight forward”
“Can our break be over now?”

Stunt. Speechless. Surprise.

“It’s been so many years..”
“It’s less than 5”
“You were still in a relationship not too long ago, and quite a few before that”
“We were on a break. And there was a reason why i splitted up with them you know?”
“All of them?”
“Not the same reason, noona. But it was a puzzle that I finally understood why. Not like you were staying single the whole time.”
“I was not attached”
“And I was a fool”
“Self blaming doesn’t work”
“It’s a fact, noona”
“I don’t know…”
“No need to know, think of it as another guy asking you out”
“You’re not just another guy.”
“Glad to have such advantage. So do I have your permission?”
“I can say no”
“Noona, loving you is my heart’s matter, you can’t control it. Returning my feeling, forgive my stupid mistakes are your matters, I can’t control it either.”
“I will try my best to win your heart. Until you find your happiness”
“You’re determined”
“My most well known trait”
“Your coming here wasn’t coincident”
“Actually, it was. I was surprised too” he is telling the truth she can see.
“So you’re gonna try anyway”
“Uh huh” keeping calm facade is hard, especialy when his palms start to sweat.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re only my dongsaeng now”
“Been there. Done that. But believe me on this, this time, I won’t let you down”
“Have to wait to see, can’t believe anything yet”
“You’ll see”
“I’d love to see you try”
It’s not anything definite. However, it is enough to put a smile on to the two people faces that night. It might work out, it might not. But the fact that he cares enough to ask for her permission and she’s willing to let him try, is much better than the hanging situation that had been holding them back the entire time.

A/N: for all the uncertainty. I hope it could be at least this much.

I’ve been telling Cloudy, regardless the real situation, fanfics are our safe haven, let’s not torture ourselves with tragic endings, so even in the most open/worst ending I could think of (aka they are not tgt and trying their best making their twins dream come true), I still want to give them a chance. How it would work…. I’ll let you guys think about it.

For a sleepless night because I slept too much during daytime~~~


2 Responses to [One shot] For all the uncertainties that might come

  1. supermute says:

    Thanks friend ^^ I still believe ^^ Even I try to call myself to wake up but my heart still want to sleep. We can’t know exactly what is real or what is dream in a moment right? ^^

    However, I love ur attitude and I love how u give them a chance then keep writing XDDD

  2. gomawoooooooooo ❤
    argh the ending oh-so-love!! ~~~~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ~~♡
    was reading this again as i still can`t sleep yet even now and……. •_• why did i even miss the 2016 at da beginning in the first time reading XDDD
    true… like i once read somewhere…… maybe they can be in a r/s, then be apart, try dating some other ppl, experience few break-ups after actually going back to each other but i really really do hope that the HE all of us have been dreaming of can eventually come true *^*
    coz someone once said "he can`t leave me for another girl! only i can be that compatible with him ^^ he won`t be able to escape my chains" ~~ so yep~ plz let HAPPINESS come after all these HARDSHIPS and ADVERSITY~~ #semiawakedoesntmeanstoploving (●*∩_∩*●)
    thank juh again for this lobly piece :* OPPA ILUUUUUU 😡

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