Waking up doesn’t mean stop loving

I think there are a few people were confused by the atmosphere on Twitter lately, the “waking up” trend among Adam’s fans. While I can’t say it for everybody on Twitter what “waking up” means, I can surely clarify at least for me, and a few close friends cos we are on the same wavelength ^^

Waking up doesn’t mean we stop loving them: If anything, we still love them too much that we should paying less attention to their “supposed couple stuff” to support their individual career more. As well as we should prepare ourselves for any situation that might happen, not keeping the mindset of “AC must be together” (heck, just thinking about that already hurt, imagine when that actually happens…T^T) . Does this mean we lost our faith in them? Again, NO. But let’s be logical here, both are pretty young, the world has lots to offer for them to explore, anything could happen. Personally, it’s more for me, that I shouldn’t tie myself with them being the couple, have to get myself ready to accept whatever may come :).

Pancakecoffee: and I know lots of people thought it’s because of the MV/ duet album that we jumped ship. Heck NO… LOL…. we would probably act the same if Kwon to have a duet album with some female singer and exude the same natural chemistry. For me, within the album context, there’s no Adam couple because pancakecoffee IS perfect ^^… and including the ham just for trolling hobby =]]]].

Kwonmin/Kwonyikyung: again, for me, I’m not worried about these couplings either.. I know that many are tho… But what I don’t like from seeing his pics with Min is many are after parties, with smoke around them. I would be fine if it’s cute selcas, somewhere else.. but seriously, I don’t really like how those parties look. I know, partying, clubbing are normal for young people, but taking Kwon’s career into consideration, he’s not someone fans like for his face/body nor someone known for being producer, he’s a singer. I hope he takes care of his voice in those environments =.=” Kwonyikyung, LOL Yikyung is his Savior, so we shouldn’t consider the possibility? *beep* that. But then I never take public flirting seriously, so I’m not exactly concerned about the pairing. However, I don’t want to restrict myself to just Adam couple. What more important is their real happiness. Let’s say, what if Kwonyikyung is real, or Kwonmin…. or he’s happy with someone else, or Gain finds her happiness elsewhere, are we going mop around? No. That’s why I need to wake up :), so that if they are real, i can jump for joy and if they are with someone else, I can open my arms and embrace them also.

I think, more than anything else, waking up and support them no matter what, free your mind from the strict mindset “it must be Adam, it must be Adam” is the way Adanes is doing and I think it is a good way to follow. So I love them, yes (very much that I still sigh whenever thinking of other possibilities), but, not gonna nitpick every details around them like before (plain ring? couple ring? LOL).. I’ll just go with the flow.

Hope to help clearing the gloomy atmosphere on twitter even if just a little bit :P.



8 Responses to Waking up doesn’t mean stop loving

  1. xuanmiin says:

    Okay, because this is, after all, appearing on my twitter. I mean no offence and intend no malice.

    I would suggest that (from what I understand), we have different starting points and are inherently on different wavelengths.

    Then I would then suggest that (by your definition), I’m already fully awake. So I don’t understand the calls to wake up, since it doesn’t make sense to me. (To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t even start to make sense)….And judging from the reactions, I think my experience may just be fairly common.

    I don’t believe that anyone needs to explain themselves though. If you feel a need to wake up, then that’s your own free will. Nothing anyone does should infringe on that right. I guess. I’m guessing I may get angry replies. But by the same token, I presume I can say what I wish to. And that goes for the bunch of other people somewhat disheartened (?) by the atmosphere on twitter.

    Peace 😀

    • iceandfire says:

      hm.. I think you misunderstand us a bit. We don’t call other to wake up =]], we are telling ourselves, not other people.

      Different people deal with things differently, we are in no position to tell other people. I especially hated it when BEG/Gain fans told us to “wake up, the show is over” they have no rights to tell us so. That’s why, don’t misunderstand that we are telling people reading our tweets that they should wake up/jump ship/whatever, no no no. Everybody should follow their own heart, like if you feel it’s gloomy to read our tweets, maybe it’s better if you stop reading at all, just comeback when you feel that we are no longer gloomy? or if someone, as i know some people, turned to dislike Gain/Kwon because their individual projects, then just stop following them instead of bashing them. It’d be better for your own heart and peace of mind, i realized.

      And I didn’t see the atmosphere on twitter as ‘disheartened’ at all but maybe to other people, it is? cos I rmb most of the time I just spazzed about pancakecoffee, not gloomy talk U____U.

      • xuanmiin says:

        No, I didn’t misunderstand. I knew the comments were to yourselves (your group of friends. I think that’s the best way to put it.)

        Ironically, (and again no malice), you’re telling me that you’re in no position to tell others what to do, but you’re also telling me to stop going on twitter… There is an issue with that because most news pops up on twitter first. And from a small (heavily overlapping) bunch of people. Especially when you don’t understand Korean.

        I guess it comes down to where your starting point is, and how you view the issue. ‘Cause I can tell you, there were people who were disheartened/irritated/feeling childish (LOL) about the whole thing.

      • iceandfire says:

        Oh… It’s great that you didn’t misunderstand me.

        As for ‘telling me to stop going on twitter’, i surely didn’t tell you like ‘u have to do this’ the way BEG/Gain fans told us. It’s merely a suggestion that it works for me so maybe it would help you. There’s a difference between ‘telling’ and ‘suggesting’ i believe.

        As for people are not pleased with the whole issue or the way we ‘being gloomy’ as you said, what can we do, right? i posted this because I wanted to tell what I really think regarding the situation as well as get it off my chest… Not that I want people to think like me nor i want to tell people how to think. They have their own thinking, i have mine. Can’t expect we always agree with each other. ^^

      • xuanmiin says:

        Definitely, of course, everyone is free to do as they please.

        I never expect to get off with a comment like mine unscathed, I’m prepared for that. Especially since I probably should be biting my tongue on someone else’s wordpress. Like you say, I can’t expect that anyone’s going to agree with me.

        At this juncture, I will apologise for misjudging your tone, since it does make all the difference.

        Really, thank you for your post. I think, for the people who influenced this post of yours, I think they feel much much better. We’ve also gotten it off our chest ^^

        Kk, peace, and I’ll disappear into oblivion now. Like the good lurker I’ve always been. ^o^

  2. stegosh says:

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  3. stegosh says:

    no wonder you’re my omma u__u =]]]] i couldn’t agree more~

  4. Jackass says:

    Wow…couldn’t agree more with you….yeah maybe from the start we’re beain toooo delusional…trying so hard to look over the wall…think this kind of act is also call maturing not just waking up…here i am saluting you coz brave enough to break your own shell…to whoever saying bad words & doesn’t understand you…someday they will fall really hard if what they believe & hope doesn’t turnout to be what they want…think i’m ranting to much already…..k good day & may god bless us all…….

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