The article was translated by our friends and posted under @xGajo twitter. It is so touching that I asked for their permission to repost it here, to save me a piece of memory about Adam. Thank you, ahjummas~~~

The article describes perfectly how I feel about Adam. And that no matter what they become, or where they are, I will always love “Adam Couple” the 2 persons that brought much joy to me with their craziness and sincerity. Ahhhhh I want to find my “Jo Kwon” too~~~~~


Ga-In ♡ Jo Kwon @xGaJo

author : 陈小翔

*I translated this because i think the way the author wrote his POV was quite touching. But of course, i wont be able to match up the level. You guys can read it here if interested, its in Chinese. http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_7353cc1d0101ce9n.html *

After much hesitation, i finally decided to pen my feelings down. Someone once said “you must have the right mood in order to finish an article.” However, i chose to rush this through so that I can to keep hold of my feelings.

His name is Jo Kwon, 2AM’s leader and she is Son Ga-In , BEG’s youngest.

That year, he wore a mongoose suit and danced Abracadabra for her.
That year, with her singer status, she wore the kitchen apron and cooked the first meal for him.
The day they “met”, was her birthday and was their wedding anniversary.

Suffering, adversity, happiness was their family motto. It became a real case scenario for them : from a container box, to a normal apartment and then came the classy condominium. Though they were a virtual couple, but they went through the real hardships together. Step by step, from adversities to happiness.
“Sort of adapted to their holding of hands or the embraces they gave each other. They seemed to have found the best posture[??] of love, which is to face through everything together, be it hardships or happiness.” Perhaps this is the best way to describe the feelings of most people who love them.

At this point, I pondered is there really an existence of such person? Will there be such a person who will brace through sufferings, taste the adversities, and welcome our happiness with me?

No matter where, no matter how tired he was. He always carried her luggage for her naturally, just like breathing or drinking water and jokingly saying : “I’m a capable man”. At this juncture, even with her flaring nose and chic character, she will still give her eye smile and flash her brightest smile at him.

She, at that point of time, was the most beautiful. He, at that point of time, was the happiest.

They left their traces and smiles in Hong Kong, in Bali. But heaven just love to make fun of them. Anywhere they went, bad weather followed. But just like their family motto, it went from suffering to happiness. At the end of the day, it will be good weather, adding a mysterious touch…

Together, they made couple rings, became representative of Korea and went to Hong Kong for performance, composed a duet, made donation to the poor kids…YOU were there, I was there. The lack of words became a frustration for me, as I couldn’t find the right word to describe that feeling. A 3 simple words : “together”. Yes, that’s right, it’s the word together.

They taught me that love shouldn’t be a one-sided contribution. “LOVE” is to learn and know each other feeling.

On the bungee jump platform while hugging her, he shouted : “Son Ga-In, I love you!” and leaped off the platform. While asked how he felt during the blackroom interview, he said : “after jumping, I know I won’t be able to do this with other women, because the images of her (Ga-In) filled my mind.” That’s right, for love, doing crazy and unforgettable things for her, it should only be once!

In Jeju Island, with the exhaustion, he made her a “candy house” for their 1 year anniversary. During Christmas, he booked the whole ice rink, withstand the cold and chill, he sang her a song. A song which he took his rest time to practice.

“to notice, in order to discover the change in one person. to pay attention to, in order to know the person’s movement/actions. She was always watching him, and she will remember at those times when he was tired and yet he still put in the effort for herself. She was always be on his mind and that was why under any circumstances, he will fulfill and satisfy all the surprises he had for her no matter how tired he was. As for her, it was the same. The award ceremony that he wasn’t able to attend, she gave the speech on his behalf. She felt that it would be better if he could attend. Filling with happiness, she ignored the whispers and stares and kissed the standee, everything in the name of love.” This is why we love them.

There were a lot of touching moments. But as an idol, there are too much restrictions. Upon receiving and reading the last mission card, the smiles on their faces disappeared. What was left were just disappointments. Filled with sadness, they announced their departure from the show in the radio station, and even cried.

It was her, who made him mature and learnt how to take responsibilities.
It was him, who let her learn how to rely on others, and becoming a young lady who smiles from her heart.

He said : ” She helped me in discovering the different sides of myself.”
She said : ” He changed me, which made me a little different from myself.”

Love, helped each other to grow.
Love, it’s really a 2 person matter.

Thanks to “ADAM”, whom made me realized and have a new understanding of what is “love” at the right time, and also let me witness a kind of “ADAM’s love.”

Will Jo Kwon be reminded of the girl who used to look at him with eye smile, few years later as he sings “The Day I Confessed” again?

How long do i have to wait, before you will be by my side, my “Son Ga-In” ?



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