[Drabble] Hanging in there

“I miss you” *backspaces backspaces….” Another message deleted.
This is not the first time  I wanted to send you a message like that, especially now that I’m half the world away from you.

Contrary to what many people believe, our relationship hasn’t been any clearer than the last time they wondered about us. A joking “i love you” from time to time, a playful “why did you go out with hyung so late?” occasionally, even the shout out at last Christmas. But, there was never any statement to define things between us.

We talked to each other less and less these day, with your drama and musical project, and my surprise album. Sometimes, I saw the status of ‘writing’ on your side of the chat, but in the end, I received nothing. What did you want to say to me? I wondered.

Being so busy, I still sometimes tried to peek at the cyber world to catch a glimpse of you, especially when it’s midnight at home, and I know that you were still working hard on set. I’m happy for you that amidst of such busy schedule, you still find time to enjoy yourself, with friends and your new puppy. But the picture by the BBQ meal you had with your friend on a rainy day, your smile was so bright, I wondered if you ever miss me at all when I’m not around.

“Your tea is here~” a warm paper cup touch my cold cheek. Looking up I was greeted by a bright smile. You know, you might be the only case that I couldn’t figure out what you’re really thinking, because you see, I’m still really quick at detecting what people want with me. I just pretended not to know the occasional brushes against my arm weren’t coincident. I just ignored that tiny squeeze from his arms when we did our hugging scenes. Or, how his eyes looked at me tenderly. Oh, and ever since we came to New York, he didn’t let me drink coffee at night anymore. He tried to give me hot tea instead. “It’d be good for your skin, and it’s healthier”. At first I was really annoyed, he’s my hoobae, a newbie, how dare he? But then, when I got my morning coffee as usual with Eana unnie, she told me, he chose the tea that could help me sleep better at night. I can’t be annoyed anymore, right?

Even though oppa still jokingly said I shouldn’t get married too soon, Eana unnie often slapped his back and told me to NOT listening to her husband. She told me, maybe I should move on from the hanging relationship, that there’s another good guy right there. I ignored her words most of the time but lately, I can’t help but wonder. Should I? After all, I am single, right?

“Thank you”
“They are almost ready. Tomorrow we can go home already.” He stretched up his arms. “It was great being able to work with you like this.” He turned to me and smiled “I hope we will have many chances to sing our duet together”
“Me too. The song is good. Our voices blend really well too” I told him honestly. I took a sip of the hot tea he gave me. I still love coffee but I must admit, a hot tea in this kind of after-the-rain weather was heavenly.

“We are ready~” Someone called to us and we got up to get ready for our last scene before wrapping up the filming in New York. He gentlemanly handed out his hand to me. A flash of hesitation but I put my hand on his forearm, he led me to the filming position. “Can I … let you go?” The question haunted me even when I put my arms around him for the last shot.

“Let’s go out for dinner after we get back. We have a meeting right after we land anyway” He asked me before we said goodbye in the hotel’s elevator.

Ending 1

Ending 2


A/N: Well, I still can’t kill the ham completely U___U. So I’ll let you guys to read whatever you like :). Please don’t misunderstand that it is because of the MV. I love the MV, the album a lot. Just that…. I digged in something too far (that I got cautioned that I should not) so I want to write to get it off my chest.


7 Responses to [Drabble] Hanging in there

  1. logical side says: pancake kopi do look too good together~~ the whole album is uber sweet~ and maybe yeah….is is really time?…for them…for us as well~

    but my…. my delusional side is still not ready to reggo yet no matter what i told myself ㅜㅜㅜㅜ my heart feels………heavy reading that part….. the beginning… ㅜㅜㅜ even though i believe that he was sincere about them being close noona-dongsaeng and they keep in close contact…and the existence of the chatroom but…all the recent incidents, and possibilities scared me T_T that babo flower ham makes me insecure.. n waver… n wanna run away from all of this *plips Gaga`s or whose ever tongue* look….his noona acts all those honeyly loving scenes with pancake man and i still have trust in her…. maybe bcoz she`s not so~special like her dongsaeng *^* thus altho i`m sad they have to experience this much ups n downs in their, perhaps, r/s, still want that monkey to learn a good lesson *sighs* always being so nice and soft to everyone is not always a good thing either ah :<
    are we like this now because we got pampered too much the whole 2012?? can only continue keep the faith and keep..going til 2016? |: if, someone still hasn`t got his own lesson by then, Ga-In ah, be happy with your plain ring man 😐
    *looks up* *shockeu* da difference between 2 parts…. am i still that much of a meat lover :3 *goes continue feeding myself with those 'nameless memories'* 😛

  2. ichi says:

    Ah.. I dunno… is it the time to wake up…. or just like the title, hanging on?

    my delusional mind still persist not to let go.. but logical side… just like what I told you before, one sided and platonic….


  3. shigatsu023 says:

    mmm wonder what you dig??

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