[Drabble] Save the last dance for me

Busy schedule kept them apart. The last she saw him, it was before she left for New York, for her new duet album MV and recording.

Ever since he knew about her album and her duet partner, he didn’t comment much. It’d be a lie to say that she’s not bothered by it. Before, he always commented about how his “close noona” was so talented that she was sought after by many male artists, including his own hyung, with a scoff. However, this time, he just smiled and simply said “Fighting, I know you can do it”.

Before leaving for New York, in a gathering to introduce Hyungwoo to the unnies for the first time, Jea unnie teased her for getting such a handsome partner and complimented on the harmony of their voices, making them both blushing hard. She stole a glance at him, he gently patted her arm in assurance and understanding. She was seriously wondering if he’s so understanding or he just stopped caring at all.

The night before she boarded the plane, she got a call from him, saying that he couldn’t see her off due to his filming schedule and musical practicing, that he’s sorry for not being able to be by her side as much as he could this time so he promised he would give her his support as much as he could when she’s back. Her response was short and to the point “You let yourself poisoned 1 more time, I’ll kill you”. He laughed and asked if he could sing her a song to make it up for her. He said it’s the new ringtone he set for her alone.

After checking out the title and lyrics the song he sang to her that night, Gain meekly decided that it’s her new favourite.

• • •

“You can dance-every dance with the guy
Who gives you the eye,let him hold you tight
You can smile-every smile for the man
Who held your hand neath the pale moon light
But don’t forget who’s takin’ you home
And in whose arms you’re gonna be
So darlin’ save the last dance for me”

“Kwonnie hyung…. Your phone is ringing~~~” his friend called out. They just finished a ride by the river together and came back to Kwon’s house for dinner.

The familiar ringtone sent Kwon rushing out from the kitchen, with Gaga’s food still in hand. A brief call later, Kwon turned to his friend, apologetically smile “Hyunnie ah, hyung have to go now. Our dinner together, let’s wait til next time?” Not like he didn’t notice how the smile faltered on the other boy’s face. She often commented that he’s too soft to reject people, outside of work. Realizing this could be a chance to make it clear from all the confusion, Kwon lightly tapped his friend shoulder, steering him toward the door “Hyung will give you a ride home”
“When is next time, hyung?” a sigh of defeat could be heard
“When your hyungsoo-nim can join us, ok? She cooks very well, especially the crab stew. I’ll ask her to cook for you, ok? You’ll love it”


A/N: “So reggo, remme go~~~” .. seems like I can’t reggo yet =.=” omg what did these two do to me..

A short drabble inspired by “Save the last dance for me”, i love Michael Buble’s version of the song ^^…. ah.. I have a feeling a few, if not many of you who read the drabble will know who I am referring to U______U … Gosh, I seriously want to reggo for the peace of my heart, but………..


8 Responses to [Drabble] Save the last dance for me

  1. oh my god oh my god omg *bear hugs* how i wish this would come true like seriously ㅜㅜㅜㅜ no wonder u keep listening to that… ahjussi this whole morning 😛 hehehh nice explanation for Hankang bicycle ride date \o/ and the Jo brothers kkkkk

    so shall we remove reggo songs from the playlist then… & add CLYGEIID and Come with me \o/ and Catcheu Me Ippeu U Can… I`m Going Back too XD sweet smooth songs that help us sleep better~~~ till 2016 :))))

    p.s bt then….oppa *blinks eyes* should i expect one for “i like Kwonie even more” as well? =]]]

  2. itscalledfate says:

    Hukss…at this time.. i really need this..
    thank u for this sweet drabble pandaaa..
    short but sweet like honey..
    Honey pancake…kkk.. :’)
    Tsk.. these 2 shameless…..wae…. TT
    Actually idk.. i should keep dreaming or wake up..
    But even if my brain tell me to wake up…. in my deepest heart….. i can’t…… lol…
    Well.. nevermind.. *_*

  3. mire says:

    Why all kkapliners seem so depressed just because Ga In is doing an album with another guy than Kwon ? ;)) All what they have done till now (Jo Kwon and Ga In) disappears instantly when something like this occurs? I’m still very much happy being JK and GI’s fan 🙂 and I think I will inevitably always ship them :)) It is hard sometimes, but it brings me joy XD

    • iceandfire says:

      LOL actually, i like the duet (at least from the teaser) and the guy might make me his fan if he sings well in the alb. The alb is jst the topic…. What made me want to reggo is… Something else XD totally not the alb….

      • mire says:

        Is it? Well, I guess I can’t you ask you directly what it is, but even if anything happens, we should cherish the memories, shouldn’t we? 🙂

      • iceandfire says:

        Hahahaha… Ofc… I’m not the type of fan who’s possessive over idols…all i hope for is their happiness, together or not. But again, it’s my logical left brain talking, my right brain and the heart will still be sad if they r not tgt, tho i’ll be happy for them, no?

      • mire says:

        I know what you’re saying, I get sad too when I think about this, but my belief in them is still very much intact after all that happened. I don’t know how to ask this, but is it something regarding Kwon that’s bothering you? Cheer up, we always have “hardship,adversity and happiness” keke ^^

  4. Jackass says:

    Thanks for this Nice fanfic…Gain should sing you’re still the one shania twain to kwon…it’s a nice song actually & suite for them right now…

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