[Fan fic] Never say never – Chapter 01

“Yah!!!!!… Give me back my ice cream”
“Kkkk short leg! Catch me if you can”
“Yah……” The little girl stopped, panting hard while watching the boy snatched her ice cream running away. No matter how long their family have known each other, she definitely hated him.

16 years later

“Girls~~” Min called out excitedly while reading the sms from her boyfriend ”we are going to the beach next week”

“With whom?” Gain sleepily rubbed her eyes. She just asked for the sake of asking. It’s already summer time, must be their families’ annual trip, again.

“With our families of course, do you still have to ask?” Fei spoke up from their common walk in closet.

Min, Gain, Jia and a few more kids, including Min’s boyfriend, Kwon were childhood friends. Some are closer than others but all in all, their families have known each other for years, even before they were born. With Min and Kwon’s families lived almost next to each other, they grew up and naturally, be together. If Gain were not mistaken, it’s been about 2 years since they first announced their relationship, before Min started their 2nd year of college and Kwon left for his study abroad in the US. Gain was not as close to both of them as Jiai since her family was in another city. When they were kids, she only met them about once or twice a year during those families trips, she just got closer to Min and Jia after they all got accepted into the same university and the parents decided to rent an apartment for 3 of them to stay together. Since then, they became best friends. But that didnt help Gain’s disliking for Kwon, despite he’s Min’s boyfriend (which made her heard about him so often, good points of course, as it came from his girlfriend).

“Ugh… Can I just skip this trip?” Gain muttered into her pillow. She didn’t really hate going on the trips with their families, but, she had hoped to get away to spend time with her new boyfriend Henry, a transfer student.

“C’mon.. Ask Henry to join us if you want. You know your mom will freak out if her precious only daughter goes on an overnight trip with a man, ALONE, and a foreigner at that” Jia teased her best friend only to get a pillow smacked right into her face. It’s widely known that Gain’s mom is a bit conservative about the boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

“Tsk.. I don’t want to scare him off just yet with our crazy group, you know? Give the boy some time to enjoy” Gain cooly spoke up. It’s true that everytime the group came together, it’d be a bit overwhelming for someone outside. ”But why are you so excited too, Jia? I thought only Min is cos that Kwon is coming back but why you are also….” Gain purposely left her words hanging before her k.o Jia with the conclusion ”is it because Seulong oppa is also back from his military duty?”

“That Kwon? Gain ah, still don’t understand why you dislike him so much.” Jia tried to change the subject, it’s not a secret that the girl had a huge crush on the tallest oppa of the group ”I pray that war won’t break out next time you two meet each other. Try to be civilize with him for Min, ok?”

“Why are you changing the subject, Jia?” Even Min joined in the teasing ”As for Gain’s disliking to Kwon. I couldn’t exactly blame her, you know. Snatching ice cream is a seriously crime and bad impression for any 4 years old kid. But Gain ah, isn’t it a bit too childish for you to keep hating just because of that?”

“To be honest, I don’t hate him because of that anymore, but it’s just my impression of him since forever so I can’t change it. Everytime I see him, I just can’t stand it” Gain shrugged. Another thing she didn’t want to tell Min, Kwon’s series of girlfriends before Min didn’t help his image in her eyes, she was sincerely worried for her friend and skeptical about the guy.

The trip came. Kwon broke up with Min. Fortunately for him, it’s not because any third person (or Gain would have actually pull his hair out, 1 by 1 as a torture), but it hurt Min nonetheless, seeing how distance, time difference and life faded their bond together. Hugging Min close, letting her best friend wet her shoulder, with Jia softly patted Min’s back, Gain spoke up

“It’s his bad fortune to let go a girl like you. Be strong Min ah, be happy to show him what he misses”

‘Jo Kwon, I hate you for hurting my friend. You jerk’

A/N: hello chingu-deul~~~~~ ok, i know you will ask ’where is Train Me and why you started something else when you still have that fic hanging? FINISH IT!!!’ …. That will be finished, i’m sure with you~~~~ pls wait for me a bit longer. Due to the recent ’discovery’ and ehem…. IAC & movie event yesterday….. The idea just popped up in my head and it wouldn’t leave. This will not be very long, so… Please bear with me.. LOB JUU GUYS~~~ *deepeu chisseu*



2 Responses to [Fan fic] Never say never – Chapter 01

  1. oh holy moly~~~~ oppa u really got inspired much by all the recent Gayo then IAC then Stoker events ehh? making that monkey break up with Min right here in the first chap LOLOL *whispers* but tbh I cldn`t stop hớ hớ hớ-ing upon reading that part either =]]] our selfish heart rly can`t bear reading abt lovey dovey scenes of kkab siblings anw ㅜㅜ I only want adorable “catcheu me ippeu u can” shameless ah ❤ heheheh will he still keep trying to annoy her to get her attention this time :]]]] boys do that to girls they like and find cute :"D
    bt..ehem… the monkey has an "innocent man" character here? lol how come that gangsta knows so well when she was not even that close to Min Jia before :*) and I`m so curious….could Henry oppa here be…BEG`s Henry oppa XD or blooming apple oppa? XDDDD
    can`t wait for the next update~~ ppali when u still hv inspiration ah!! *0* or can watch harlem shake kpop ver for more interesting ideas :v :v :v =]]]] hwaiting~~~ *deeeeeeeep chisseu*

  2. xnetzz says:

    Ahem ahem…i’m hoping for a short and sweet continuation oppa lol.. kick her far far away meoww~ looking forward go the next chapter! Hwaitinf #adamcoupleforever xD

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