[Fan fic] Never say never – Chapter 02

2 years later
Incheon Airport, Seoul, Korea

“Gain ah, remember, this is Kwon’s number, if you don’t see him, call him, ok? His mom already asked him to pick you up from the airport.” Gain’s mom kept reminding her yet again before turning to her young aunt and her husband who would be travel with Gain “Eana ah, please, if she forgets, you must remember,ok?”

“Yes, mom, the nth time…”
” YES UNNIE!! How many time must you repeat that? All of us are grown up adult you know? And you can’t babysit Gain forever!” Gain got cut off by her aunt. Gain is going to Canada to study her master while her youngest aunt, Eana, an immigrated Canadian, will go back from her trip to Korea with her husband. Gain will stay with her aunt during her time in Korea but for some funny reason, her mom insisted them to make a stop over at Kwon’s place for a few days before flying to their destination. Gain disliked it so much but even her aunt agreed “yes, it’s be nice since you will be very busy getting used to the new place, it’s summer, a good time to travel enjoy anyways” so she had no choice but followed up her mom’s plan.

“I told you aunty, that guy can not be trusted” Gain scowled while looking around, searching for her supposed-tour-guide for the next 4 days.
The flight was smooth, but the arrival wasn’t. Kwon was no where to be found after they got out from the custom clearance. They were waiting for a good 30 minutes before Gain fed up and called his number. Answering her call was a short line “I’ll be there in a few” before he hung up. And that, was 20 minutes ago.

“Let’s take a cab!” Gain got up from the bench
“To where? Your mom didn’t give us his home address” Eana took a sip of coffee.
“Why do we have to stay at his place? Let’s stay at a hotel then we can call him up later. Or maybe we don’t need to…”
“I’M SORRY!” Gain’s sentence was stopped short because of a loud apology. Turning around, they saw a young man, with messy hair and wrinkled shirt running toward them. “I was staying up all night for my assignment, I… I overslept… I’m sorry” Kwon bowed low to his three guests, hoping they would forgive him and not talk about this to his mom later.
“Ah, our drive is here” Eana leisurely stood up, smiling at the young man before her “It’s ok, Kwon-ah. Study comes first. We shouldn’t have troubled you”
“No no, aunty, no problem. It’s my leisure after all” Kwon looked up and smiled. “Ah, let me help you with the luggage” and came to push the trolley to the parking.
‘Study? Yeah right!’ Gain thought, glancing at a pinkish smudge on his white collar.

While driving them home, Kwon took his time to introduce about the city, as well as the landmarks. After a while, he noticed that next to him, Gain was bored, looking outside the car, showing no interest in whatsoever he talked about.

“Gain ah” He called her
“Hm?” She didn’t even look back
“Long time no see, chingu. It’s been 2 years isn’t it?”
“Of course, you wouldn’t dare to show your face after what you’ve done” She said, words full of venom.
“You’ll very busy once school started. But for now, I’ll take you, aunty and uncle around. There’re lots of beautiful scenery here, especially this time of year” He showed no reaction at her words. He just skipped over it as nothing at all. “Aunty” He glanced at the rear mirror “I hope you don’t mind staying at my place. It’s only me living in a house, so.. It might be a bit messy.”
“No problem. Thank you for letting us staying there”
“Uncle, do you like fishing?” Kwon turned to ask Eana’s husband
“I do, sometimes I go fishing too”
“Ah, great. I’ll try to arrange a fishing trip for us, I also like fishing very much. But if not, uncle, I hope you can share your experience with me too”
“Of course, of course”

In no time, both Eana and her husband engaged in great talks with Kwon, while Gain still had no wills to chat with him. She just wanted to go to her aunt’s place as soon as possible to prepare for her school. Plus, Henry emailed her about his vacation in Canada, and he asked if he could visit her. Even though they were no longer together, but they managed to keep their friendship, so she wanted to at least see him before the school start but instead, she got stuck here with someone she didn’t like, at all.

Gain must admit, Kwon was good at dealing with people. Within such a short time of 4 days, he managed to charm both her aunty and uncle and became their favourite. He took them to the museums, the park, shopping. With his interest in photography, Gain and her aunt were made to be his main subject during their sightseeing trip. By the last night of the trip, Gain thought Kwon just unofficially became her aunt’s nephew. She even invited him to visit her place, promising him home cook dinners and great camping trips. Gain figured it’s just an invite for the future but when she saw him all packed up the next day, ready to join them home, she wanted to face palm herself right there. There must be something so wrong with this guy.


2 Responses to [Fan fic] Never say never – Chapter 02

  1. deegakwon says:

    please update soon..
    i like this new fanfic of you.
    and i’m also waiting for train me update.. keke
    fighting! ^^

  2. songainfan says:

    just found your ff. i kinda like how gain hates kwon but i hope that will change. hihi 😀
    update soon please

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