[One Shot] His.tory

He squints his eyes as the light hit them. Pressure on his chest and waist reminds him he is not alone in the bed. Turning slightly to the side, he looks down on the head resting on his shoulder, even breathing tells him that he’s the only one awake. Brushing her hair lightly, he couldn’t help pressing his lips on top of her head, breathing in the scent he loves. It still bewilders him to wake up like this in the morning, he thinks to himself as his eyes trail down to the slender arm wrapping around his waist.

That day, he wrote her name down to the list together with few of his closer friends because she’s his hyung’s friend, his noona. It won’t cause them any awkwardness, since the program was supposed to be a short one, unfamiliar partner would just make things awkward and boring. That’s what he thought. Plus, he purposely chose to write down people with the purest platonic relationship. This way it wouldn’t be troublesome later.

Despite what people thought of him, he’s a girl magnet. All the years living and training with all the girls before those Oneday boys flocked in helped him to understand girls much better than any average guys out there. Thus, girls often sought him out, at first to confine their problems and then, somehow his gentle attitude always made them hoping for more. Thus, he had his share of going out with girls. Not dating, just going out, he found girl’s troubles are such headaches he couldn’t imagine one day he might be the subject of such stories. His hyungs told him once “stop giving them false hope” to which he just replied “I always give them clear cut answer, hyung”.

So when he met up with her by chance, he was happy. Just one night, they would act funny (he knew why he was casted), create some laughter and done. Imagine his surprise when they were asked to sign for “permanent couple”. He called her that night and asked “were we THAT funny?” “Yah, your acting was crazy, you know” was her reply. He laughed “at least, noona, we can have fun, and relaxing time. Filming this is easy”

He kept up the acting. He wasn’t lying when he said later on “At the beginning,she was more of a noona for me” and “she treated me without care.” It wasn’t until his explosion for the Gayo perf that he realised her softer side. It also surprised him since it’s the first time he got mad at a girl. Before, no matter who, or how, he could always control his temper and solve things with logic and manner. She got to him, somehow.

As time went by, it became easier to slip down his hand to hers, it’s warmer to wrap his arm around her shoulder during those cold winter days, it’s more peaceful to have her head leaned on his shoulder during rest time. Everything was pretty normal until he blurted out an “I miss you” during one of their phone calls. The other side was quiet for a while before a small whispers came back to his ear “me too”. He felt like a heavy rock was lifted off his chest.

If you asked them later, both would probably honestly tell you they have no idea when things started to happen. That he would always be the last one to say good night to her every night. That she would always be the first one he called when he came back after his schedule. That every time they gathered together, he would be the one who drove her home, made sure that she was safely tucked into bed. That he felt uneasy when there’s some guys calling her. That she would glance often at his phone whenever a message came during their time together.

Things would have stayed that way between them for god-know-how-long if not for Seulong’s comment during a dinner, as he was mixing her bowl of bibimbap, “For a loud, cheesy couple on screen, you guys are so un-romantic”. Chopsticks froze in mid-air, chewing stopped. But then someone (that sounded so much like the meat-goddess) spoke up to break the ice “We’re lucky they’re like this off screen, or we can’t hold food in our stomach”. People treated it like it’s the most normal thing but it got them thinking. As he took her back to her apartment, they talked about what was happening. He was sure of his affection, he has never felt something like this toward any girl but she was afraid. She knew of his character, she was afraid this was just because of the show and yet, the pull was too tempting. They agreed to keep things like it was and to decide once the show was over.

The agreement was made, but apparently they failed to keep it. They gave in. It was a surprised to both sides as they were known as people with high level of self-control. They themselves were surprised too, that day when he impulsively kissed her after tucking her into bed after one dinner, and how she refused to let go.

Despite what their fans imagined about their relationship, things didn’t go as fast or as crazy as people thought. If there’s one thing, their group members kept calling them the least romantic couple ever. No events, no grand gestures whatsoever. They joked that all the romance was unleashed on screen. Even Jea was worried if the relationship was ok, if her maknae was truly happy but since neither one complain, no one can say anything.

Kwon was pulled back from the memories as he felt the movement on his chest. Turning to her side lightly, he greets his wife with a morning kiss to which she happily responses. It’s ok to be the least romantic couple if they can wake up like this every morning, right?


A/N: well… please let me know if you want to know more about the “least romantic couple”~~~~~ (That was my aim but now it became another story :|)


3 Responses to [One Shot] His.tory

  1. I wanna know~~~ always thought that monkey was a *frugal* hopeless romantic~ =]]] and his gangsta girl~ even though seemed to be anticlimatic most of the time before~~ slowly became cheesy corny after she started to be more open to him also :*)
    or maybe their members couldn`t hear their mushy talks so they think of these shameless two as unromantic? lol

    btw… innocent man made a slight appearance here XD will we get to see more of him in that undone stormy one-shot :)) or the other story? kkkk

    *chisseu* thanks for this.tory oppa =]]] hope you`ll have finished the other one when I`m done with my exams~~ looking forward to the story of 474 days ah~~♥ whiting‼ =P

  2. i was just hoping for christmas presents from our dear FF writers and here you are updating when i’m about to lose hope for an update. 🙂

    i’m curious on how do they became ‘unromantic’? i feel sweetness with just the light kisses on the forehead and the bibimbap mixing, super sweet ^^

    hope to read another one on christmas! 🙂 thank you for updating

  3. crabbielife says:

    how can they be unromantic with that helpless-romantic-monkey and secretly-cheesy-gain? U_U
    even those wake-up-in-the-morning-scene is quite cheesy already XDDDDD

    btw I thot you’ll post this after Rua finished her exam… has she finished? XDDDDDD

    thank youuu pandaaaaa for this one shot…
    please write more and update TRAIN ME heheheheheu :p

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