[One Shot] Untold story

The night they said goodbye, she sent him an SMS after getting home “Don’t cry, we’ll still see each other everyday, right? And you’re forever my precious dongsaeng!”. He chuckled while wiping his tears ‘How does she know I’m crying?’ before sending back a reply “You too, my no.1 noona”

3 weeks after that, during their sitcom shooting, he told her, in all his nervousness, that he went to a group date with his friends, and there’s a girl he thought he might like, and asked for her help about what to do. Her eyes widened in a second before they’re back to their usual smiling line, hands excitedly pat on his back “Don’t embarrass me, ok?” seeing his confused eyes, she grinned “I hope I taught you well”

1 Date…
2 Dates….
3 Dates……
Due to his busy schedule, they only managed to go out a few times, and yet, there’s something missing, he felt. When he told her this, she just smacked him across the head “Such a fickle guy, figure out your feeling fast, don’t leave the girl hanging and hurt her”. Somehow, her smack wasn’t that strong but it hurt him more than it should.

Another few dates passed, they called it quit. But the girl didn’t seem too sad, her reason was “You’re not into this since the beginning anyway”. That puzzled him a lot ‘Am I really that cold, or do I really not like girl?” He wanted to cry when he earned another smack for asking that question, this time it’s not from her. He went to her unnie instead (he thought the unnie was less violent, but he was wrong then).

Time came, she told him she would be leaving their sitcom “Our comeback was delayed so many times already, I have to focus on that”. He sighed, it wouldn’t be the same on the set, but he wished her all the best “I’ll be looking forward to your comeback”

It only hit him on the first day after she left, that he’s not going to see her everyday now. He came to the set, reality slapped him across the face when her chair was no longer next to his. “We changed it for Misun ssi, her chair got dirty yesterday” a staff told him. The name tag was replaced, his heart dropped down to his stomach.

“Maybe I just used to see her so often for the past year” he thought. “Not like I’m not gonna see her ever again” he thought. But when one of her unnies teased her about some guy asking her out during one of the gathering, he was panic. The thought of her with someone else unnerved him. Of course, the violent unnie saw the panic in his eyes, she smirked. Finally.

It was because she used to be by his side at every turn of his head. It was because she used to be the first one he saw whenever he went to the filming. He took her presence for granted. Never thought about the day she would be away from him (worse, she will be by another man’s side). Realisation was scary. It made him finally realised why he wasn’t interested in dating his previous-almost-girlfriend. How could he be when the only one he wanted to tell things, and waiting for text reply was her instead.

As scared and terrified as he was, he started to avoid her. He avoided their group gathering, citing his busy schedule as excuse. His birthday, he sighed of relief when she told him she couldn’t come because of her group’s recording, and yet, he found himself longingly kept looking at his phone, hoping for her message wishing him a happy birthday. When the message finally came at 5 minutes before the day ended. He broke into a big smiled that his members asked if he got any awesome present.

Her birthday, unfortunately he came down with a flu, he couldn’t come. But of course, he kept asking the friends who went to take care of her. And he called, with hoarse voice and cough, and sang for her the birthday song, he apologised for not coming, and promised to make it up for her later.

Her group made an explosive comeback. Whenever they went to the show he hosted, he would be in their changing room more than his. Seeing him reminded her of his promise. So she nagged him. Her breath caught when she saw his present was a ring. She did a double take at the ring. It must be very expensive. His face blushed bright red. She raised her eyebrow, her mouth turned upward to a little smirk. She promised to wear it often, even on TV.

Being able to see her made him happy, seeing her with his ring made his heart beat funny. He was thinking of a way to let her know his feeling when the topic of her getting asked out came back during one of the recording. Her unnies joked about the guy must be very serious to keep asking her, maybe she should consider him. She simply shook her head, saying that he’s not the one she wanted. Her brief glance at him sitting there gave him hope, and strength.

Their last performance at the station, he suggested dinner with his group and hers. Afterward, he drove her home. Again, in nervous voice, he told her why he call it quit with the girl before, what he came to realise. She kept quiet the whole time. He gave her another box, told her inside there was another ring. He didn’t ask her to be in a relationship with him, it’s his fault for being so naive and ignorant, he only asked her to give him a chance, for him to show her what she really meant to him, and that she can keep the ring, and wear it when she accepts his feeling. She took the box and bade him good night.

Took him quite a while until she finally replaced his birthday present with the simple ring. When she came to their usual gathering, wearing it, he thought his heart would burst in happiness. He did something out of character; ran to her and kissed her right there and then. Everyone got the shocked of their lives and was extremely thankful for being in a private room instead (he got smacked for being so careless, she pinched him on the side for embarrassing her, he still smiled like there was no tomorrow).

That night, he went to sleep knowing that, when the day comes, when they have to reveal their relationship, people will be surprised that they weren’t together the whole time, he will smile like a fool and ask for their blessing. And when he will finally ask her hand for marriage (the real one this time), his nervous-self will be back, he will stutter, she will smile patiently for him to finish his words, maybe she will tease him a bit, but she will make him the happiest man on earth. After all, both are shy and reluctant to take any initiatives, but with her quiet support, he knows he has nothing to be afraid of, be it work or life.




5 Responses to [One Shot] Untold story

  1. wae juh always update when i`ve to study ah *cries a liber liber liber~~~~~~*

    btw is it the oneshot u started writing looooooooooooooooong time ago? i rmb you said you were working on one… but then LOL coz you posted none so i thought it got discarded alrd XD

    • iceandfire says:

      Wae so fast D8

      And no, this is not the one. You got it right, i discarded the other one cos i couldnt get it right. I hope I’ll be able to revisit that stormy oneshot sometimes in the future =]]]

  2. finished reading….
    seems like u got inspiration from the talk we had these day :))))

    so sweet~~~~~ ❤ *and dense=]]]]]]* of Kwon~~~ XD nice explanation for da rings lol but I hope it`s not what rly happened =]]]

    kkkk gomawo~~~~ lob juh :"3

  3. supermute says:

    Finally…. u posting something sweet that I waiting for ^__________^ thanks. Miss them so bad.. I hope we can have a good news on yr end… maybe about their secret meeting XDDD

  4. crabbielife says:

    you and your wish for Kwon to date someone else first before her HAHAHAHA..

    anyway..here..I left more than my \CLAW PRINTEU/

    you should be thankful U____________U =]]

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