[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 5

It’s a busy day for the Son’s. Gain’s mom was busy preparing the food while her father was preparing the guestrooms. They were going to have guests for the weekend to celebrate Kwon’s birthday. Seulong complained though he didn’t mean it “why you have to cook for his birthday? His cousin is a chef!” , that earned him a smack on his head by his mom. The parents already considered Kwon to be their own son eversince their daughter first clamped her hand on his wrist and refused to let go. The kids attached at the hip since then and Kwon stayed over at their house for too many times when his parents had to go oversea for works.

Soon, the kids came. Gain’s mom was startled a little when she saw a young lady came with Kwon. However, after a few exchanges, she could see that Min Kyung was a nice girl and she seemed to like Kwon enough to join the weekend getaway with his friends. As she shooed the boys out to the garden with her husband, Min Kyung insisted to stay back to help her preparing the food

“Omma, where’s Gain?” Kwon stomped back to the kitchen right after he got pushed out with the rest of the guys “I can’t find her since this morning”

“She went out to buy something, also to pick up her friend, she told me” the older woman smilingly told him. She had hope that Kwon could be her son in law, but seeing how the kids started to grow up, she had to accept that there would be other people capture their attention, but it always warmed her heart when Kwon or Gain asked about each other first thing when they came back.

When Gain came back with Khun and drinks, they started to have BBQ lunch party. It’s always a good thing to be able to have gathering like this, especially at the age of cellphone and internet, people started to take the technology for granted and end up distance themselves from real life bonds. That’s why, whenever there’s an opportunity, Gain and Seulong’s parents were more than happy to host the party for their kids, just like this time.

As the time went on, food was finished and cleaned, the chatting topic shifted to childhood stories, which is a must when you have parents around you. Interestingly enough, Gain’s parents told them that Seulong used to be fond of Kwon a lot when they were small, the older boy used to prefer playing with Kwon to his own sister.

“Woah Kwon, what have you done to Seulong? Now that he scowls and annoyed by you that much?” Narsha teased after Mrs. Son mentioned the stories

“Babe” Changmin joined in with his girlfriend “Seulong often talked about puking, maybe he hugged Kwon too tight the kid puked on him” Everyone laughed at Changmin’s remark making both Kwon and Seulong’s ears turned red.

“Nah” Mr. Son interjected “If I remember it right, the puking alone didn’t make Seulong stopped playing with these two kids” He gestured over the best friends sitting next to each other. “It’s Gain who made him stop playing actually”

“Huh?” the girl in question startled “What did I do?”

“You bit your oppa” Mrs. Son chuckled over the memory “You were playing with Kwon but Seulong wanted to bring Kwon along to play soccer, you cried and bit him, hard. He even bled, so after that, he’s afraid of getting near Kwon, and overtime, it became a dislike, I think”

“Kwon ah, Hyung is sorry” Seulong suddenly turned to Kwon, in his most serious voice “I wasn’t brave enough and let you suffer alone under the tyrant’s reign ever since” before bursting out laughing. It wasn’t long before everyone else joined in

“YAH!! Oppa!!!” Gain could feel her cheeks heating up. Of course, she needed her best friend to save her embarrassment “Omma, Appa, why don’t you tell more about Kwon, it’s his birthday after all! Don’t make us the main characters”. Her way of making him her saviour was a bit.. costly for him but all he could do was glaring at the eye-smiling girl who didn’t seem to take any effect from his glare.

“Oh Kwon was a sweetest child” Mrs. Son smiled fondly “He rarely created any big trouble alone. You two were the culprits most of the time. I often say he’s the perfect gentleman, right? Whoever has his heart is a lucky girl”

“That would be Min Kyung noona here” Jinwoon spoke up, seeing the faint blush on both Kwon’s and Min Kyung’s face “Kwon hyung, you’re such a nice guy, especially after auntie described you. All the best to you” He raised his glass to his hyung, but not without the mischievous smile “That includes your first kiss”

“YAHH!!” Kwon picked up the nearest thing on the table and threw it at Jinwoon. Luckily for the younger kid, it’s only the napkins box.

“Eh? Who said our Kwonnie here hasn’t had his first kiss” Mr. Son spoke up, making everyone, including Kwon himself, surprised at the statement

“Appa, what are you saying?” Kwon was confused, by his memory, he hasn’t had the first kiss

“Oh you did, son. Do you remember that Hye Rin kid? She was in the neighbour for a short time. Gain didn’t like her that much though”

“Eh?” Even Seulong voiced out his surprised “Kwon had his first kiss with her?” Needless to say, it didn’t sit well with Gain. She knew it’s just some childhood dislike toward the other girl, but somehow, it irked Gain, a lot, even though her face remained unchanged.

Mr. Son shook his head “I only meant to say, it happened around that time”

“So who was that, appa?” Gain couldn’t hold in her curiosity after all

“I won’t tell” The father teased the group “It’d be more fun for you kids to find out later” He stood up “Yah, go rest a little bit before preparing for dinner, kids. My wife slaved herself to prepare everything nicely for Kwon, so you gotta enjoy it to the fullest”

As everyone enjoyed themselves, time passed quickly to dinner. Mr. Son wasn’t lying when he said Mrs. Son slaved herself over to prepare everything. The food was enough to feed a whole army, almost all of Kwon’s favourite food were there. After the brief Happy Birthday song and Kwon blew off the candle, the whole group started eating. And of course, Kwon dived in for his everlasting love: sweet and sour pork. However, as soon as he took a bite, Kwon looked at Gain questioningly and the girl just shrugged
“I was helping omma for other dishes. Min Kyung cooked that for you.”
“Ah, is that so? Thank you Min Kyung ssi. It’s very delicious” Kwon smiled and continue to eat the food.

The brief exchange didn’t escape the eyes of the 3 other girls on the table. Jea just nodded to Narsha and Miryo, confirming whatever they thought in their mind. The girls sighed, they could only hope and pray that things will turn out well, for the sake of everyone around them.

When everyone bid each other goodnight and settle in their respective room, Min kyung stayed with Gain and Jea while Narsha and Miryo shared a guest room next door. An hour later, when they started to finished their chatting to slowly drifted to sleep, a footstep could be heard resounding the hallway, heading down stair. 5 minutes and a frustrating groan later, Gain was seen tossing away her blanket and went out of the room. Min Kyung was puzzled but Jea just told her it’s nothing and they should just went back to sleep.

“OMG, you sit down” Gain scowled at Kwon, who’s raging the fridge, and took out some ingredients. The dish was not an easy one, but some 20 minutes later, she put down in front of Kwon a re-heated bowl of rice with a small portion of sweet and sour pork.

“What’s wrong with her pork that you didn’t eat enough and let yourself be hungry like this?” she sat across of Kwon on the kitchen counter. The latter was happily eating his food.

“It’s delicious, I just wasn’t hungry then” Kwon kept his eyes on the pork plate

“Don’t lie, you only ate a few bites. Normally you could eat a whole wok no matter you’re hungry or not”

He looked up to his best friend, fondness in his eyes “Cause you didn’t cook it. It’s my birthday”

A loud smack “Ouch! Seulong hyung was right, you’re such a tyrant” Kwon rubbed the side of his head

“If she knew, it’d hurt her, you babo” She sighed “You can’t expect me to cook for you forever, Kwon ah. You have to adjust your taste. You’ll get married, you can’t expect me to always cook the pork and bring it to your house, right?”

“I know. I’ll try” Kwon finally put down his chopstick, finishing the whole dish of sweet and sour pork by himself. “But for now, promise me that you’ll cook for me?”

“Do I have a choice?” Gain faked frowning. She was actually happy that her best friend liked her food that much.

“Nope you don’t” Kwon grinned while cleaning the bowl and disc “Now, let’s go up and rest. Your dad promised to take us to the beach tomorrow”.

Before they went up to the stair, Gain briefly held on Kwon’s hand, pull him in a brief, tight hug “Happy Birthday, my best friend”. Kwon went to sleep that night with a much happier heart and stomach, though he didn’t fully understand why.



My apology for disappearing for so long on this fic.

The contest on Kwon’s first kiss is off since, even though the ‘person’ is the same, the situation became different, it’s harder for me to write the clue, so it’s off, sowwie =]]]] feel free to tell me your guess though…

Btw, I’ll be moving the train me from tumblr to here later today (or tomorrow) so you can re read in case you forgot where it was left off.


11 Responses to [Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 5

  1. then I guess Kwon’s first kiss was ‘her’, maybe it caused by accident that’s why the kids couldn’t remember much about it.

    But wow, Kwon seems to be a ladykiller here, and it’s kinda strange to see him like that lol [though he steals my heart away already]. Uri GaIn, then the Min Kyun girl, and even the Hye Rin girl in the past? Our gangsta has a full of rivals in her hand here lol.

    however, the sweet n sour porl irkes me a little, ‘cauz he’s just so dumb and selfish to make her serve food for him like that. Okay Kwon, you can be more selfish, but I don’t like a dumb one. Consider hard to see who’s the one for you /:) or I’ll send OngOngie to smack your head.

    and…how many months for the next chap???? I throw a contest for that question =))

    • iceandfire says:

      lol you don’t scold the kid. he didnt ask for her to cook…. someone heard his footstep and automatically cooked for him =]]]]]]]

  2. Ah.. They are so cute. Thank you very much for the update. Please update soon ^_^

  3. =]] I miss them a lot. Thanks for continue writing. Yea.. panda is right… she is the one who always care about him =]]] but C’mon kwonna wake up!! *smack the monkey* XDDD

    ps. Im surely his first kiss is her :p I will waiting for their first kiss story in the next chapter Woohoooo!! tmr? XDD

  4. aww sweet~~~ :”3 like true maternal love‼ kkkkk it feels so warm seeing how the gangsta girl cares for him that wholeheartedly~~ even violently if needed at times XDDDD

    hmmm the situation changed huh.. who could his first kiss be then *whistles*…..even his bff does not remember ehh? did she kiss him to show Hyerin (OBS? XD) that he was her property, and she was drunk so she had no memory of the incident.. while her sneaky monkey friend was keeping mum all the time her dad was teasing them? :))
    tsk tsk look how their family and close friends are all aware of how obvious they can be, but the two clueless good friends still have no idea what the feelings they have for each other mean :*)…. chet.. “But for now, promise me that you’ll cook for me?” << monkey is being so \lằng nhằng/ here isn`t he =]]

    but…… whoa.. it has been reeeelly long ah! D8 last time you updated the fic you were still using tumblr….. more than 6 months already U_U don`t make me wait that much again *pouts* it`s getting interesting have inspiration soooon puhlease!!! *casts a spell on you* wingardium leviosa~~ \bloom/ XDDD

    p.s. I love how MK & NK appear so little in this chap, shameless all over the place me likes!!! XDD *deep chisseu* gomawo yong~~~~♥

  5. maereyes says:

    Can wait fod the next chapter… Please update soon… Please please please…

  6. crabbielife says:


    Wait for your next update panda,,,

  7. songainfan says:

    i just found this 😀 please update it is so cute

  8. songainfan says:

    Do we get a new years update? please *puppy eyes* 🙂

  9. just started reading this fic yesterday and gaaaaaah~ i cant stop. please please please update soon ^_^ i tried reading other AC fics while waiting for Train Me update but nothing seems to compare to the feels this fic gives me. 😀

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