[One shot]”What behavior(act) of woman do you like ?” “I like her yawning and stretching when first waking up…”

September 2012,
Japan , at a TV Station, dressing room

“Yah Jo Kwon, how could you be so bold answering that question like that?” Seul Ong poked his leader on the side, talking about a question in the interview they just filmed.

Kwon brushed his hyung’s hand aside “Who cares hyung, for all we know they might just cut it anyway”. He’s a bit pissed at the MC for pointing at him after Changmin’s description of his ideal girl. He’s used to it, he really was, but that didn’t mean he liked it.

“Kwon ah, don’t mind them” Changmin patted his dongsaeng on the back “You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Isn’t that why you got the tatoo on your back? You are who you are. As long as the ones matter to you understand you”

“That’s right, hyung” Jinwoon joined in, massaging his dear hyung’s shoulder “Plus, if there’s anyone who needs to prove anything, it’s the three of us. You’re … certified already” the kid winked mischievously making Kwon smiled happily while the other two started throwing things at him
“YAH!! prove what? You go prove yourself, don’t drag us in”
Jinwoon just laughed out loud. Teasing his hyungs was really his favourite past time. After all the misunderstanding and his tantrum, his hyungs were always by his side, patiently guiding him, even when he wasn’t right to them, and that to put it lightly. He felt blessed to have such brothers, even if they’re not related by blood.

Hongkong, at the hotel lobby

“Wah, hyung, they really aired that answer of yours” Jinwoon looked at Kwon’s phone streaming the interview in Japan
“Jo Kwon, it’s risky for you to say things like that, you know” Changmin was worried
“Nah, I’m sure no one take it seriously” Kwon shrugged, kept paying attention to the screen “Jinwoonie, were you high that day, jumping around so much kkkk”
“But tell me” Ong spoke up with his teasing voice “How long have you NOT seen that ‘act’ that you wanted to see it so bad to the point you spoke up like that?” He wiggled his eyebrows, the other 2 guys looked at their leader expectantly too
“YAH!!” Kwon yelled. He scowled “DON’T EVER THINK ABOUT IT! GOT IT?” First time he realised his mistake when he spoke about the “action” in question. Giving his group-mates his best glare, Kwon repeated the words forcefully “I said again DON’T.EVER” and turned away to go back to his room, but not before the other 3 caught a faint blush on his cheeks. Of course, they had to keep it in until he got into the elevator before bursting out laughing. Their leader got to be the cutest guy in the world.

Midnight, Korea

Kwon was staying with Jinwoon and Changmin today as Seulong was away due to his schedule in Japan. Kwon and Jinwoon were lounging around in the living room, waiting for Changmin to make them some snacks. Ever since Kwon moved out, Changmin always stayed up a bit later to make snack every time he came back to sleep over. It’s his way to take care of the dear dongsaeng, and also, it’s their quiet bonding time now that they didn’t have each other around for 24/7 as before. Both Kwon and Jinwoon were surfing the net on their phone and chatting when Jinwoon made a little gasp “WOW”
“What? what?” Kwon raised his eyebrows curiously at the maknae
“Kwonnie hyung” Jinwoon called out, eyes glued to the phone screen, jaw dropped, just in time as Changmin bringing the sandwiches out from the kitchen “no wonder you answered that question like that”
“What question?” Kwon sat up and took Jinwoon’s phone. Immediately, his expression changed. He was stunned, frozen. Changmin got curious and peeked over Kwon’s shoulder. Well, even the eldest member couldn’t help but let out a small whistle.

Apparently, that whistle woke Kwon out of his trance. He immediately close the picture, gave the phone back to Jinwoon and rushed to Seulong’s room, his hand dialed the phone urgently. While waiting for the other side to pick up his call, Kwon didn’t forget to glare at Jinwoon and signaled for him not to ever look at that photo again in all the seriousness he could muster. The maknae and hyung could only nod and look at him stomping into Seulong’s room, where he would sleep over today.

“Hyung, do you think we just earn ourselves a few times of 100 rules of life?”
“Tsk, it’s not really our fault”
“I know right? it’s on the internet for god’s sake. But I gotta admit, she looks so good in the photo”
“They seriously will put that as a jacket photo?”
“I don’t know, hyung. But I’m glad Seulong hyung is not here today. You know him and his mouth, especially when it comes to ticking Kwon hyung off about Gain noona”

Somewhere in Japan, a giant guy was typing speedily on his phone, all the while laughing like mad
“I saw your jacket photo. Good luck with him, Gain ah. No wonder Kwonnie said those things in the interview. My honest advice, chingu: for all our safety, and Kwon’s sanity, please don’t yawn and stretch in front of any guy except that kid”
Of course, all he got back was a string of undefined words and symbols “$()*#$)@#$*)#&$” while his best friend was calming her yeobo down, happily, she needed to add.


A/N:  It’s been a while … and Kwon’s answer and Gain’s jacket photo matched up so well… I couldn’t let this pass, could I? =]] it might be a bit clumpsy as I didn’t check before posting, I hope you guys still like it anyhow. ^^ Title was translated by hamster2005@twitter, thkx to her translation a lot for 2AM’s show/interviews in Japan ^^


4 Responses to [One shot]”What behavior(act) of woman do you like ?” “I like her yawning and stretching when first waking up…”

  1. renkumori says:

    *yawn,but not stretch, I’m leaving my lovely \foot print/ here n go to sleep now (σ*’3`)σ *hug panpan n sleep

    • *sigh, you wrote this when the album jacket was out, and now, after the MV teaser, I dun know what to comt *sigh again.
      It’s justttttttttttt…..last time for the debut solo, just only having an act and dance with male dancers could make that kid throw tantrums already, and now with her slight rated bed scene, uh-oh, I dun wanna image.
      GaIn’s an artist, and whatever she’s done is for pure art, but…. there’s still but…. my Kkapliner heart is….

      And for the interview in Jpn broadcast??? It’s ^*)$&%(*@^%&)@#(4)27, for both 2 things you mentioned here U_U [right, you know what I mean] Little Puppy should compose himself more U_U I wonder why he was so high that time(babo him with the 168cm height RAWRRRR)

  2. crabbielife says:

    *leaving my claw printeu*

  3. ayapot says:

    hi. i know this is kinda off topic. but i just want to ask. if you did update your fanfic train me? is there chap.5?

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