[Drabble] “…Everything else is just formalities.”

2012.09.20 00.00 (KST)
Her phone’s been ringing for so many incoming messages that she has to set it on vibration. She will read the congratulation messages later. For the time being, there’s cake to enjoy and jokes to share.

They have set aside the ongoing meeting as soon as the clock struck 12 to celebrate her birthday. It’s been a tiring time for her, having to handle both the movie shooting and her solo album. It’s draining. However, being a Virgo doesn’t allow her to finish anything less than perfect, so yeah, she’s working her hardest to make sure every little details were in place. And that, including living in the office or studio for most of the time; her house became a place for her to change clothes and take showers only, for the last few weeks.

Punching the pass code, she dragged herself in the living room, and threw herself carelessly on the sofa, not minding that she fell onto another person seating there. He wasn’t fazed as she dropped herself on him, using his shoulder as her pillow to rest her head. Instead, he just gently massaged her nape
“Welcome home. You’re early today”
“Hmm..” his warm hand felt good on her neck, all the tensed knot and muscles started to loosen up “it’s my birthday, they let me out as a gift, and give me until noon tomorrow”
“Good, tomorrow I don’t have early schedule too. Ah,was I the first one?” He shifted her so that he could massage her shoulder easier.
“Hah, you beat Jea unnie by 2-3 seconds I think” She smiled, remembering the 2 messages came almost at the same time, wishing her a Happy birthday.
“I’m glad I made it” a light kiss on her temple
“Yeobo” she turned to face him. His hands dropped down to rest on her back and waist “Why are you here?”
“I was hoping I could be here to greet you on your birthday. Plus, mom gave me some seaweed soup to give to you”
“Please send her my thanks” she dropped her head onto his shoulder “I miss you”
His hand on her waist tightened “Me too, yeobo. So many things happened that we couldn’t see each other for so long” soft lips pressed against her hair, breathing in the familiar scent he loved “that I almost didn’t realize that my yeobo is now blonde”
“Yah, stop teasing me” she pressed her face to his shoulder to stifle a yawn “I’m sleepy”
“Yeobo, go get change then you can sleep” He stood up, carrying her in his arms toward the bathroom “Stay here, i’ll get some clothes for you to change”
When he came back with the clothes, she already cleaned her face. Looking at the face he loved so much and yet, the tiredness showed around her eyes made his heart ache and want to do something for her.
“Yeobo” She waved at him through the reflection on the bathroom glass “Kwon ah”
“Ah yes, yeobo?” he snapped out of the trance.
“Why are you staring at me?”
He stepped up behind her, holding her gaze through their reflections “you’re so beautiful, yeobo. I just wish I could help you out better”
“Babo” She smiled “It’s my quest. You should know it already” Turning around, she put her hands on his face, leaned in to peck on his lips lightly “you are here with me now, that’s all I need” Pushing him out of the bathroom “Now get out so I can change my clothes”

Later when they both settled in bed, with his arm being her pillow and his body being her hugging pillow, she slowly slipped into the dreamland. Before she went completely, she heard him softly said “I can’t believe it’s been 3 years for us. Thank you for staying with me“. She mumbled the reply “That time you already asked me to stay with you forever. Of course I’m here. You can’t escape me, babo. Don’t you dare to try” A warm chuckle rumbled from his chest then she felt he turned to gather her closer to him “Sleep, Gain ah. Even if I didn’t say anything in public, my heart already tied to yours. Everything else is just formalities.

Just right before Gain took off to the Lala-land, she thought this birthday was much better than last year, with him being sick and they couldn’t meet. She only wish to have him holding her every night like this for the rest of their lives. And, no one would discover this gentle and manly side of him, it’s for her and her alone.


A/N Happy birthday to our dear Buin (well, that monkey’s buin, not OUR)… Due to their busy schedule, i wanted to potray a quiet/peaceful night for the two of them instead of all the……………….normal… coughbyuntaecough events we used to concoct up with our imagination. But I think maybe because I wrote this so late… the whole atmosphere seemed…sleepy kkk ~~~~


6 Responses to [Drabble] “…Everything else is just formalities.”

  1. itscalledfate says:

    thankew panda…..it’s totally damn sweettt…..feels like real….. T.T

    ……but…..they still got time until ‘noon tomorrow’ rite..
    so..part 2 maybe..?
    kkkk xD

  2. monji says:

    thanks panda oppaaaa~
    well, can’t agree more.. we need something different rather than those ahembyuntaeahemfics..

    seems sooo real~~ love love love ❤

  3. didn’t he get sty this year on her birthday? =,= that kid had to stay away from his wife or else he would spread the disease tsk tsk
    Such a good timing he is, got sick on his wife’s birthday for 2 years in a row, at leat this year is not that bad.
    But….where’s the present????? Just got back from jpn and no present for her? Just massage (and not for the IMPORTANT part at all) only??? are he getting more stingy????? aisssshht, that kid…,

    • iceandfire says:

      LOL .. both were so tired.. presents can wait, you know~~~ =]]]] plus the author was so tired so both of them had to go to sleep too =]]]

  4. kekeke poor GI… sleep sleep

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