[Drabble] “I like manly kind of men.”…

She pushed through the tinted glass door and walked toward the table at the far corner of their regular restaurant. This used to be their frequent meet up place. However, recently, their gatherings have been few and far in between. She was surprised he called her out of the blue and insisted that she had to come.

As soon as she sat down, she scowled “My schedule is so tight, I’m dead tired, why do you make me do this?” before putting her head down on the table, temporarily closing her eyes for a moment.

A warm, large hand tapped lightly on her head “It’s because your schedule is so tight. Because our schedules are tight, chingu ah”. Gain lifted her head up to see 2 of her best friends grinned sheepishly across the table.

Her eyes turned to slits “It’d better be important” she looked down at the drink before her “or good drinks, or I’ll kill you two”

“Yah! Can’t we just call you out for a gathering?” Seulong huffed “Tsk.. and to think we just want to entertain you amid the killer schedule” while Taecyeon just gestured her to drink the soju “Drink, noona, it’s a special soju I got as gift”

Downing her drink in one gulp, Gain reached up to ruffle the giant’s hair “Yah~ you’re so easy to tease. It’s good that I can get away from the pressure with you guys like this, ok. Thank you for calling me out, ImOngSeul” She grinned. Drinking with them is always one of her favourite activities.

As the drinking session went on, they shared about the projects they have been working on before Seulong remember the magazine inside his bag. He took it out, opened to the page of her interview
“Wah, Son Ga-in, you’re so brave, “manly man”, “I match better with older men than younger ones.” and “Oppa fantasy”? He’s ok with all of these?” He showed the magazine to Taecyeon whose eyes got widened as he read through her answers “Or is there anything I should know of?” The facial expression turned serious. Both sides are Seulong’s dear friends, and while he’s not interested in her like that, he wouldn’t let any guy, even if it’s his dear dongsaeng and leader, hurt her in anyway.

“What is there that you should know of?” Gain feigned ignorance, she knew what he meant. She appreciated his concern, and Taec’s, but sometimes she felt like she’s having two over-protective brothers, and being the sister, she couldn’t help but to piss them off. “Those have been my criterias since forever, what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s with the “sunbaenim in the entertainment industry” too, noona?” Taecyeon joined in “Noona, is there anything, really? I know you’re not the type to answer without meaning anything”

“Yeah, and don’t hurt him, ok?” Seulong continued, it’s true that he would protect her, but somehow in this relationship, he’s more worried for the other party more.

“Yah” she tapped on his head “Shouldn’t you guys be worried about me? I’m the girl here!!?”

“Nope, you’re the gumiho, he’s the innocent one.” A hint of laughter flashed in the guys’s eyes before they turned back to be serious “Joking aside, spill. What happened? You weren’t there for his birthday even.”

“I had filming schedule on that day, you kids” She took another shot of Soju “and it’s not even in Seoul”

Before she continued, her phone rang, cut off their conversation “Oppa~~”
“Did you drink?”
“Just a few shots~” aegyo-filled voice
“With whom?”
“Ongseulongong and Ok Taec”
“Hm…..…. don’t drink too much, you still have very busy schedule tomorrow. I’ll come by to pick you up”
“Are you sure? It might not be safe for you to come…” a bit of hesitation
“It’s better for my mind and heart that you’re within my sight, especially when you’re tispy like this. Wait for me, ok?”
“Ok, Oppa~~~~” and she hung up, feeling happy that he’s coming for her.

“Ah, your ‘oppa’ fantasy, huh?” Seulong teased. His heart became lighter after her phone call somehow.
She smiled “The manly man that’s only for me. The “older man” I want is the mature man that can protect me, not just the physical age. And yes, my “oppa fantasy” too, gosh, he insisted to be my “oppa” so much.” She let out a happy laugh, remembering his reaction the first time she called him “oppa”. “And well, even if he debuted after me, he got in to this way before me”

With lighter hearts, they chatted until a familiar masked man came to pick her up. As he held her close by the waist, the girl was tipsy, he glanced at the opened magazine and chuckled “Maybe I should say “aegyo filled” for my next interview”

“Pffts, you already kept saying that, everyone memorized it by heart already “older girl, cute, like a mother”. Now, go go shoo~” Seulong scoffed.


A/N: This went a bit different from my first draft and thought… but well… anyways, this piece is truly “Impulse writing”. No plan. No deadline. =]]]]


4 Responses to [Drabble] “I like manly kind of men.”…

  1. I am being a silent reader for a very long time already. Thank you for many of u’r wonderful story about adam couple.
    I just wonder that whether you will continue fanfic “Train me.” I really love that fanfic. So please don’t abandon it. Hope that you will finish that fanfic.

    • iceandfire says:

      “train me”… what “train me”??? =]]] kidding but yeah, i don’t plan to stop writing that, but …i think i need more time on that 😛
      Thank you for loving my stories..

      P/s: i think it must be stopping so long that a silent reader has to speak up =]]]

  2. renkumori says:

    2days ago? I did check your blog but why I didn’t see it ’til I checked it on phone? So weird (~_~;)
    Wanna say smt but I don’t know it’s nice or not so I don’t (~_~;) just once again, you amazed me that you can write even in the €<*}|€|€\*~€\€[!}^]*} situation. I just can’t. My heart is aching T^T
    Btw, the oppa oppa thing made me wanna puke. I really can’t buy the cheesiness on Adam T^T I prefer Kwon-ah or yeobo to it.
    P/s: I really dun know what to say though. My mind is a big mess rite now…

    • iceandfire says:

      LOL the “oppa .. oppa” thing … if you remember, i put the “notice” there.. she’s tipsy (drunk and aeygo to him is something they revealed long time ago) and .. in a joking manner, he kept asking her to call him oppa since HK =]] it must be a joking between them.

      when I said “impulse writing” .. it really is on impulse.. i stopped this shot after those “incidents” and only felt like finishing it now LOL

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