[One Shot] Happy Birthday, Kwonnie ah!

Kwon turned off the engine of his car and sighed dejectedly. It’s 3 hours til his birthday and he would have to be home alone. His mom called this afternoon asking him to come home next weekend to celebrate his birthday since it would be easier for him. SHE told him over their last phone call that she wouldn’t be able to come to his place for his birthday, but promised to make it up to him by coming home to his parents. For the more than 2 years of being official with her, he knew, she didn’t forget his birthday and she would make it up for him as promised, so he’s not disappointed. But, it’d be lying to say he’s ok, he still wished for her to be with him on the special day.

However, he also knew how hard it was for her to handle both the solo preparation and the movie at the same time, so he would have to content with the coming weekend date.

Punching the passcode into his new apartment, Kwon went over the schedule of the next day, he didn’t even notice that the light in his apartment was on. And he got the scare of his life as the deafening loud cheer erupted as soon as he stepped into the living room


Kwon broke into a biggest smile, his brothers in the company were all there.

“What the heck are you all doing here?” He asked with his smile hanging from ear to ear until he remembered something “How did you guys get in?? I didn’t give any of you my passcode”

“Your yeobo came to open the door for us” Seulong stepped forward to take the candles. As if on cue, the rest of the guys started bringing out the snacks and cake too. “Chet, that girl, she didn’t want us to know the passcode, had to come here personally to open the door for us. Why so secretive, not like we will barge in during the night anyway” Seulong complained as he put the candles on to the cake

“Hyung, since when do you nag?” Kwon laughed, happy to see his brothers cared for him to have a surprised party. He also made a mental note to thank his yeobo later. He should have known, she would never let him be alone in his special day.

The party went by quite fast, with jokes and laughter, drinks and cheers. It was half an hour before midnight that Seulong suddenly announced that they have one last gift for Kwon and that, Kwon must not tell any one aside from the guys there with him.

“… especially the girls in our company… and your yeobo” Seulong shuddered at the thought of those slit eyes glaring at him “they won’t approve”
“Huh?” Kwon was confused. He was pushed onto a chair, hand tied behind his back, eyed got blindfolded by a tie.
“tsk… just enjoying, Kwonnie” Kwon heard Wooyoung’s voice whispered to his ears
“you’re the only one we prepared this for..be glad” A tap on the shoulder and a voice Kwon defined as Junsu’s on his right
“Hyung~ Shihyuk-hyung said tomorrow you can come late at 10am, so don’t worry” his maknae seemed to fix his collar
One by one, Kwon could hear their footsteps toward the door, despite his constant calling, they seemed to leave the apartment until the door shut closed. He was left alone in the dark due to the blindfold, and a deafening silence.

“Hello~~” Kwon called out, his hand wiggled in futile attempts to untie themselves “Hyungs, Everyone, I’m not kidding.. This is not funny”

Then, in all of the sudden, a sensual music piece came to life. It’s something faintly familiar but Kwon’s sure he never heard it before. Clicks of heels on the floor. Kwon gulped hard ‘What the hell did they prepare for me?’

A pair of silk-gloved hands caressing his jaw. Sweats started forming on Kwon’s forehead. The hands seemed small, it must be a female.

“Ex…excuse me….” Kwon stuttered

The hands glided down on to his shoulders, massaging the tired muscles. Kwon couldn’t stop a groan escaped his mouth.

Despite the relaxing feels, Kwon tried to wrench away his shoulder. However, the striper, or dancer, as Kwon figured, or whoever it was, seemed to like his avoiding attitude a lot as he felt the hands went across his chest, even down to his stomach. He could also feel a slight bumping against his thigh, ‘Lap dance?’

It must be an experience one, Kwon thought, for she knew where to touch to give him goose bump all over.

It’d be a lie if he said he felt nothing from the touch, but… he felt violated too. Being in the blind, letting some stranger touching him all over like that, he’s very uncomfortable, especially, it’s a stranger, it’s not…. HER. Knowing nothing about what’s going on in Kwon’s mind, the dancer proceeded to unbutton his shirt, one by one

“STOP!!!” Kwon yelled loudly as his third button was being undone. She stopped. Must be startled by his voice, he thought.

“I’m… I’m sorry, miss” His voice softened. After all, he’s not someone who can be rude to people. “Please, I don’t know what my friend asked of your … uh… service” He said the word distastefully “But, I don’t want this” He swallowed. Damn, he did get a bit excited “I’m taken, you know. My wife, well… technically, she’s not my wife yet, but I consider her as the only one anyway” He started to babble “My wife should be the only one allowed to touch me like that. So if you please, untie me. Consider your part is done, you don’t have to continue. Thank you”

As soon as he finished his words, a kiss came crushing down to his lips, leaving him breathless. Gasps turned to smirk as he tasted the familiar lips, his favourite.

“Untie me” he whispered against her lips. As soon as his hands were free, he pulled off the blindfold and then fastened his arms around her waist, pulling her on to his lap for the most passionate kiss he could offer.

Pulling away slightly with heavy breath, he took time to take a look at her

“Damn, you’re wearing like this and blindfolded me?” He leaned forward to take her earlobe into his mouth “It’s a waste, yeobo. You have to let me see you” Hands pulling the strings on her back

“Yah! it’s supposed to be a surprise present for you!” She breathed, hands bury deep in his hairs
“Lap dancing too? I thought you were practicing pole dancing?” He chuckled, trailing his kiss down her neck
“You ruined the fun” she bowed to shower kisses on his shoulder
“Then why kissed me and revealed yourself?” He pulled his head up looking at her
“You said stop” she lovingly smiled at him before pecking his lips “and your wife should be the only one touching you” she pulled him in for a deep kiss “I love you, yeobo”
He smiled into her kiss “Of course you’re the only one”. Finally, he could free her from the corset “can I have my birthday present now?” A wet trail from her chin down to her heart
“Happy birthday, yeobo” She whispered before their love journey began.

• • •
5 minutes ago, outside the apartment

“STOP!!!” Kwon’s voice resounding through the door

“Wow the kid is loud” Seulong chuckled
“His self-control is .. admirable” Taecyeon added “It’s a wonder how he resists the temptation”
“That’s why, he got his wife already, not you two” Changmin pulled his dongsaengs away. The rest of the 2 boygroups were eavedroping the couple inside. “Yah! it’s not for our ear and mind anymore! Let’s go!” The eldest one shooed them like a shepherd.
“Wait, hyung” Jinwoon suddenly spoke up “It’s my tie that you guys used to tie Kwon hyung’s hands” His lips quivered
“So what?” the older ones asked
“I don’t think I dare to use it anymore” the maknae teared up “I don’t know what would they do with my tie tonight” He blinked “It’s my favourite” His hyungs covered his mouth before he had time to wail and only the promise of getting him another tie and a BBQ meal can finally settle the youngest brother as he let himself be carried away by his hyungs.

A/N: It’s early…. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY KWONNIE AH~~~~~~~
Let’s bygone be bygone…. Don’t drill too much on unhappy things, keep moving forward
Remember “Hardship. Adversity. Happiness”


4 Responses to [One Shot] Happy Birthday, Kwonnie ah!

  1. mutechan says:

    Yeah! i will be back after arrived home~

  2. ehh so u have alrd planned for this whole sensual \lap dance/ b-day gift even before the news about pole dance is out huh? sucha real \FT/ ;”)

    *deep chisseu* thank you so much my lobly byun panda :3 even though I`m still somewhat moody but I did ^______^ the whole time I was reading this~

    p.s. but I love babies~ \twins/ *wails* need babies to lift my mood totally ah! •_•

  3. MieOppa says:

    Will be DELUSIONAL-y imagining this willhappen TONITE! lalala :p ~~ 생일축하합니다 권이!!! AWESOME drabble as always~~ *thumbs up FT! kkk~~~

  4. uhhh this one is goooooooooooooooooood

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