[Drabble] “Do you even have money to buy a house?” – “I did… so, now what?”

May 2010,
Bali, Indonesia
“Do you even have money to buy a house?”
“• • •” a forced chuckle.
“Forget it. What marriage when you don’t even have a plan…”
“• • •” awkard tapping on the hand.

Aug 2012,
Seoul, Korea

“Everyone, let’s have a toast to Kwonnie. The first one in our group to get his own house” Changmin stood up and raised his glass.
“Cheers! Cheers! Cheers”

A simple house warming party with all of his close friends to congratulate him on his first house. This was not the first time he bought a house, but it’s the first house for him, himself only.

“Thank you for coming! And for your help moving all the stuff even though I know you’re all very busy” He said, excitedly. He was proud to show them the house he bought. He was called frugal and stingy by his peers, but then, all his effort was paid off.

“Yah! Kwon-ah!” Seulong called out after made a tour around the house “You don’t have a flower-printed bed sheet?” A roar of laughter erupted. Among their friends, everyone knew Kwon’s liking for cute and colourful stuff.

“Ah, that… people do change, you know?” Kwon sheepishly smiled, quickly glanced at the girl who was busy examining his coffee machine.

Most of them complimented the house’s interior. They even promised themselves to come by often to “meet up” to which Kwon protested fervently. Knowing his brothers, especially Seulong, he might get heart attack if he had to clean up the living room mess in his own house like he did back in the dorm. Not that he minds, but…

As the night getting later, people started to leave as most of them had tight schedule. His hyungs volunteered to stay back to help the cleaned up but got chased away as they would just create more chaos instead.

“Finally…” He breathed as he closed the door. His hyungs just left.
“Thankfully we decided to use paper dishes and cups you know?” she picked up a pile to throw into the garbage bag “Look at that Ongie’s cup, did he keep biting the rim or what?” she examine her friend’s left over drinks.
“Let me get another bag, there’re only 10 of us, how did we eat that much?” He went to the kitchen “Thank you for helping with the party, yeobo. And the interior too”
“Hah.. I only helped cos you said you have something to show me” she teased. But in her heart, she’s glad that she had a hand in his house. Her presence, though subtle, can be seen around the arrangement and decoration.
“YAH!!!!” it’s always so easy for her to evoke a reaction out of him.
-30 minutes later-
“Yeobo, come here, I said I have something to show you, right?” he motioned her to the sofa while connecting his laptop to the big screen TV their fans gave him
“What? what?” she came running from the kitchen, excitedly
“Sit down and watch this” He clicked the “Play” button on his laptop screen.
“Eh…..?” She was confused. It was their programs in 2010, the episode where she first showed him her bare face. Why did he want her to watch it?
Only when he rewinded a little that she caught what was being said on TV, by herself
“Do you even have money to buy a house?” Eyes widened. Head turned to look at him.
“I did… so, now what?” A sneaky grin found its way on to his lips. Gone was the shy boy who was nervous at each and every event he did for her. Gone was the dense boy who was clueless until she had to yell it right into his face. He now presented himself to her as a confident and capable man. Or so he thought

“A designer ring like Go So Young-ssi’s ?” She solemnly asked and his jaw dropped at her bluntness.

He’s still her clueless kiddy husband after all. Just how she liked him to be. So, tipping her head to plant a kiss onto the stunned man, she let out a chuckle “Babo. You’re already my yeobo before the house” another peck on his lips “but of course, I won’t refuse a nice ring… kkk”


3 Responses to [Drabble] “Do you even have money to buy a house?” – “I did… so, now what?”

  1. crabbielife says:

    I wrote a one shot about this too =)))) \QUADRUPLETS/

    Shameless gain…always asked for an expensive ring… didn’t she already hv enough from him? tsk u_u =]]

  2. 아샤 u did it the Almighty Panda~~~~ \o/ *deep chisssseu*

    that gangsta girl has no mercy LOL does she really have to wake him up from his \confident and capable man/ dream *oops or delusion is it?? =]]]]* that fast?! =]] pffft no matter how successful and stern and determined he is at work, whenever it comes to her, he will still fo-eh-bah be the babo monkey who can never escape that gumiho’s chain I guess U_U

    but well, kkkk like he said in WGM before ummm he would definitely give her once, it’s within his ability… but that will take at least 10 years of them living together for that day to come =]]]] so that’ll make it… 2020 the earliest then? wow… 34 yo~ gangsta can you wait?? XD *or better threaten him before he has to goes to the army bwahhahaha she may get the ring some time sooner \forever insecure kiddo/* *ebyl smirk*

    thanks again for the drabble~ grateful you didn’t make him stutter that much =]] *tight hugs*
    lob juh♥

    p.s. I really did not turn off the notif but wae there was totally no sound nor push notif when I even got 2 new mails *pouts*

  3. pls tell #GaIneee that just hold on for a moment, I think the designed ring is not so far. Let’s think, 2AM and also Kwon was kinda hiatus in 2011 and just comeback in March 2012, after his solo debut now he’s even capable to move out to live alone. Then compare with the crazy schedule in Japan of 2AM this year, I think the ring will show up very soon, would not take over a year (after his parents’ house) like a house. And after a ring, plz don’t tell me her next condition is “make twins first then we can get married, I’d love to have them to carry my wedding dress’s tail” [2nd thought, I love that idea, little twins trail behind their mom down the aisle LOL]

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