[Drabble] Best of Friends

13 years old
The shy words of greeting marked their first meeting. They quickly became close as they are the only same-age friends in the bunch

14 years old
They became best friends. Sharing everything with each other, especially with their family situations. Being away from home at such a young age, they only have each other to lean on.

16 years old
That night when he called her out to the subway because he got no money to go back. She came. And stayed with him. As her head rested on his shoulder that whole night, his heart skipped a beat.

17 years old
“Chingu-ah, our friendship is very precious to me, let’s always be this way, ok?” with eye-smile and cheerful voice
His heart broke.

19 years old
She debuted. In his sadness of being cast aside, he was happy for her still. That night, just the two best friends, talking away under the cold wind of the late winter. They shared dreams and wishes.

She wished for both of them to be happy with their family and successful.
He wished the same, a little more focus on her happiness.

20 years old
He debuted. After so many years, he finally made it. The first step. As he cried on her shoulder, with her arms around him, no hidden agenda, no jealousy, he knew he was blessed with such a precious friendship, especially in the complicated industry. He knew there will never be anything more between them, for they became family instead. He vowed to be there for her, always.

22 years old
He seemed much happier. It evidenced in his messages and calls to her. There were times he called her only to talk about his ‘exciting schedule’ which, apparently, involved someone else.

And then she met her for the first time outside the official schedule. Later that night, after she “interrogated” him about his happiness, she planted a kiss on his forehead. “Congratulation” she said. And even though he complained that he’s her best friend, not younger brother, she knew that her best friend had finally found his happiness and his feeling for her now was ‘family’ in the purest sense. Her worries were finally over.

23 years old
She told him about her happiness, and her intention to go public. He objected, not her happiness of course, but the idea of baring her private life to all. She knew how hard it was for him to keep his under-wrapped but she had her own reason. He sighed, seemed like he could never win against all the important women of his life.

24 years old
They gathered again for the company concert. Their friends joked that they finally saw the inseparable duo again as they stuck to each other every time they had practice.

They’ve been friends for a major part of their life. Best friends for most of that time. And they won’t exchange anything for that. So as he uploaded their selca in commemorate their friendship anniversary, both quietly wished to have things stay this way for a long long time, maybe their children can be best friends with each other too.

Ok…….this was inspired by the “3-yr-in-a-row-same-day-selca” on 31.7 .. Their anniversary is totally my wild guess. I really like how they have such a great friendship despite the scary show biz environment.

The end was a bit rush, I do feel it’s a bit lacking but I don’t want to take any guess further to their future as I don’t know his bff that much and making up their past is already complicated enough for me kkkk

Hope you can still enjoy the piêc


2 Responses to [Drabble] Best of Friends

  1. monji says:

    Friendzoned since 2001 – forever ^^

    well, I’m curious about that too… something happened on 31.7? kekekekeke

  2. his own experience would help much for that friendzoning theme MV =]]]] maybe not that much because he found his own happiness before her, but well, poor little monkey, for being friendzoned lol

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