[One shot] “Food can cause even loved ones to fight, you know?”

“Omma……..milcheu….milcheu” clear voice calling out for her from the crib
“Wow!! Our Jaesung now know how to ask for his own meal already” she squealed, rushing to the crib and pet his head “omma is so proud. I’ll tell your appa later. Now Jaesungie waits for omma, ok? I’ll get your milk ready”she kissed her angel on the cheek, breathed in his unique baby smell before going to the kitchen to make his milk.

A soft click was heard by the door and Jaesung’s attention turned to that direction. His face lit up at the sight of the newcomer.

Bag was thrown on the sofa, rushing steps to the crib and laughter was heard resounding around the living room

“Appa.. chissseu” Jaesung squealed and pressed his face to his dad’s cheek, making the man’s heart wanted to pop out because of happiness.
“Our cutie Jaesung loves appa the best!!” He cooed the kid with his best attempt for baby-voice.

A smile spread on the woman’s face, listening to her two precious men playing with each other. Moments like this made all their effort and pressure worthwhile, all the secret dating, all the pretence in front of public the previous years, their fans’ pressure, it’s all paid off with the kid’s laughter in the living room everyday, and that warm embrace hugged her tight every night.

Bringing the bottle back to the crib, Gain passed it to Kwon as he carried Jaesung and fed him the milk. Despite being a guy, Kwon was very much interested in taking care of their baby and that helped Gain a lot, especially during those early month where Jaesung would wake up multi-times per night.

“Yeobo, you feed Jaesung, ok? I’ll go reheat the food for lunch” Gain took her eyes of the endearing sight of her husband feeding their son, started walking back to the kitchen. It had become Kwon’s habit to go back home for lunch every day now that they had Jaesung and plus, being in the entertainment industry where they almost had guests to attend every night, lunch became their family meal.

“I wonder what Miryo unnie prepared for tonight’s BBQ, I’m thinking just bring along some wine for the meat, what do you think, yeobo?” Gain said while looking through the food in their fridge.

Suddenly, a soft tug on her arm pulling her up while the fridge door shut close. Startled, Gain looked up to her husband only to see he was smiling. Before she could open her mouth to ask what he was doing, Kwon already leaned down and sealed her lips with a warm kiss, leaving his wife breathless.

“Yeobo, what are you doing?” Gain panted heavily, pulling back briefly from the kiss. Without her noticing, Kwon already lifted her up on their kitchen counter and settled between her legs, with arms embracing her tightly.
“I don’t know, yeobo” Kwon whispered while he kept showering kisses along her neck and jaw “maybe cos you’re wearing my shirt” Gain felt his smile on her neck.
“Yah, you byuntae” she chided, but her hands seemed to have their own mind and they didn’t really support her logic by burying deep into his hair, pulling him close “Jaesung is right there in the living room”
Kwon stopped for a second to turn back and peek at his son. The kid seemed to concentrate on his milk bottle and oblivious of what was going on around him. “He’s happy with his milk, he won’t disturb us. Besides, how can he see us from this angle” He turned back to Gain with a smile and swiftly tugged the shirt over her head and threw it aside.

Passion took them over and lunch was forgotten, until a “thud” was heard from the living room and wailing sound woke them up from their little own world. Kwon took a deep breath and sighed, forehead on her shoulder, he didn’t even get anything done yet. Gain couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle over her husband’s sigh. Her hands in his hair tighten a little pulling him closer
“Our little time is over, I guess” she felt him loosen his hold on her waist.
Another deep breath and she felt he kiss her breast, the spot he was enjoying for one last time. “It’s okay, I’ll.. go to take a shower” He gently kissed her on the lips “You go and see what Jaesung needs”
Gain held on to his arm before he could turn away. Trailing her hand down from his shoulder down to the rim of his pants, she whispered into his ear “Take a cold shower, yeobo. But I’ll promise to make it up for you tonight” A smile and he went to their bathroom to cool down while she put on her bra and shirt and headed to the living room to check on their child.

Later that night, as the family was enjoying the dinner with their friends, Seulong and Jinwoon were playing with Jaesung when Kwon came over, picking his son up “Kiddo, let’s get you to eat some food”. To everyone’s surprise, Jaesung started screaming the moment his dad touched him. For a kid that clung on his father almost all the time, this was quite abnormal for his aunties and uncles to witness. Kwon could only sigh, he didn’t know what got into his kid since the afternoon. He even refused to kiss Kwon goodbye before the father went back to work. Seulong gently took Jaesung from Kwon’s hold and try to calm the kid down
“Jaesungie ~ Jaesungie is a good boy, now don’t cry. Tell uncle, why are you crying, hm?” With a few encourage words from Seulong and Jinwoon, Jaesung finally seemed to let it all out

“Appa…. Omma…. milcheu milcheu…. chissseu”

• • • • • •

A long deafening silence took over the BBQ party as no one knew what to say anymore, that was until Jea, being as straightforward as she was came over to calmly pluck Jaesung out of the stoned Seulong’s arm and as she passed the equally stunned Kwon
“Don’t you have anything better to do, Kwon ah, stealing your kid’s food like that?” A few step away “Food can cause even loved ones to fight, you know?” A pause “Oh, and next time, do it in your bedroom, after his bedtime please! Don’t traumatise my nephew”


A/N: This oneshot was inspired from this picture … During a talk with Rua .. I couldn’t help =]]]]]]

I tried my best to keep it “Un-pw protected”… I hope it is ok~~~~~~


5 Responses to [One shot] “Food can cause even loved ones to fight, you know?”

    • okay, I’m now in my imagination world and see the babo duo teased Kwon til death muahahahaha

      and well… well… my energy is drained after writing, dun know what to say. Very funny story, oppa. But are u sure that shameless hubby wouldn’t whine inside his mind smt like “You steal my beloved treat at the first place, little.”

  1. stegosh says:


  2. finally~~~~~~ *jumps on you* seriously~~ wish to hear shameless’s twins adorably calling their parents like that some time real soon hehehe coz Jaesungie here is uber cute omona~~~~ *0*

    I pity my shameless cpl, really~~~ getting trolled by their own lobly kid =) it was only…. warming up, they barely started anything and Kwon already got accused of stealing milk=]]]]

    thanks for da sweet one-shot oppa *deep chissssseu* =P mianhe for threatening you nonstop since the day before ytd XD
    and also, lazy Cloudy, I’m looking forward to yours too *hugs* =]]]

    btw I’m still curious about the chic gangsta’s reaction as well XD

  3. crabbielife says:

    \chisseu printeu/

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