[One shot] The missing phone

“…Please fasten your seatbelt, we will be landing in Tokyo shortly”

“Yah~ wake up!!”
“YAH!! Jo Balleng, wake up” Sunye poked her best friend hard on the ribs causing the guy jumped on his seat.
“Ah! Why did you have poke me so hard!” Kwon rubbed his eyes tiredly, ever since he started his solo promotion, sleep became a luxury he rarely had time to enjoy.

“We will be landing soon, wipe your face and prepare” she passed him the wet towel. Kwon took the towel from Sunye and wiped his face while yawning. He loved his job and was grateful for the chance to go solo, but sometimes, he just wanted to roll himself in the blanket and sleep, and to wake up to the familiar smell of that kimchi soup.

Closing the van’s door, Kwon opened his bag to get his phone out, only to have his hand touched nothing in the compartment. Sweat started forming on his forehead but thinking that he misplaced the phone somewhere due to his sleepiness, he tried to calm himself and check out everywhere in the bag and yet, nothing to be found. His face got visibly paler and Sunye finally noticed her best friend being panic

“Kwon-ah, what’s wrong?”
“My phone… I think I lost my phone”
“What? How?”
“I don’t know… I remember to put it here before I came to the airport” the panic in his voice was more evident. Being a celebrity, losing his phone can cause so much trouble that he dared not thinking of.
“Calm down. Call your manager to check around the van in Korea” Sunye gave him her phone “I’ll phone Changmin Oppa to let them know so they won’t be panic if they can’t reach you” she then asked to borrow their Japanese manager’s phone to contact the rest of 2AM.
“Thank you, chingu” Kwon took the phone from Sunye. After punching his manager’s number, Kwon suddenly remembered something, he punched in another number. There was no one to pick up his call. Kwon tried 3 times before he gave up and called his manager instead asking him to help looking for the phone in their van back in Korea.
Next to him, Sunye also finished talking with the 2AM members. She sighed
“Yah! Kwon-ah, did you set password for your phone?”
“I did. Luckily, I did” Kwon winced, remembering what kind of pictures and information he had on his phone. It would be very dangerous if the phone got into some bad people that would take advantage should he hadn’t set the password.
“That’s a relief, I guess. At least, they can’t access your data. Seulong oppa and Jinwoonie are whining. You’d better be prepared”
Kwon winced again. He totally forgot how many ridiculous and humiliating pictures he took of his two fellow members. To think that those pictures someday would leak out and got posted online was… unthinkable.

As soon as they stepped into the office, cries were heard from the two giants of the group
“How could you….”
“Hyung! Why did you….”
“Kwon, please tell me that you’re joking” Seulong was shaking his dongsaeng by the shoulder
“Kwonnie hyung, please don’t do this to me” Jinwoon held on to his hand, begging him
Kwon could only sigh, he’s worried about the phone and these two were not making it better
“guys… Guys.. GUYS!!!” and the crying stopped. Kwon took a deep breath “I’m also worried, ok? At least you only have funny pictures and our fans will probably think it adorable anyway. It’s my pictures I’m worried about, ok?”
“Ooohhhh….” the two giants looked at each other. Seulong patted Kwon lightly on the shoulder “uhm.. Don’t worry. I mean, you set the password, right?” Jinwoon also draped his arm over his hyung’s shoulder “Kwonnie hyung, please calm down. I’m sure we will find the phone later”

“Kwon ah” Only now that Changmin, who was witnessing all the craziness just now, spoke up “I called our manager back home, they are checking the van and even in your wardrobe in the office. If there’s anything, they’ll call us” He took out another phone “For the time being, use this phone. It’s not your iPhone but still good enough for your trip this time” He smiled, gestured his dongsaeng to take the phone “I know you need to report back home. Don’t make her worried”
“Hyung, you’re the best!” Kwon took the phone thankfully and started typing 2 messages back home. One to his mom, telling her he arrived safely. One to another, so she would pick up his phone later. After finished sending the messages, he tried to push the worries aside, and went on to his schedule, after all, they had so much to do, so little time to think about something else.

That night, after they finished the filming. Kwon checked his new phone. Reading over his mom’s message telling him to take good care of himself, Kwon smiled. Moving on to the next message, the text was much shorter. It only read “Call me!” and Kwon immediately dial the familiar number
“How could you lose your phone? Didn’t you know how many pictures of us in there? What if somebody got it and post everything online?”
“Yeobo, I’m sorry. But i set the password, people won’t be able access it”
“What if they can crack your password? Kwon-ah, how could you be so absent minded. That’s why, I told you to take time to rest rather than rushing all over the place”
“But yeobo…” Kwon sighed, he started to wonder since when she got his nagging habit “I can only rest the best when I’m with you”
“And then lost your phone?”
“Now, see what would happen when you’re rushing like that? Will you please listen to me and rest more properly? If you keep being like this, I will just be more worried, yeobo”
“Ok, I promise you” Kwon knew, as much as she nagged him, she only had his best interest in mind. She’s willing to reduce their time together if he could save 45 minutes drive to sleep in some more. But, Kwon also knew, only with her by his side, he could rest the best.
“Good, so I’ll have an award for you then” A hint of laughter in her voice. Kwon got excited immediately
“What, yeobo.. If you give me an award every time, I’d gladly listen to you” Kwon mischievously told her “I would love to see you in ….”
“Yah, quit your dirty thought” She yelled into the phone “Or I won’t tell you!”
“Ok ok.. tell me, yeobo! I’ll listen”
“Your phone is with me, yeobo. You forgot on the sofa after you took a nap here this afternoon, I wanted to call Ongseul but I had a recording with unnies until I saw your message”
“REALLY? REALLY????” Kwon shouted out. Nothing could beat the relief and happiness he felt inside now. “THANK YOU YEOBO! I LOVE YOU!”
“Tsk.. just remember, yeobo. Next time you won’t be this lucky, so don’t do this again”
“I understand, yeobo”
“Good, now go sleep, you’ll be home tomorrow, right?”
“Uh huh”
“I’ll cook kimchi soup for you at home then. Good night, yeobo” she softly kissed into the phone “I miss you”
“I miss you too, yeobo” Kwon smiled, she’s always like that, only at the end of their phone calls, she would show him her feeling “I love you”
“Love you too”
“Good night”

Kwon quickly told Seulong and Jinwoon the good news. No need to say, the two giants also shared his happiness for their crazy pictures won’t be leaking now, and needless to say, Kwon took his new phone out as a habit and snapped away their silly moments, again, as a habit.

The next day, in Korea,

“WHAT???? AGAIN?????”
“Hyung, please tell me you also set the password for that phone”
“I….didn’t… sorry, jinwoonie”
“WHAT!!! WHY??????”
“Well, at least, there’re only your crazy pictures, not Gain and my pictures”
Cries and howls were heard in their vans. The two giants kept shaking Kwon, crying until Kwon promised to call their staff in Japan to keep his phone for him. No one noticed Changmin sat quietly in the back of the van, secretly transfer all those silly photos from Kwon’s new phone to his own. He needed something to ward off those two babo giants whenever they disturb him with their whines for food.

A/N: This is what I owed Cloudy. The idea was hers, but she’s too lazy so I took up the prompt and write the piece. Thank you dear dongsaeng!! Now it’s your turn for that interesting idea.. I’ll be waiting.. WHITING~~~~~~~
I was dragging since… Kwon’s trip to Japan with Sunye that time. But today is my Crabbie quad sis’s birthday so I figured I should try to finish up for her birthday too.. So here it is.
Please enjoy!


9 Responses to [One shot] The missing phone

  1. yay left my lubly \footprint/ here

    • well well, you know, my jaw dropped when I saw how \rang lạc/ the babo duo is in this shot *^* ofc, we did go detailed for this shot while chatting but the way you made them \rang lạc/ is just 말도 안돼!!!
      And Kwonnie, lol, I bet that he will only worried for his secret photo with certain someone if he lost his iphone, and I’ll be honest to say that I really really wanna steal his phone for no matter what >”””<
      Just remembered that you skipped the part about the 'missing pics' which we discussed about lol. What happened when Kwon's phone is in gangsta's hand? lol
      btw, thank you for spoiling me lol I'm just too lazy as you said XDDDDDDD

      • iceandfire says:

        Actually that part is only few sentences, but somehow, I didn’t feel like it fitted that well into the story so I didn’t put it there. But since you asked, so here it is~~

        Meanwhile, in an apartment somewhere in Seoul, Kwon’s photos with Raina during his promotion mysteriously disappeared from his phone. Knowing he synchronized his phone everyday to his computer, she just didn’t want he keeping too many photos of other girls in his phone.
        “Tsk.. how come this guy took pictures with so many girls” a certain girl mumbled as she browsed through his photo gallery. “

  2. MieOppa says:

    \pawprint/ AWESOME birthday present from pan pan to crabbie!! kkk… ^^

  3. *clutches tummy* chaotic one-shot~~~~~~ LOL poor the forever-being-trolled giant babo duo hahaha

    is Kwon becoming an old man or what=]]]] missing things everywhere he goes
    tsk tsk *mumbles* can remember Ga-In’s name in 200 languages but not where he’s left his phone ehh?? totally 말도 안돼!!! XDDDD

    ummmm but just…wonder….how much shameless their pictures in his phone are that can make him panic that badly thinking he lost it….. *stares super intensely at the ceiling* =)

    gomawo oppa ❤ *deep kisssseu* *rolls u* Wo Ai Ni XDDDD

    p.s. *fangirling* OhMyGain charming Chang Min oppa my love so coooooool~ r u having a hard time there trying to hate him oppa?? XD

    • iceandfire says:

      how shameless? uhm.. i wouldn’t know cos he didn’t actually lose his phone =]]]]
      Probably some bareface-just-wake-up pictures or sleeping pictures? \foreverinnocent/

  4. crabbielife says:

    I won’t leave only \FOOT PRINT/ comment panda…

    will replace it with:
    (*I read rua’s tweet) =)))))

    see..it’s longer than only foot print already U_U =))))))

    p.s: thanks you so much for the present hehehheeu

    • iceandfire says:

      I won’t write for you again TT^TT *cries in the corner*

      • crabbielife says:

        nyahahhahaa cute panda *pinch your butts* XDD

        will leave real comment this time :p

        if this happens for real..there are two possibilities:
        1. Kwon being careless ==”
        2. Gangsta steals his phone and gives it to reporter herself, for her scandal……that poor midget finally gave up in despair and decided to create a scandal herself U_U =)))

        but seriously.. I really wanna know their selcas there…been a long time since they uploaded their photo together >__________<

        should we steal it? and copy the memory card then return it to them? hehehehheheheu xDD

        hope this won't happen for real though..can't imagine the damage :O

        P,S: I'm sorry for babo duo..but I reaallly can't feel sorry for them if their babo photos got leaked U_U =)))))))
        p.p.s: good luck in hating changmin :p

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