[One shot] Of Beijing and tattoos

“Yeobo! I’m home!” He called out, seeing her shoes at the front door
“I’m here” She replied from the bedroom, busy unpacking her stuff from their trip to China. She only had another 3 hours to rest before going to the company again for final check for their new single.
He walked in the room only to see clothes and accessories scattered on the bed while she’s sorting out everything.
“Wah, yeobo, as I counted, you went for only 2 days, wore 4 outfits excluding the stage outfit. You gotta cut down the wardrobe” He teased “Even I didn’t bring that much”
“Yah, you’re a man, it’s different. I need to bring extra to choose, just in case”
“Well.. yeah” He chuckled, he wanted to say something else but decided to hold it in “Do you have other schedule for today?”
“Yeah, I only have 3 hours to rest before going to the office. It’s our final check before the single release” she stopped her sorting to look up at him “Yeobo, you’d better rest. You’ve have been up for nearly 48 hours already. I left some ham and kimchi soup in the fridge, sleep first and eat later”
He opened his side of the wardrobe to take out some clothes “And thanks to whom I couldn’t sleep last night, I wonder” He let out a laugh “‘JO KWON OPPA~~~~~~~~~~’, what a fangirl”
“YAH!!!!!!!” She tried to kick him “Stop teasing me!”
“Next time, you can only drink when I’m with you, yeobo. You’re too dangerous when drunk” He said with finality. The memories of what happened during the party were sweet but the fear that might happen to someone else if he’s not there chilled his spine to no end. “Yeobo, you take a rest too, leave the clothes, I’ll put it back for you, now go sleep a bit”
“I guess so, I still have slight headache. Damn, Chinese liquor is strong!” She cleared out some stuff on the bed, preparing for her nap
“I know, and that kid Min, I’ll have a talk with her later. She’s not allowed to drink that much too” He started taking off his shirt and turned to go to the bathroom.

Seeing his new tattoo on the back sparked a mischievous thought in her mind. Ever since he got that tattoos, the skin around that area became very sensitive and it’s ticklish. Lots of things had happened and let’s just say, she loves the tattoos now even more than when she first saw it.

Gain crept up behind Kwon, slightly blew on his tattoo making him jump
“Tsk..it’s only you and I in the house, did you think it’s a ghost? Why so scared?” She clutched her stomach laughing hard. He always jumped whenever she did that.
He squinted his eyes at the laughing woman before him. Oh how he wanted to get back at her, only the thought of she needed to go to the office soon stopped him from doing that “Yeobo, you should know by now, it’s not because I’m scared” His voice toned down a bit lower “I’m very sensitive in that area now” He slowly leaned down to her
“Yah yah!!! I have to leave soon, and you need rest too” She took a step back, a bit startled by the look in his eyes
“Then why you started?” He took a step forward. She gulped, putting her hand up to stop him
“Yeo.. yeobo, you’re very tired now, go take a bath first, ok? I’m sorry! kk”
“……” that predator gleam disappeared “Pffts, yeobo, I know.. I just teased you! go rest” but for a second, his eyes darken again “You will just have to pay for it later” With that, he turned away and went to the bathroom, leaving Gain looking shocked for a second before a smile crept up to her face. It’s always fun when she got him around.
“Oh and yeobo” he poked his head out from the bathroom “You gotta thank these tattoos”
“With them, I can go to your house without creating any scandal” He smirked
“You sneaky monkey…”
“People stereotype, yeobo. I’m sure they didn’t even bother to ask me why I got these before making conclusion.” He shrugged “But well, at least there’s extra uses for it, “avoid scandal tattoos” haha” He laughed and closed the door.
“…………….but… I want scandal, yeobo” Gain mumbled and turned back to her bed. Well, maybe it’s their fate to not be able to have any scandal, but as long as he’s with her, she thought she could find another fun way to reveal their relationship later, when the time is right.


A/N: I owed IAM_Cloudy something else, but I couldn’t resist this idea either ….Hope you like it even if it’s super short and quite…. nonsense :P. Please do remember that this is purely my own imagination U_U with extra bits from the public Fan Accounts shared on weibo and translated by some of our friends on Twitter ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


7 Responses to [One shot] Of Beijing and tattoos

    • Read your shot and I think how shameless Kwon is. tsk tsk, go straight to his ‘good friend’s’ house right after his schedule at Inki? Have he took it as his own already? If yes, I think he should save up for milk and diapers for the future twins cauz the Adam can live happily at GaIn’s house lol

      And well, sould I say that I’m little disappointed with Kwon in this, too? If his wife het him hard on, just jump on her and \important part/ please. You’re an ANIMAL, Kwon-ah. No need to hold back. We’re waiting for the TWINS for years already *sobs sobs

      p/s: pay back the thing you own me ppaili, pervy Panda nim

      • iceandfire says:

        you keep asking for \important part/ and yet you accuse me being pervy???? what the…..
        what I owe you, i think i can pay it back soon … with all the endorphin we got over the weekend XDD

        Btw, i think his greeting word “I’m home” should be clear enough U_U ….. kkkkkkkk

        Thkx for the cmt and … good luck with your exam~

      • I think your wordpress hates me *sobs sobs, cauz I made bunch of mistakes whenever I leave a proper comment here. Maybe I’ll leave \footprint/ only from now on, in order to save my repute

  1. MieOppa says:

    \paw-print/ XD

  2. stegosh says:

    \fin-print/ LOLOLOL xD

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