[Drabble] Favourite Dongsaeng

He was her favourite dongsaeng. There’s no doubt about it.
Ever since they knew each other, she liked him. Every outings, she always hoped he would be there. There was never lack of laughter where he presented.

When people gave her the questionnaire for her partner in that special program, she wrote his name down, thinking even if the chance was small, one day with him would be fun. She hated to have to pretend with some random guy.

Teasing him became her hobby. No matter how she made fun of him, he never got mad. Her giant best friend even had to call her out one time, asking her to tone down, fearing his dongsaeng might snap one day and his group members might be the victims.

However, little by little, bit by bit, she didn’t know when it happened but when one day, she sat down and thought about it, she realized she has stopped thinking of him as a kid. Did it happen when he exploded during their Gayo practice? or was it when he squared his shoulder and bear all the fault on Music Core though part of the blame was hers? or when he took care of her and led her so well in Hong Kong? She honestly didn’t know. But, she knew, she enjoy the warmth of his palm on her wrists or elbows leading her to somewhere during the filming, she enjoyed his scent when they stood close to each other and most of all, she enjoyed hearing him called her “yeobo”.

As confused as she was about her own feeling, she was even more confused about his. Was all his care just for the show? or was it real? She was his noona? or friend? or… She knew him well, she knew how much effort he always put in his work to make it best, so she wasn’t sure. And she didn’t have enough reason to ask.

She wasn’t lying when she wrote those words to him “No matter what our relationship will be, let’s always be each other’s strength”. They’ve been through many things together, on and off screen alike. What mattered to her the most was having his support.

So, over a year after they ended the show, waking up in a hotel room, at a foreign country, her mouth unconsciously curved up to a smile when she got his regular greeting message “Noona, good morning. Have a great day. Do well on your schedule, smile to your fans a bit more ;). Take care and don’t drink too much coffee, ok? Fighting! Love <;33”

Yes, “No matter what our relationship will be, let’s always be each other’s strength“. That’s their promise and she will keep it that way. Everything else, let fate does its job.


Well, .. it’s not your normal happy ending. Please don’t throw stone XD


6 Responses to [Drabble] Favourite Dongsaeng

  1. Hey, this drabble is really sweet! I can see this happening in real life, maybe that’s the kind of r/ship they have.. undefined.. 😀 anyway, you did a great job !

  2. “it’s not your normal happy ending. Please don’t throw stone” <—– are u mocking me? *stabs stabs. I do have the same idea with this plot, but dont finish it yet (still dont write it down for exactly) How come I always find it hard to describe gangsta's feelings? LOLOL maybe she's too chic and I can't guess her well

    • iceandfire says:

      that’s why i left it as a ‘confused’ feeling.. don’t you see.. i’m not better than you when it comes to her =]]]]

  3. crabbielife says:

    *throws stone*
    with ur FT skill…writing something like this……………………………… u_u

    • iceandfire says:

      bt it’s not sad ending, right?? what if it’s the pre-BLTN ? XDD i want to leave it undefined it like this …..

  4. Zhao Mute says:

    what is this panda? are you going to write the AC Profile for their wedding day? lol I hope someday they will read all ur ff and say “Is she a Fortune teller?” LOOL

    but .. well plz write smth more.. im scare for the real ending >__<
    I hope they can walk tgt like this till the day come…. then….\\TWINs// *in crabbie style*

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