WFIL: The missing chapter – Notes

Hi all,

As you all can see, there is a new protected post in the blog.

Actually, by all the pw-protected standard entries I’ve read, this is nothing compared to those. It IS slightly rated, but .. it’s way under the level of … Cloudy’s Part 3 =]]] . However, I still put it under Password-protected.

Why? It’s a Birthday Gift to my B-LEADER dongsaeng Rùa \BANZAI/. So, there’s no hint for the pw actually, since that piece is for her, I gave her the password, she can share it with whomever she wants ^^. But please, anyone has the pw.. don’t give to Fany the Sharkey =]]]

Dongsaeng ah, Happy Birthday, it’s early but we need energy to spazz when BEG comes, so I post this first ~~~ Wish you all the best for this birthday and the coming year (BEG is coming for you, it’s THE best already ^^)


7 Responses to WFIL: The missing chapter – Notes

  1. they are really coming, real soon!! i can feel the heat already~~~~ *summer rain outside* XD a too memorable birthday for me to be able to meat up with you all♥ & BEG of courseeeeeee♥

    p.s. for whomever wanting to ask for the pw at the moment: no i can’t give! this is actually about CL special II’s.. or TM’s level.. *flips hair* =]]]]] *panda dun glare, i’m trying to help you to create more and more scandals* XD

  2. Happy B’day Rùa…i heard news Kwon solo coming soon, but i just already knew Gain have comeback solo too from crabbielife…this gonna be awesome..really anticipate, fans gift from adam couple for them Bali wedding anniversary….

  3. shabana says:

    i’m not good the hints but give up the password..can u give me the password??please tq

    • iceandfire says:

      Dear.. there’s no hint. The piece is for Rua’s birthday so I gave her the password. she’s the one who has the rights to share ^^

  4. Rua can you give me the password..please..

  5. secret finder says:

    can i have the password…. ur blog is great.. out of all blogs i’ve read, this is one of the blogs that fitted my standards,, pleassse

    • iceandfire says:

      lol… that one i wrote for my friend’s bday, so i gave her the pw….. you can find her on twter to get it lol… bungeebabyg

      thankx for the compliment bt there r way many more better ff writers i’ve read…

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