[Drabble] I Love You, I Love You (사랑해 사랑해)

They met through a friend. Their personalities clicked so well, they quickly became best friends.

In their line of work, pairing and coupling were inevitable so they made a pact to ALWAYS choose each other should the needs arise. It would be more comfortable for them.

Somewhere along the way, the pact was forgotten, yet the action went on.

She stopped talking to him for a week after he revealed his ideal girl. She was so irritated to no end by his answer.

He scowled and threw tantrum at his dorm making his hyungs were both irritated yet wanted to laugh when the rumor of her and their friend surfaced.

His drama made he even more popular, he seemed to enjoy it well, a bit too well. So when she heard about his hyungs had enough of his childish attitude, she came, dragged him by the ears, talked him to his senses.

Not the first time, but that reminded him of why he needed her by his side. Not anyone else, it must be her.

So right before his group’s album came out, he called her one late night, after her schedule in Japan finished, in the excuse to give her a preview of one of the songs in their album. In his low voice, he sang to her his favourite lines of the song:

“I remember the first time I met you
I thought my heart broke down
My heart that beats as if it’s about to explode, tells me
That you are my love
That I like you, I love you
Even if I practice a hundred times, it doesn’t come out of my mouth

Dear my love, I will tell you now
Please accept my love”

He hoped she would get his secret message but she just kept praising his hyung instead, for writing such a sweet song. Only until before they ended their chat, she shyly asked him to sing to her once again, he realized, of course she would understand him so so well.

He meekly told her he would sing those lines for her whenever and wherever.
“Babo. Sleep well and don’t get sick. You’re gonna be busy” with a light laugh, she hung up the phone.

As he was closing his eyes for the night, he felt like he got all the energy needed to conquer this world.


5 Responses to [Drabble] I Love You, I Love You (사랑해 사랑해)

  1. Cloudy says:

    \footprint/ *waving legs n cuddle under the blanket

    • Jincole FTW, aigoooo, this couple is my 2nd priority after Adam couple. They’re just so cute together and what I fall for this couple most, is that Jinwoonie always says “I’ll call you after recording” whenever he made a phone call with her in the show.
      Aigoooo, how much I want them to break that ‘best-friends’ image and go out as a couple but I’m satisfied if they wanna date secretly, as what his hyung-him is doing LOL

  2. monji says:


  3. Zhao Mute says:

    wow~ panda the last 3 drabble make me wonder who you are… LooL why u can write this kind of ff so well n why u know them so well? LooL I love it even I dun know about other member much. ^^ but In “Spring..” I think ah~ it shld be like this really… cute n sweet. ^^

    keep writhing!! n plz try to finish train me LooL

    • iceandfire says:

      LOL who am I? I’m an AC fan like you XDDD glad you love my drabbles..

      Now… Train Me, I do promise to finish it.. but please understand if it takes longer XDD drabbles are more fun to write

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