[Drabble] Spring – 5 Songs for a New Love

Cold tiles…
Empty house…
He sighed as he turned on the light in the bedroom. It’s already midnight. He preferred the morning, when all the busy works were waiting, leaving him no room for pondering over this loneliness.

The handphone rang, it’s a familiar number, and yet, there had not been one call for years.

“Hello?” Her voice was still the same
“Hello?” He still didn’t believe that she’s calling him, again “…How are you?”
“I’m good” A pause “I just had dinner with the kids”
“Oh?” He didn’t know she still kept in touch with them
“They grew up fine” She chuckled lightly “You raised them well”
“They have the potential” He couldn’t help but be proud.
“They…gave me you album” She hesitated “And that kid, he played it all the way to my place. He made sure I listen to all the songs, twice”
“Ah…” He’s at lost. For once, he didn’t know what to say, the sharp tongued president of a big entertainment. “He did?”
“… Thank you” She whispered. The situation was too abnormal for her to say anything else. “It was a good album. It’ll do well”
“Uhm… I just called to let you know” She didn’t know what else to say when he didn’t reply “Bye”
“Ah…” He managed to catch her before she hung up “I… I meant it. The songs”
“That’s why” There was a hint of a smile in her voice “I said Thank you”
“Is that so?” He chuckled. She’s still the same, understood him so well.
“Yes, uhm… I should go to sleep now, it’s late already. Bye”
“Ah ok, sleep well. Bye”
This time it was her that held him back “Jin young-ah, take care of yourself. Don’t work too hard”
“I will. You take care too” He waited for her to hang up first.

A smile crept up to his face. It was his fault that they were separated. Ambitions and dreams took so much of him, he forgot she’s also a woman, she needed to be loved and her children. It’s a bit too late now. There were times he wished to go back in time, so they could have a kid to two, they might be just as happy as Hyun Suk’s family now. But, releasing all the songs about her in these 3 years was good after all. They might or might not come back together as what they once were, but having her again in his life as a friend was good enough, for now.

Before he drifted to the dream land happily that night, a thought occurred

Should he punish or reward Kwon and Sunye for being so nosy?


4 Responses to [Drabble] Spring – 5 Songs for a New Love

  1. Cloudy says:

    *again, leave my footprint \o/

    • Cloudy says:

      Just dont’t get mad with me, I’ll make a real comment for you when I had enough energy. Right now I only can leave another footprint here *waving legs

    • When I first read, I did thought “when did they got kid?” and think if you mistake somewhere, but the end is just so cute XDDDDDDDD It would be cuter if that lil monkey introduce his wife to his CEO’s wife when his BFF is busy at States XDDDDD

      But nvm, the story is still so calm and cute itself, 1 sentence more or 1 sentence less couldn’t make it more perfect. *thumbs up for this piece, oppa

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