[Drabble] 3 advices he gave to her future husband

As he watched her breathtakingly beautiful walking down the aisle, he remembered.

Years ago, on the 200th day of their fake marriage, they filmed a show together. He was asked to give her future husband 3 pieces of advice:

3. Save a lot of money

The wedding was one of the most exclusive weddings of the year. It’s not extravagant by any means, it’s not her style after all. It’s rather chic and elegant, only a handful of close and well respected guests were invited.

No doubt, it’s a classy wedding matched their status well.

2. To give her an expensive couple ring for sure

He saw her bright smile when the ring was slipped on to her finger, it didn’t carry a super big diamond, still clear cut first-grade ones, of course , but the design and effort put into it had made the value immeasurable.

1. Don’t expect to see her no-makeup face

He chuckled over the memory. She even joked about tattooing the eyeliners permanently. Over the years, she became more and more comfortable with less make up. She got over the insecurities and became more open now. She’s beautiful with or without make up, though, in his eyes. She’s the most beautiful woman, ever.

He used to put it as #1 during the past, and yet it’s the first ‘advice’ to be discarded. In fact, by now, she would love to go out with light make up and stay fresh-face at home and studio most of the time. Ah… that childish, shallow mind of him.

So, instead, as he leaned in to kiss his lovely bride, he revised the 3 ‘advices’ that he would keep in his heart for the rest of his life

3. Make sure, the only tears from her eyes are the happy ones

2. Never letting go of her hand, stay by her side, no matter what, always.

1. Love her with everything he can offer, as the vow he made in front of the Lord, and more importantly, with her.

As he felt her lips on his, he knew, regardless how he put the ‘advices’, his heart and the love for her wouldn’t let him act in any other way. And he’s totally satisfied with that.


3 Responses to [Drabble] 3 advices he gave to her future husband

    • it would be so cute for Kwon if he had this 3 advices himself. First, there’re 2 of 3 are related to material things, as we all know Ga In like a little show-off things LOL. But after, all of 3 is related to his heart [which remains to where she is].

      This piece is oh-so-cute, but also oh-so-sweet, as thoughtful as Kwon really is. And if Ga In say ‘Yes’ for his proposal in the future, I bet that the lil monkey will be like this “Love her with everything he can offer, as the vow he made in front of the Lord, and more importantly, with her”.

      I love your drabble, so plz continue coz I know it doesn’t take you too much time. And I’ll continue leaving my footprint for you \o/

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