[Oneshot] We fell in love

“Noona, thanks god it’s you!”
“Yeah, thanks god it’s you, too. It would be awkward to do this with a guy”

Their first words to each other during the break of their first recording. The moment their companies signed them up for the program, though it’s supposed to be a special episode only, they knew WHY they had to do this. Needless to say, they were more than happy to see each other’s faces.

They were already friends. Among their circle, everyone knew why they were close to each other. And while they were happy to have many understanding friends, there were something they could only share between them both, the two people who on the same boat.

The program gave them more chances to meet up and that was good. So, as the PD offered them to be the permanent couple on the show, both agreed readily, excited that they could meet up more.
The whole nation cheered them on for their chemistry, only them know why they clicked so well.

It was the house-warming party, HER house-warming party. She finally moved out to live on her own; quite a rare situation for a girlgroup this day, but since when that her group was considered “just” a girlgroup? She invited all of her close friends to the party, so naturally she forced him to come and help out. And NATURALLY, his crush came too, after all, they were in the same group of friends.

“Close your mouth, wipe your drool, kiddo” she chided, handing him the chicken soup for him to bring out to the dining table
“Shh.. noona~~~ he might hear us” he hushed and softly kicked her before bringing the soup out.

The party was fun, his brief “Moving song” for her gained lots of laughter that their friends suggested them to bring to the program when they had chance. She seemed to be happy with that suggestion. He’s glad that people enjoyed it too.
Yes, their friends know their “problems” but they didn’t know “who”, and that, was something the two of them only shared with each other as they understood that the other would never betray.

He became her frequent visitor. Both groups were used to the fact that, he would stay over at her place. There were times he came to let out his frustrations, over work or some mean comments from people. As she held him close, letting his tears wet her shoulder, comforted him with her soft words, for him and for herself “It’s nothing wrong being like this. We didn’t choose who we love”.

Or, there were times, he came running just to take the bottle of alcohol out of her hand, fearing she would do something stupid, and let her rant while sobbing on his chest about the discrimination or the corrupted industry; he could only cry with her, tighten his hold and gently tell her “At least, our bosses and members are brave enough to protect us from those…monsters”. Yeah, those disgusting sharks thought people like them were easy targets, and not all companies could stand up for their employees. There were reasons why they were never that big.

But then, there were also times, he came just to be with his good friend, as he called her. They figured that they could talk for hours, about anything, share and bicker until both were tired and fell as sleep on her bed. He stayed over too often that half of her wardrobe was his, and when her mom came and got shocked as to why there were so many men clothes in her house, she just said she preferred to wear them since it’s more comfortable. It wasn’t a lie, as small frame and feminine as he was, his clothes still had that manly touch and they were still a tad big, enough for her to be so comfy wearing them and he himself said she looked good in them too.

“Are you sure you’re ok with that, noona? If you’re not comfortable, we don’t need to do” He lied on her bed hugging the pillow facing her, asking about the event they planned for the show. A new level of skinship during their up coming Hong Kong trip.
“She doesn’t give a damn about what I do, no matter what I did to show her” she sighed, lying on her back looking at her ceiling
“Don’t tell me you’re trying to provoke her jealousy!” He turned to lie on his stomach, trying to search for her eyes.
“How about you? Are you ok with the plan?” she turned her head to look at him.
“It’s ok, noona” He smiled, turned to lie on his back, avoided her eyes.

For some reasons, he … lost interest in his crush. Maybe because he saw how his crush was so happy with his secret girlfriend, that he knew for sure, there’s no way the other man would look his way. Oh, he moped, at her house of course, and she took care of him till he got better. And somewhere along the way, between their friendship and his gratefulness to her, he fell again. He laughed at himself. That this was just a rebound feeling. That, again, this was futile for she would never look his way, just like the other man. But unlike the silent love he bore before, he couldn’t just run off somewhere, instead, he found himself coming back to her more and more. He told himself, since this was just rebound, it would go away soon enough, that one day, he would find another person to love for real. And yet, as he held her hands or hugged her during the recording sessions, or as he patted her back till she fell as slept at night, he found that the feeling was growing stronger instead; and he didn’t make any effort to get rid of it either. But then again, unlike the crush he had before, he couldn’t risk to lose her and her friendship, thus the decision to be by her side, and help her as much as he could. And so, he agreed to her plan, even if it killed him inside.

She looked at her friend, the dear friend who has been with her for so long now. She remembered how broken-hearted he was when he caught his crush kissing the secret girlfriend. Seeing him hurting so bad had hurt her too. She knew, even when he said he’s ok, the scar in his heart would take long to heal and yet, he would go along with whatever she planned. So, she made a promised with herself, that she would do anything, within her power, to make this pure, loving boy happy. She would make sure of that. Scooting over to drape her hand over his torso, hugging him, she hoped her embrace would warm his heart somehow before someone else comes and gives him his happiness. As his hand came up instinctively holding her in place, both of them discuss some more before falling as sleep in each other’s arms. After all, beside the endless chatting habit they discovered, they also figured out that they slept best when they have each other around.

“YAH~ you kid… you really don’t have any guts, do you?” Gain jokingly kicked her ‘kid husband’ when they were getting to their seats on the plane. Apparently, their kissing plan in Hong Kong failed, just like the MV prank kiss. Kwon held back at the last minute. Their plan to kiss in the parade failed despite many attempts created by the Noridan members. The couple could only apologized to everyone for not be able to carry out the “highlight”
“Aish, noona, must you keep talking about that?” Kwon scowled. Of course he couldn’t carry out the “mission”. Damn, every time he leaned in, his heart wanted to burst. Unfortunately, the girl in question didn’t know a thing, and she kept teasing him, until he promised to make up for it, that he would have something else that would be even more shocking.

The trip back home was quiet, as both of them were quite tired from being filmed the whole trip. So, as soon as the PD signaled that there wouldn’t be any more filming on the plane, they were happily asked for two blankets and dozed off as soon as the plane took off. Halfway through the journey, Kwon woke up. He looked around only to find the light in the cabin dimmed to let the passengers rest better and the program crew was sleeping also. Turned to his side, Kwon found a small head leaned on his shoulder, the blanket dropped off her shoulder. Kwon smiled then reached over to pull the blanket up for her. As he was fixing her blanket, Kwon couldn’t help but notice her slightly parted lips and the sight has taken his breath away. Gulping slowly, Kwon leaned down, softly pressed his lips to hers for a brief second. Only when he came up and was sure that she was still sleeping, Kwon dared to let out the breath he was holding. “Sorry, Gain noona, but at least, for this once.. I’m not gonna regret” he thought as he slowly slipping back to his dream.

• • •

After that trip, both were busy, she got another oversea schedule while he was preparing for his follow-up promotion, they could only meet up once in a while and communicated mostly on phone. Today was one of the rare day he didn’t have any late schedule, Kwon was eager to meet up with her since it’s quite sometimes since he last stopped by her place, and plus, he got another plan for their program he wanted to share with her.

‘Noona~ are you home? I’m coming over’ Gain received his text message when she was cooking dinner, SHE was coming. In a hurry, Gain just text back a short message to her close friend ‘Don’t~ she’s coming’

Getting the message from her, Kwon felt like someone just punched him hard in the chest, and he thought seeing his crush kissing was hurt. This was even more. Clutching the small box in his hand, Kwon turned around from the elevator in her parking lot, went back to the car and drove back. He knew that he promised himself to help her, and that he should be happy for her chance, but why it hurt so much? It was then Kwon decided, maybe he should try to stop this “rebound” feeling as soon as possible. He took the phone out, sent a cheerful message to her, masking his pain ‘Aigoo, How lucky! It’s a good thing I decided to text you first instead of just barging in.. Kk noona, good luck, and maybe I should always ask you before coming again ;)’. “Looks like this time, I have to heal myself” Putting down his phone, Kwon stepped on the gas pedal and steer the wheel to the high way.

Dinner was good, it was supposed to have all the BEG members together with them, but then the unnies couldn’t stop by, Miryo came but she had to leave early too, that left two of them to have dinner together. Food was good, talks were fun, there were even promises to come back for more. Gain was happy, everything was going so well for her lately. She cleaned up then headed back to sleep, forgot to reply a message from the early evening.

• • •

For the fist few weeks, every time Gain asked Kwon why he wasn’t coming over as before, he just grinned and said that thanks to their program, now his schedule was over packed, plus, he nudged her shoulder, ‘what if I interrupt you?’ leaving her blushing hard while kicking him, denying that there was anything going on. Gain thought there was nothing wrong, especially when Kwon gave her their couple rings for the program. She nagged, saying that he should save up the money to pay his debt for the company, the rings could be from sponsor. Kwon just shook his head, telling her that those were his friendship rings to her, that he wanted to show his gratitude to her for always being such a good friend to him.

That was until after his radio message to her, there was an incident, leaving them to stop recording for 3 weeks, that were 3 whole weeks she wasn’t able to talk to him beside the normal SMS checking if she ate well, slept well. It was the first time Kwon stopped contacting her for such a long time; before, no matter how busy he was, he would come to her place at least once a week, just to eat her food or to talk about whatever happened during the time they didn’t see each other. Gain decided it was time for her to find out whatever happened to the sweet friend of her, beside, there was something else she wanted to share with him.

Stepping inside his dorm, Kwon yawned as he came back from the overnight filming for a program. He wanted nothing more pass out in his cool bed. However, the sight of her sitting on his bed, glaring straight at him sent the yawn back down his throat, his eyes widened.

“Noona? what are you doing here, at this hour no less?” he glanced at his watch, it’s only half past 4.
“You dared to ask me? Kwonnie, what happened? Are you avoiding me for some reasons?” Gain was never a ‘beating around the bush’ person
“Avoiding you? Where did you get that ridiculous idea?” Kwon put down this bag, hanged his jacket up. “More importantly, why are you here now, do you even think of what will happen if you’re caught being in my dorm at this hour, or last night, or early in the morning?” He tried to keep his voice normal. Worrying about her was one thing, but her sight sitting on his bed like that, made it hard for him to control himself to not pulled her in a tight hug. His tactic of “Out of sight, out of mind” seemed to have the opposite effect on his heart. Drowning himself in numerous project didn’t seem to help either. He needed to find some other way then. “I don’t avoid you, noona. But you see, I come home at this hour, how can I call you up or coming over, wouldn’t it be … disturbing?” He took out his PJ. “And who let you stay like this? so irresponsible!”
“You’re not filming like this everyday. Ongie told me already. He let me in, well.. I barged in and refused to leave till I can talk to you” Gain was a bit un-nerved by the calm tone Kwon talked to her, was this the Director Jo Ongie seemed so afraid of?
“Tsk. I will talk to him later. Noona, either way, you can’t leave now” He took out another PJ top and gave to her “Change while I take a shower, we will talk later” He took his clothes and left without waiting for her reply.

Coming back from the shower, Kwon’s hesitated in front of his door, part of him wanted to stay at the sofa, but he knew, she would hunt him down until she could talk to him. Softly knocked to get her confirmation before opening the door, Kwon heaved a sigh and stepped in. It was another wrong move of him, with the first was giving his shirt for her to change; Kwon, eversince he found that his preference included the same gender and had a crush on one, never thought he could think of any girl as ‘nosebleeding sexy’, well, he was definitely wrong. It took all of him to mask his emotion and sit on his desk chair, facing her “So, noona, what is it that you want to talk about so bad that you had to come here like this?”
“Something’s wrong, Kwon. You never disconnect with me for so long. Is there something wrong? I’m worried, you know” Gain reached for his hand.
Kwon sighed and patted her hand “Nothing’s wrong, noona. I just think for you. Think about it, things seem going well for you .. and her” he added after a brief pause “What if I come by, and you know us already, we talk and sleep on the same bed, it wouldn’t do you any good”
“But that’s no excuse for you to not coming by just for a meal?” Gain pressed.
“Noona, I’m honest about filming late. Ok, SeulOng hyung’s right, I’m not filming like this everyday, but 3 times a week can really drain me” He looked at her “I miss you, and your food too. I’m just waiting for the next schedule we film together, then I can ask for your food and meet you, before you.. came here like this”
“Really? we will resume next week I heard” she was visibly happier. She missed him too. And though she still felt he was hiding something, she discarded it for now, planning for another interrogating session later when they have a whole day filming together.
“Yes, I checked the schedule too” He smiled. Maybe, just for tonight, he can indulge himself in her presence. His heart’s been missing her for so long. “Now, tell me, there’s something else you’re itching to talk about, I know it”
“Yah~~ are you going to sit there all night, come in. I’ll tell you” Gain moved back toward the wall, patted the space next to her, telling him to come to the bed
‘Noona, you’re not making things easy for me, are you’ Kwon silently thought as he moved to the bed. There’s no way he could escape now, or she would definitely suspect. “Now, talk.”
Snugging close to him, hiding her face, she mumbled “we kissed”. Kwon turned rigid, this news hit him hard. He turned to her, looked at her face “wah.. what?”
“We did.. well, we were both a bit tipsy when it happened” Gain blushed, but then she frowned as if she remembered something else “but it felt… weird”
“Weird? don’t you mean like firework booming or something of that sort?” Kwon teased though he just wanted to cry.
“No, it was actually…flat” Gain sat up and looked down to Kwon “And well, we tried to went out for few more dates, but Kwonnie, the feeling wasn’t right. It’s nothing like I thought it would be. I… wasn’t happy. So we called it off”
“Now it’s weird… aren’t you crushing on her so hard before, why?”
“I don’t know” she lied back down “maybe it’s too long that she’s like something I always wanted so much that I only think that I want her but the feeling that made me want her is no longer there” she sighed “Am I a bad girl? I want something but when I finally got it, I just stop liking it like that?”
“Noona” He pulled her closer to him “Feeling is something you can’t really control. Maybe it was because she’s not the right one for you. At least, you took the chance to find out, not forever living with the ‘what if’, it’s good enough, noona” He closed his eyes “There will be someone in the future, making you wanting to be with them every hour, every minute of the day and even when you get them, the desire for them only grow. And they would return your feeling. That person would be the right one for you”
“Since when did you grow so much, Kwonnie?” Gain looked up at him
“Since I need to be mature for this chic-but-actually-clueless good friend of mine” He chuckled, earning a slight slap from her before tugging her closer “Now, please sleep, noona, I only have 4 hours left to rest before running off again” With that he closed the talk and in no time, Gain also followed his suit and slept. It was her best sleep for weeks.

“WHAT????” Both were aghast at the photographer’s suggestion
“Yeah, 1 second before the kiss” the chemistry between the two led the photographer wanting to tease them. They were so adorable, no wonder why the whole nation seemed to love them

Gain kept laughing every time Kwon leaned in, making the latter frustrated and demanded that she went ahead and led instead. A mischievous thought struck Gain, she would have another thing to tease Kwon with later. Holding his bow tie, Gain leaned in as the camera kept clicking. A kiss, no doubt would send the whole nation crazy as people have been talking and waiting since their MV episode. Kwon’s funny face, Gain’s shouting contributed even more to the cuteness and bashfulness of the set. The PD was really satisfied with the result and the rest of the filming went very well.

However, as soon as they both touched down to Korea, Kwon couldn’t help but notice a change in Gain’s expression. It was colder, much colder. She didn’t even turn back to wave him goodbye before leaving to her car. But, as she disappeared after the sliding door, Kwon’s phone vibrated, signaling an incoming message ‘my house. tonight. we need to talk’ Kwon was confused. What did he do?

That night, as he punching the key code of her apartment, he was still thinking hard about what he could have done that made her mad, and he found none. Greeting him was a serious looking Gain sitting on the sofa
“Kwonnie, come here”
He sat in front of her
“Be honest with me, can you do that?” she sounded so calm, he was afraid
“Of course, noona”
“Was that kiss, our first?” Gain dropped the bomb
“Of… of course it is, what are you talking about?” He was confused, until another scene came back to his mind. His palms started to sweat
“Are you sure?” Gain stared harder
“Y…y…yes… I’m sure” he stuttered. Damn why suddenly she asked him that. And while Kwon was still trying to avoid her glaring eyes, Gain suddenly grabbed his neck, reached up and pressed her lips to his once again. It wasn’t until Kwon lost control of himself and began to move his lips, Gain pulled back
“No, it’s not” she didn’t ask him anymore, she confirmed it “Why did you lie? And why did you kiss me that time?”
“I… I… I’m sorry, noona” Kwon bowed his head
“I want explanation, not apology, Kwon ah” she folded her arms chicly, though if Kwon was calm enough to look, he would have seen a faint blush on her cheeks.
“I…” Kwon closed his eyes and sighed. His luck was up. Bye bye the friendship he treasured so much “I love you, noona. I won’t lie anymore” he opened his eyes to look at her, sincerely “I thought it was just a rebound feeling when I was heart-broken, but no, it was growing stronger by day” He reached out to her hands, strangely, she didn’t reject him “But please, even if you don’t love me, being friend with you, being next to you is enough, don’t leave me. At the very least, let me have your friendship”
“Babo” she closed her eyes, when she opened her eyes, there was a few tears impending “It’s all your fault”
“Huh?” now Kwon was confused
“Because of you, I felt the kiss with her so flat. That time when you kissed me, I thought I was dreaming, that a kiss of love should be so sweet like that. I was so disappointed when I kissed her. None of that sweetness can be found. I didn’t realize until I felt your lips in Bali that it was you.”
“uh…. I’m sorry?” Kwon didn’t know what to say in this situation, she’s blaming him like this.
“You BABO!! NOW HOW CAN I LOVE ANYONE ELSE? when I can only feel that with you!” she glared at him “No wonder, I could only sleep so well when you’re next to me or just your presence can calm me and being with you makes me so happy” his clueless face made her wanted to laugh.
It took him a few minutes before realizing what she actually meant and when he finally did, the first thing he did was cupping her cheeks and gave her a sound kiss on the lips “Then I would gladly be responsible for the rest of my life, yeobo” before he pulled her back in for another kiss “This is addicting” he murmured and she couldn’t help but chuckled along with him.

One bickering and two rounds of love later, both were tired but happy in each other arms, Gain remembered something else “Now tell me truthfully, you were avoiding me for the whole month, weren’t you?” she pushed up a little to look at his face
“Yeobo, you coldly cut me off just because she came for dinner. Imagine how hurt it was” He whined “You didn’t even reply my message afterward. I really thought of getting away from you so my feelings would fade before being your friend again”
“Tsk.. you over sensitive kid. Your best friend was in love, you should be more understanding” she huffed
“But I’m glad, if it’s not for that, I wouldn’t be sure of my feeling, and you wouldn’t realize how deep I have migrated to your life” He hugged her tight “It’s worth the pain, yeobo”
“I’m still mad” she fake-frowned “you must pay for that”
“I’m giving you my whole life now, is it not enough?” He was enjoying this childish side of her
“That, and another ring, to prove that you belong to me, not this friendship ring” she flashed their couple ring for the show “with tiny diamond that’s so hard to see”
“You greedy woman, you just want another ring” He laughed, turned to hover on top of her “Your wish is my command” He grinned “But first, let me give you something else” he leaned in, stopped before he got to her lips and whispered “my love”
Gain chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down faster “well, this worths more than the diamond ring”.



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  1. Cloudy says:

    Leave my footprint here cauz I’m the first \o/

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    • Hehehe, I’m here again to leave my comment.

      I should say that I really envy you and Ren cauz you guys seem to be master at describing the thought/emotion, which I’m lack of. And I love the way the story flows, too.

      And this part

      ‘Noona~ are you home? I’m coming over’ Gain received his text message when she was cooking dinner, SHE was coming. In a hurry, Gain just text back a short message to her close friend ‘Don’t~ she’s coming’

      it’s really hurt as if I can feel Kwon’s broken heart as well.

      But well, serves him right, for being so clueless about his own feelings for such a long time.

      And this

      It was a long time, after hurried actions to fulfill their new-found feelings and desires, both were tired but happy in each other arms, Gain remembered something else “Now tell me truthfully, you were avoiding me for the whole month, didn’t you?” she pushed up a little to look at his face

      Makes me wanna stab you cauz of skipping ‘that important part’. But well, I let you alive for other ff coming up next *buahahahahaha

      As the same as last time, I need your HINTS, you know

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        Aigoo…. why you can’t accept that i’m very innocent .. i can’t write that important part XDD

        About the HINT.. i know.. I should get going.. but you knew what occupied my mind >.< … that drabble and this oneshot @.@

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    We (duo babo) fell in love~~ :]]]

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    panda asked me to comment….and i rarely comment on ff >__>

    yeah those duo babos…

    the babo girl kissed babo boy (1sec before kiss in bali)
    to test-eu…whose lips give her sweetness feel.. kk~

    and i like this –>
    “I’m still mad” she fake-frowned “you must pay for that”
    “I’m giving you my whole life now, is it not enough?” He was enjoying this childish side of her.

    yea he should jst giving his whole life to gumiho…. *o*

  4. stegosh says:

    *____* super sweet and safe fanfic from mi panda omma<3333
    lol they're the babo duo in this fanfic xD
    write more omma *v* "this is addicting" -kwon-

    • iceandfire says:

      if i ever ever write any Pw-protected chapter.. i’ll make sure u can’t read \BANZAI/ =]]]

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    Unnniieeee.. I ♥ this storyyy.. Please write more..lol
    This lil boy really cute and that gangsta.. How can she remember so cleary about the taste of his lips if she unconciously fall in love with him too.. Heheheh… Write more.. I’ll wat 🙂

    • iceandfire says:

      thing is.. she thought she was dreaming.. so she kept looking for that feeling again 😀 and why she can remember..? cos it was real, not a dream 😀

  6. awwwwwwwww~ i love this story!! NICE SHOT!!

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    I love it. It’s really cute ff. Crazy couple but super lovely. More ff. would be great. 🙂

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    *see.panda.I left comment already* :p

  9. Zhao Mute says:

    Like everytime when i read your ff my heart so warm and my face was like ^______________^ You did the great job again ^^

    For me this one shot make me feel a bit different from your ff before. I think bcuz you make me feel all their emotions by each character witch I love it so much. This long one shot is Hight Dept and a lot of detail to explain their r/s.

    I feel really hurt when i read sms text : ‘Don’t~ she’s coming’ Im feel sorry to both of them. One got hurt by the girl he love and One hurting the boy that love her and still don’t know what happened.

    And again ‘Snugging close to him, hiding her face, she mumbled “we kissed”’ -*- I cant describe my thought .. babo couple

    The story flow very well. I think you are the best to pick a little thing from our beloved cpl to make them real even if on ff. I mean when we read the ff we all know its making right? but not your ff. You always pick something from AC and put in your ff with you analysis (ofc u&ur group analysis ^^) and describe it by your good talent of author. So I feel ‘Real’ and understand them everytime I read you ff.

    Hope you can understand ^^

    guess who? :p

    • iceandfire says:

      Thank you~~~~

      you complimented me … too much i think XD .. yes , I owed a lot to my group of SUPER EVIL QUAD SIS (WHO KEEP ASKING FOR THAT IMPORTANT PART I SKIPPED NOW YOU JOINED THEM TOO) for all the analysis which I was able to use in my ff…

      Glad that you like it a lot … Now, let’s hope there will be some more news so I can … put it in my ff later kkkk

      btw.. your nick… it’s obvious =]] my psychic reader who appear everytime I’m about to post an update =]]]

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        Lol i forgot that i login by my fb lol

        This is from my real feeling its not too much for u ^^ dun worry i will kill u if u dare to give them a big storm in ur ff :p lol

        Fighting~ *coppy crabbie* \PW PROTECTED/

  10. hihihi hihihihi mianhe for the late comment ^^ but you know what I was busy doing right 😛 *kisseu*

    it’s cuteeeeee~~~ still so cute *0* lil monkey had to suffer much but not emo to the extent of making my heart twitch like in those real angst fics yet hehe
    guess you are still too soft-hearted when it comes to this ‘adorable’ couple -“_”-

    yes, because they’re forever ‘adorable’ so a half-teasing half-…rated ending like that is enuff=]] at least it’s….far down below their necks already *stares hard at the ceilings* XD

    well, but, I wonder when he had a hard time controlling himself whenever he got near her, whythehell he still gave her only his PJ top LOLOL when there were only two ‘good friends’ left inside his dorm room, on the bed….. tsk tsk wanna play with fire or what :-j

    ………“You BABO!! NOW HOW CAN I LOVE ANYONE ELSE? when I can only feel that with you!” she glared at him “No wonder, I could only sleep so well when you’re next to me or just your presence can calm me and being with you makes me so happy” his clueless face made her wanted to laugh.
    It took him a few minutes before realizing what she actually meant……..


    and this is why I said that monkey is forever dense regardles of the situation:]]] isn’t he supposed to be all cool here? XD chet.. wasn’t her ‘gangsta’ confession already so clear :”>

    anyway, thanks for the lobly one-shot Panda~~♥ if u can grab enough confidence before May 26th then write the important part CrabBBB is craving for as my bday gift, then we can print it & give it to gangsta so the two goooood friends will have more things to do back there in Korea, after they finish giving *dressing each other with* sweaters from Vietnamese fans=]]]]]]

    hwaiting \o/ I lob juh \o/


    • iceandfire says:

      LOL thanks for the cmt .. dongsaeng.. always love your cmt *kisseu*.

      Abt that monkey giving her the PJ top.. cos it’s big, his pants can’t fit her? =]] and do rmb that they were used to sleeping beside each other, and he didn’t want her to suspect…. that’s why….

      No .. i don’t think i have enough confidence @.@ this is really draining =]]]]

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    Waaa this was so fun to read \《^0^》/
    I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time i was reading this ff and chanting silently how babo these couple can get xD
    I love how she can tell if kwon was lying or not by kissing him ahsjdjsgajsjdk /flips tables

    It’s such a shame tht i am 2 years late for this adorable one shot w/c is prettymuch my most fav one shot so far ^*^

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