[Oneshot] Idle-Uncle is NOT an easy job U_U

Im Seul Ong, age 25, or 26 in Korean Age System, a member of a ballad-idol group in Korea named 2AM. His group-mates (and somehow his fans too) emphasized very well that his image was an idle-uncle (or jobless uncle, they said). Seul Ong disagreed, he saw himself as an observant person and to observe, you have to sit and look around, right? RIGHT? RIGHT? Ok, whatever, as observant as he was, Seul Ong noticed that half of his team mates were not in the good mood now; one kept sitting sullenly and playing with his phone nonstop, lips pouted, the other one kept pacing back and forth, scowl on his face, phone glued to ears waiting for answer on the other hands. And, as observant as he was, Seul Ong was getting dizzy watching the phone twirled in Kwon’s hand and Jinwoon’s pacing.

“STOP IT WILL YOU!!?” Seul Ong couldn’t help it anymore and shouted, effectively stopped the two anxious guys as all eyes now were on him.

Seul Ong pointed to Kwon, his leader, but now he only saw him as a dongsaeng “You’d better stop upsetting over that stupid answer you gave MBC yesterday and concentrate on recovering your voice, it’s your most precious asset and you have to take care of it, not abusing it” He said in his most serious voice. Kwon has been sick for a few days now, eversince he came back from Japan on Wednesday but still no sight of recovering that it started to worry Seul Ong and the rest of the team. Also, there was a problem with his answer on a show about his first kiss Kwon wasn’t comfortable with and they predicted that would stir up quite a reaction from his fans, most of it wouldn’t be positive. On this, Seul Ong didn’t know what they were thinking, they meant Kwon’s ‘first kiss’, her management and his own management. They asked Kwon to lie and said his first kiss was in the sitcom. He remembered Kwon got mad at his ‘first kiss’ when she came by to cook him some soup and food, yelling “I DON’T LIKE LYING” but his “first kiss” had managed to calm him down and persuaded him to follow the managements’ instruction “yeobo, I don’t like it anymore than you do, but if you’re being too honest, it will only cause troubles now. We can be honest later, when the timing is right, ok? Plus, even if you use the on-screen one you had with me to answer, it’s still a lie, right?” she winked and he blushed. Seul Ong was always awed at how his midget of a best friend, aka Kwon’s “first kiss”, dealt with that kid, just a peck on the cheek and some whispering, Kwon followed her words as a puppies. As being mentioned before, Seul Ong prided himself as being very observant so he caught her whisper to Kwon that sounded so much like “I’ll make it up for you later, now be a good boy and take care of your health” and his leader was grinning like a fool. Seul Ong couldn’t help but feeling like slapping his palm on the forehead. How could he stand watching them for over a year before was beyond him now, they were totally cheesy that he just want to puke whenever they got lovely dovey. But, he could also not be able to pass up a chance to tease when he walked his best friend down the parking lot for Kwon “Yah, midget, you’d better make it up for him well…very weeelllllll” and earned a kick in his shin. Seul Ong loved them very much, that’s why he’s so mad when Kwon set off his priority wrong and was anxious for the wrong reason.

Seeing his hyung going all serious on him for the very first time shocked Kwon, and that knocked him out of the daze. Being a professional idol and a good dongsaeng, Kwon knew that was a warning bell, so he bowed and said sorry to his team, after that his face expression, though still forced, was visibly less upsetting, tired and serious maybe, but no more pouting.

Then, Seul Ong turned to the maknae, who was shocked by his shout and stopped pacing now, just stood there and looked at him with wide eyes, walked up to Jinwoon and plucked the handphone out of his hand “And you, stopped calling Nicole, she went to Japan to prepare for her concert, don’t disturb her. This is our last goodbye stage, don’t lose your focus” He knew, if there’s any reason why Jinwoon loved going to Inkigayo during this comeback, it was because that smiling girl that the kid still insisted that he only liked her as a friend, not love. But, again, Seul Ong, being so observant, noticed the different smile whenever Jinwoon got her calls, or messages; how Jinwoon always looked for a gift for her, no matter how small when they went for oversea schedules; or the scowl whenever he saw her pic with other 91-liners without him. Seul Ong also knew, Jinwoon has been looking forward to meet her for his last stage today to spend more time before both were hauled into another tightly packed schedule. It’s not like the other party didn’t response to Jinwoon either, Seul Ong knew about those late night calls, the caring messages telling his maknae to take care of himself better, and why they were still calling each other best friends is another mystery to him.

Seul Ong knew, and understood but Jinwoon’s anxiety coupled with Kwon’s pouting pushed himself to the limit and he needed to get things straight for his dongsaengs.

After they finished their schedule and they were preparing to head to Japan, Seul Ong saw Jinwoon was happier packing, and seemed like he promised someone who’s also in Japan now to go out for Ramen later while Kwon was softly talking on the phone, promising to take the medicine on times and try his best to not overwork, Seul Ong felt happy for his dongsaengs. See, being observant was hard.. Stopped with that idle-uncle image please… please ???

As Seul Ong closed his eyes for that night, he suddenly remembered that his Changmin hyung seemed to ‘upgrade’ him to an ‘idle-grandpa’ .. Hm.. perhaps next time, he should tell a story a bout his monk of a hyung, and idol-who-insists-to-sleep-before-midnight-and-rarely-go-out. His fans would love that … Changmin hyung, you just wait.



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