[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 4

Saturday came, the doorbell rang when Gain was helping her mom preparing breakfast so they kicked Seulong to go open the door. As he came back, Gain saw that there was someone else with her brother, a very handsome man with a bright smile. It took her a little bit of times before remembering that’s her brother’s best friend that used to stop by their house now and then. It was the first time Gain saw such a handsome man that her heart couldn’t help but flutter and her cheeks blushed involuntarily. Khun noticed her blush and he smiled gently at her before turned to greet her mother and say sorry for coming so early in the morning. Being fond of Khun since the times he used to come over, Gain’s mother invited him to stay over and catch up with Seulong to which her son scoffed and mumbling that it was not HIM that Khun wanted to see and get a kick from his best friend under the table.

The day passed with fun and laughter filled their house. Khun was obviously smitten with the witty pretty little sister of Seulong while Gain also had a very good impression of the gentlemanly guest. She commented, many times, how nice Khun was toward women as oppose to her brother who only seemed to bully her all the time. Seulong noted how Khun always stayed close to Gain and be very attentive to her while Gain was being all nice and lady-like. He loves to see that lovely gentle smiles from his sister that a thought crossed his mind that maybe, just maybe, Khun is good for Gain. However, Seulong couldn’t help but feel there’s something amiss too; but he just pushed that out of his mind for now, seeing his sister acting all lady-like and nice was cute and fun.

But it’s not only Gain who had a good day, Kwon did too. After successfully asking Minkyung out for a dinner on Saturday, which he noted to be quite easy unlike what he feared before, Kwon took Minkyung to the restaurant Gain approved during one of their “dates” before and had a fun time talking and getting to know the girl more. Minkyung was impressed with his good choice of the restaurant, she also found that he seemed to be more relax and open to her now, he no longer kept asking about her but he shared his stories too. The guy she knew in office was a fun and nice but a little shy  guy while the Kwon in front of her now had another side of him, a very romantic guy. When he shared with Minkyung about his photography hobby, Kwon was happy that there’s another person beside Gain interested in his choice of using film camera during this digital-age. As they talked more, Kwon shared about his photo trips that he took before. Minkyung was so enchanted with his stories that she even asked him if she could join his trips sometimes and to her surprised, Kwon offered her to join him tomorrow as he already planned to go. Minkyung was happy to say yes and Kwon was so elated with this “success” that he couldn’t wait to go and brag with his best friend. As Kwon dropped Minkyung at her house after dinner, he promised to call and let her know the time he would come to pick her up.

After saying goodbye to Minkyung, Kwon drove straight to Gain’s house, which she was sharing with Jea. Seeing her car parked in front of the garage, he excitedly rang the bell to tell her the good news. However, it was Jea opened the door for him and told him that Gain wasn’t home. Confusedly pointed at her car, Kwon asked where was she instead

“Seulong oppa came to pick her up last night to go back to their parents’. But she told me she will be home tonight. It’s already 9:30, she must be home soon, why don’t you come in and wait” Jea motioned her hand toward the living room.

“Her parents’?” Kwon asked as he stepped into the house. He remembered how Seulong said she had not been back home for the last few weeks due to having to ‘help’ him and he was apologetic about that. Thinking he should call and say hi at least to her mom, Kwon picked up the phone and dialed her parents’ home number.

“Omoni~~” Kwon greeted cheerfully.

“Kwon-ah” Gain’s mom happily greeted back. She always thought of Kwon as her own child.

“I hope I’m not calling too late”

“No dear, as the matter of fact, Khun and Gain just left for 15 minutes only”

“Khun?” Kwon was puzzled by the unfamiliar name until he remembered about the handsome man he met in a bar few days ago.

“Oh, Seulong’s friend just came back from the States. He’s driving Gain home. The kid is very nice..” Gain’s mom started telling Kwon about Khun and their fun Saturday “.. Next time, you must be here too, Kwon-ah. I miss you too”

“Me too, Omoni” Kwon answered, dismissed the uneasiness as Gain’s mom praising Khun “That’s why I’m calling. I’m sorry for not be able to visit more often”

“You should, Gain’s father also kept asking about you” she sighed “And Changmin and Jinwoon too, your parents are all abroad, I know Changmin cooks very well but come back here for a mom-cooked meal with us, sometimes”

“Thank you, Omoni” Kwon felt touched of how Gain’s mom always took care of him since he was young and later his cousins too when they moved in with him. “I’ll come next week, then?”

“Great, tell me what you want to eat and I’ll cook”

“Omoni, you’re the best” Kwon laughed and chatted with her some more before he bid her good night.

Kwon was watching TV for a while when Jea came back to the living room, surprised that Gain still wasn’t home, and it’s already 10:45. Her parents’ house was only 45 minutes away which meant she should have been home already. Kwon was worried, he called her phone several times but couldn’t get through, he panicked even more. The thought of Gain was alone with a strange guy, who cared that he was Seulong hyung’s friend and they had a nice time together, out there this late totally unnerved Kwon, just when he decided to the last resort and prepared to call Seulong to get Khun’s number, an engine noise stopped him. 5 minutes later, Gain walked in with a wide smile, before stopped short at the sight of Kwon’s glare who, she noted, was holding very tightly on the phone.

“Where have you been? Why is your phone not working? Do you know it’s really late and I was very worried when I couldn’t call you? You’re supposed to be home an hour ago already, why are you so late?” Kwon just let out all his worried in 1 go.

“Wow, Gain” Jea let out a tiny laugh “Who don’t know would think either he’s your mom or husband” It’s not the first time Jea saw Kwon nagged at Gain but it’s the first time she saw he was this panic.

“There was an accident on the highway, that’s why we got stuck” Gain calmly answered as if she wasn’t affected at all by his nag “And no, Jea, not mother or husband but a nagging mother-in-law instead” Gain turned to Jea and giggled.

“Yah! I’m not done with you!” Kwon raised his voice “At least you should call. You’re a girl, even Jea was so worried and I almost thought of calling Seulong hyung or the police already”

“My phone was out of battery” Gain almost raised her voice at him, as her good mood was ruined by his nag. But, seeing his eyes filled with worries, she knew, he was sincerely scared that something could have happened to her, so she lowered her voice “I should have borrow poppa’s phone to call Jea” then she walked to him, using her best weapon against him, her eyesmile, while pulling his sleeve “I’m sorry, Kwon-ah. For worrying you” And just like the n times in the past, Kwon just sighed and patted her hand on his sleeve “Please don’t do it again next time”

“And I was partying while you’re gone, i know” Jea joked with sarcasm

“And you too, Jea. Sorry” Gain smiled

“Whatever” Jea waved her hand to dismiss her housemate “All this worries made me hungry, I’ll go get some cereal snack. Anyone want?”

Both Gain and Kwon refused and teased Jea that she shouldn’t eat or her 2 weeks diet might be ruined. Kwon got a cushion thrown at his head as the result.

With 2 of them remaining in the living room, Gain asked Kwon why he was here, and only then Kwon remembered one very important thing, he hadn’t called Minkyung for the pick up time tomorrow. As he told Gain this, his best friend widen her eyes and smacked him hard on the head “How could you forget such thing? CALL HER NOW!!” as Kwon scrambled to get his phone and dial Minkyung’s number, hoping she wouldn’t be mad at him and cancel the date.

After Kwon hung up his phone, with a relieved smile that Minkyung was not mad at him as she thought he was busy preparing for the trip and yes, she will be waiting for him at 10am tomorrow, Gain motioned him to sit in front of her. Fixing his hair that she smacked before, Gain softly said “Kwon ah, you can’t keep being like this or Minkyung will not like you, ok? you have to set your priority right”

“What do you mean?” Kwon was confused “I’m wrong about forgetting to call her, but worrying about you wasn’t wrong. You’re my best friend”

“Yes, of course, but not all girls will be happy that her boyfriend forgets to call her because he’s busy  worrying for another female friend” she pointed at herself “best friend or not”

“I don’t think Minkyung is that kind of person” Kwon patted Gain’s head “Anyone involves with me should understand that you’re my best friend and that you are among my top priority” Kwon smiled then blushed slightly “Plus, she’s not my girlfriend, yet. I just asked her out, haven’t asked her officially”

“All the more you should treat her with more care, babo” Gain lightly smacked his head again “Didn’t you say she will join your trip tomorrow? Go home and prepare then rest well. Perhaps I should thank her that I’m not dragged along this time?” she laughed teasingly “Oh, Kwonnie, don’t nag and force her to try out your weird ideas or arrangement like you normally make me slave over”

“YAH! you just don’t understand my art” Kwon pouted as he got up and prepared to go home.

After Kwon left, Gain was also about to went back to her room when she heard Jea said “I still don’t understand why you two are not together. A guy forgot about a girl that he supposed-that-he-likes to worry about you? Yeah, right!”

“Yah~ don’t say that. We are best friends, and he’s just a little bit dense, he’ll treat her better”

“Let’s see, I just feel pity for the girl, that’s all” Jea continued chewing on her snack

“He.. doesn’t like me like that, ok?” Gain frowned at Jea’s comment “The way he talked about the girl, he likes her very much”

“Whatever. How about you?”

“What about me?”

“I supposed the guy drove you home is the new suitor? How is his chance?” Jea looked at Gain with a teasing smile

“He’s nice, I’d love to see more of him” Gain smiled back. It’s nice to have a friend like Jea, the sister she never had.

“Go rest, girl. It’s late. I’ll interrogate you about him tomorrow” Jea smirked at her friend and turned back to the TV. After Gain said good night, she went back to her room without hearing Jea mumbled “I think I will pity that guy too”

==End of Chapter==


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