[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 3

“Hello, Gain-ah?” Kwon greeted over the phone “I have to cancel the meeting with you tomorrow…yeah… can’t refuse… Yeah, I’ll buy you dinner later, ok? Ok Ok, stop nagging, consider it your day off hehe…Bye~~” Kwon hanged up the phone, then breathed out heavily. This was the third time he had to cancel his meetings with Gain these two weeks. When he cancelled the first time, she laughed and thought he finally mustered his courage and asked Minkyung but unfortunately, he didn’t ask her that time, neither did he for the two cancellations after. How he wished it was the reason, he asking Minkyung, but it’s just that now his Seulong hyung knew about his “training”, the guy who seemed to dislike him since his preschool days suddenly decided to be a good hyung and claimed the responsibility to “train” him. “Gain is just a girl after all, how can she tell you all” he said. Today was the third time Seulong just called him out of the blue and told him to go out for a drink after work.

As soon as Kwon stepped into the bar, he found SeulOng enjoying his drink on the left corner, he called out and went to his hyung.
“What do you drink?” Seulong asked
“Just a beer, hyung, you know I don’t drink much”
“Gain is not here, drink! You don’t have to take care of her getting drunk after this” Seulong laughed. It’s always known among their circle that even though Kwon was the guy but the one to drink more and get drunk in their outings were always Gain. Kwon never drank too much as he was always in charge of taking care of Gain as others kept on drinking.
“It’s my habit already. I don’t have much tolerance for alcohol either” Kwon just smiled.
“Suit yourself then” Seulong shrugged “I don’t know why you’re so afraid of her anyway, anything she says, you’d follow” he sipped his drink “Anyways, I’m calling you out not to talk about Gain. How are you with that lady? Asked her out yet?”
Kwon took a gulp “Not yet hyung, actually, I plan to ask her out for this weekend” he blushed
“Good! A man has to know when to grasp his chance. If you’re stalling for too long, some guys will just come and snatch her”
“Is that so? So I can just go and grasp her..” Kwon chuckled, mischief showing in his eyes now “like, really confident?”
“Of course, that’s what you should do!” Seulong nodded enthusiastically
“Then why, hyung” Kwon smirked “you always stutter when you’re in front of Miryo noona and you guys haven’t had any dinner date now?”
“YAHHHH” Seulong shouted and blushed heavily “t…that was different!” he stammered
“What different? you always talk big about how to make a move these days to me, and yet..tsk” Kwon took another gulp of beer
“Since when did you talk back to me like this? I thought you’re nervous before asking her out?” Seulong squinted his eyes “Why are you acting like this now”
“I’m nervous, hyung. As hell!” Kwon chuckled “But Gain already told me to relax, and she already helped me enough so I think I can do it ok”
“Gain again? Why you’re always like that Kwon?” Seulong said “You have to have your own confidence, you can’t rely on my sister forever, are you gonna come to her house and ask ‘should I take my wife out to dinner for our anniversary?’ when you’re both married?”
“Hyung.. that’s too much.. I’m not gonna…”
“Excuse me, are you.. Seulong?” Kwon’s sentence got cut. Turned to his side, he saw the newcomer was a very tall and good looking guy.
“Yes I am, and you’re … Nichkhun??” Seulong’s eyes widened “When did you get back, punk? You didn’t even call me”
“Hehehe… and ruin the surprise?” the new guy smiled and clapped on Seulong’s back with familiarity. Kwon can see that his smile was very nice and gentle
“Sit down man” Seulong was glad to meet his best friend again after 5 years “Let me introduce, this is Nichkhun, my best friend in University, the punk went to the US for the last 5 years due to his family business” Nichkhun smiled and offered Kwon his hand “And this is Kwon, I don’t know if you remember him, but this kid was always with my sister like her shadow since they are kids”
“Ah, you’re that boy, well. You look much different now” Nichkhun laughed while Kwon felt shy, part of it because he felt so small sitting between the two giants. “So, is this the brothers-in-law night out?”
“What? No!!” Seulong protested immediately “He is NOT my brother-in-law. This kid and my sister.. no no! We are talking about his plan to ask a lady in his company out, actually”
“Yes, Gain and I are just best friends” Kwon smiled, though he wondered why Seulong protested him so much ‘Am I that bad?’ he thought
“Ah..then can I count myself lucky?” Nichkhun winked at Kwon and earned a hard smack on the back by Seulong
“Lucky?” Kwon looked at him confused
“Babo” Seulong mumbled “This punk has always been interested in Gain ever since he came over our house and met her. Kept asking about her even when he’s in the US” Then he turned to Nichkhun “Don’t think I’m gonna approve you just because you’re my best friend. My sister is still too young and innocent for guys like you”
Khun just laughed “It’s not for you to decide. It’ll be her decision, right Kwon?” Khun turned to Kwon again “Being her best friend for so long, I think I should bribe you for help”
“Hahaha…” Kwon laughed nervously, part of him thought about how Gain would kill him if she knew her love life being discussed like this, part of him still trying to evaluate the man in front of him, to see what kind of man he is “I’m not sure how I can help you, hyung”
“This kid is hopeless, Khun-ah” Seulong waved his hand “All he can do is following her orders”
“Really?” Khun patted Kwon on the back “We’ll see, even so, you must know a lots about her. Help this hyung, Kwon” Khun turned to Seulong “But either way, I have to come over and greet your parents anyways, it’s been a long time”
“Of course, you ate too many of my mum’s lunches back then already”
“Oh..” Kwon remembered something “Seulong hyung, Gain just told me she will come over to stay at your parents’ this weekend.”
“Now that’s how you should help me. I like this dongsaeng already, Seulong” Nichkhun laughed while Seulong frowned “You have such a big mouth, Kwon”
“This saturday it is then, I’ll come by your parents’” Khun grinned.

As the night got older, the three men kept chatting and Kwon decided that, this Nichkhun guy was a nice and very smart gentleman, he thought maybe this could be a good match with Gain, even though he didn’t know why there seemed to be some voice in the back of his mind mumbling “babo”

==End of Chapter=

A/N: my parting Gift to my quad sis Rua, who is going to army camp this Sunday for 4 weeks. Please be healthy. Don’t go singing or screaming WFIL during your duty time, ok?


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