[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 2

That night, as he lied on his bed, Kwon thought about Gain’s condition with a fond smile “My best friend is sure a unique girl. No one can rival her, really”

“OK. Then first thing first: Be my boyfriend!”
“WHAT!!!?” Kwon’s eyes widened
“YAH!! Not what you think, babo” Gain smacked his head “I just meant I’ll give you missions about how to treat a girl on dates and such. And since you don’t dare to take risk with Minkyung, just pretend that you have to present to me, I’ll tell you from a girl’s perspective if you pass or fail. Then you will understand what to do “
Kwon rubbed his head “You startled me. But I came to ask you for your help to do exactly those things and now suddenly I have homework like this?”
“If I tell you step by step what to do, it’d be me courting her, not you. You have to figure it out, but I’m here to give you pointers, right?” Gain explained
“So when will this training finish?”
“When you’re confident enough! You decide it!”
“Oh OK… what’s to do first then?” Kwon agreed
“Ask me out. Of course! You would have to at least invite the girl to dinner or lunch first to show your interest, right?” Gain really wanted to slapped her forehead for her clueless best friend.
“Right.. Gain-ah, would you like to go …”
“Nope. Failed” Gain cut off his words “Don’t rush, at least think about it, plan how to ask. Oh, and while doing your ‘missions’, try not to think of me as your best friend. That’ll help!”
“Aish..you’re so difficult” Kwon pouted
“Again, stop that pout! You asked for help, right?” Gain just grinned “But Kwon ah, keep an eye on her as well, or while you keep doing the ‘missions’ some guys will come and snatch her away! And if the chance comes, do it, ask her, ok?”
“Got it, coach!” Kwon saluted her, jokingly.
“Anything for my best friend, right? But I’d expect dinners, many dinners, ok?” Gain smiled at him
“No problem!!”
Just like that, the 2 best friends continued to enjoy their dinner, fill with laughter.


It took him 3 times to get a “YES” from Gain (he did wonder if Gain actually took this chance to torture him for her entertainment). But after that first step’s done, he found himself actually enjoyed her ‘training’. For their ‘dates’, she either took him to hair salon and went shopping as she wanted to give him a make over or gave him a little ‘lessons’ and ‘missions’ on how to treat a girl on dates. When Kwon first heard about the word “make over” he refused immediately and earned another smack on his head (he noticed that recently she smacked him a lot) “You have to dress up to impress” she said. However, he was relieved as her ‘make over’ was actually just a little touch up like “trim your hair, it’s so messy”,”you have good muscle, don’t hide, get the fitted clothes” or “tone down your kkap a little when you meet new people or they might get scared”. With just a little bit of touch up like that, and people around  noticed there’s something changed about him, even Narsha noona stared at him once and said “You look… different. But good! Keep it up!” and Minkyung gave him some compliments during the few times they had lunch together. He also made a note to thank Gain about reminding him to tone down his jokes, Minkyung seems to like his “moderated-humor-sense”.

Today, it’ll be another training date and Gain asked him to choose a movie to go watch together and they will get him some new glasses and contact lens later. As he’s humming happily, preparing his clothes, he heard a knock on the door. Thinking it’s Changmin-hyung, he called out “Come in hyung”. However, it’s not Changmin.
“Seulong Hyung”
Seulong stepped into Kwon’s room with a scowl, took a look at him
“Where are you going?”
“Uhm.. going out” Kwon didn’t know why he asked, but he definitely didn’t like the scary look in Seulong’s eyes. It always puzzled Kwon as to why Seulong disliked him so much (“even if i puked on him as a baby, that was so long ago already” he once complained to Gain)
“With whom?”
“Gain, why? is there something wrong, hyung?” Kwon innocently replied.
“What for?” the scowl deepened
“She’s..uhm.. helping me on something” Kwon’s not sure if he should tell Seulong about their ‘training’
“It must be really important then. She even only came back to mom’s house for sunday’s mornings for these few weeks already, claiming she’s very busy ”
“You’re a guy, speak clearly, don’t mumble” Seulong snapped.
“Sheshelpingmetoaskmycrushout” finally
“HUH? what?” the scowl turned upside down and now Seulong looked confused.
“She’s helping me to ask my crush out, hyung” Kwon’s face started to blush. It’s the first time he told anyone about this aside from Gain
“You asked her to help? That gangsta?” Seulong jaw dropped “and what? you got a crush?”
“Who else, hyung? She’s my best friend!”
“ME of course!! Don’t you know your hyung?” Suddenly Seulong became really happy that Kwon’s a bit scared of his sudden mood swing
“Thanks hyung, but I need to make a move now. Gain will have my head if I’m late” Kwon tried to get out Seulong’s headlock
“Oh ok, go go. You don’t want her to chop you off right? But I’ll call you out for drinks later. Your hyung will help you” Seulong shoved him playfully out of the door. Kwon still totally had no idea what was going on.

After Kwon left, SeulOng happily went to bother Changmin who was cooking in the kitchen
“Why are you so happy?”
“Kwon went out with Gain!” happiness was obvious in Seulong’s voice
“That made you happy that much? I never knew you are so fond of the kid” Changmin chuckled. It was not a new thing that Seulong had some weird dislike toward Kwon.
“Chet.. no, seems that she’s helping him to woo his crush. That kid is not interested in my sister” Seulong grinned.
“Ah.. so THAT’S WHY! You babo, what’s wrong with them being together? They are cute you know?”
“My sister deserves a better guy”
“Will there ever be anyone you deem to be enough for your sister, you babo!” Changmin shook his head “You talk so much, but if Gain brings a guy home, will you even dare to utter a word?”

• • •
Even though Gain scoffed at his choice of movie (an academic movie), she said it would be a waste if they left so they still went in to watch. After some times, Kwon felt Gain leaned her head on his shoulder. Turning to see if she’s touched by the story, Kwon stifled a laugh, Gain fell asleep, she even snored softly. Seeing she was so comfortable on his shoulder, Kwon didn’t want wake her up so he gently adjust the position to get closer to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. As if feeling the warmth around her, Gain snuggled to him a little bit more.
‘My best friend is so cute’ Kwon smiled softly at her then turned his attention to the big screen, feeling warmth spreading from his heart.

==End of Chapter==

A/N: As I will be away for a while, please do understand if next week I won’t be able to update the story ^^.. Anyhow, thank you for your support thus far. I hope you’ll continue to love this story.. cheers~~


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