[Drabble] Tango

People often call him “kid husband”. They saw how it was always she who led their relationship in the program, or even in their stage together for New Year. She’s sure the audience saw her small touches to lead him through out the performance. People will laugh and keep calling him “kid”.

What they don’t know

The smile that calmed her nerve before they got on stage for their MC roles.
The gentle hand picked up her dress when it got tangled on stage.
The assuring hug to let her know she did well despite not being very experienced in the MC field.


A bottle of her favorite water during practice
Small whisperings guiding her through each step of the dance
The firm hold on her hands taking her around the station, confident and sure.

What happens behind the cameras, stays behind the cameras.
And she’s fine with that. He’s perfectly fine with that too.
They understand. That’s what matters the most.
After all, it takes two to tango. When one steps forward, the other half takes a step back.


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