[Fan Fic] Train Me – Chapter 1

Present time, 6:30pm

Gain sleepily reached out to her phone, saw the caller ID and groaned, he disturbed her sleep again
“WHAT???” she yelled into her phone “Why it’s always you who disturb me sleep!!?”
“Who tells you to sleep at this time of day? Wake up, I’m gonna come over to take you out for dinner” Kwon grinned. He knew Gain had been busy for the last 2 weeks to work on a project, she almost pulled all-nighters for 3 days now so he often ‘disturbed’ her in time for dinner.
“NO! I WANT SLEEP! Wait.. what? you take me out for dinner? YOU? STINGY KID?” Gain was surprised at his invitation. While he normally brought food for her, it’s always Changmin’s food, not food he bought.
“YAH! Have I ever been stingy to you?” Kwon retorted. Gain must agree, while he’s known to everyone as ‘stingy’, he has never been like that to her.
“But for you to willingly invite me like that?… SPILL! What happened?” Gain knew there must be something.
“I’ll tell you over dinner. Now go wash up! I’ll be there in 30 mins!”
• • •

“HUH? Come again?” Gain’s eyes widened as Kwon told her why he invited her to dinner.
“I said, help me to become a man!” Kwon repeated as if he was trying to explain to a 3 years old kid
“Woah.. Kwonnie, I never knew you were…” Gain giggled, Kwon still didn’t realize his ‘scandalous’ comment
“What do you mean.. WAIT! I DIDN’T MEAN IT LIKE THAT” finally.
“HAHAHAHA .. I don’t know, you said it yourself” Gain now laughed hysterically.
“Aish…” Kwon pouted, his habit whenever Gain cornered him
“Ohh… I’m sorry” Gain patted his shoulder “Tell me clearly what happened to make you want to be a……man” she failed to hold her laughter once again.
“I’m not gonna tell you, you just keep teasing me”
“No.. I sw..I promise…I won’t laugh again” Gain said after she settled her laughter
“Actually, this is something happened a while ago already..

1 month ago, at Kwon’s company
“Everyone, please come over and welcome our new family member, Kang Minkyung-ssi, who will be our new Accounts Manager” Kwon’s boss called out to everyone in office.
Since their company is small, just a size of 10, the boss was always trying to create a friendly, family-like environment. So as soon as he called out, the rest of the team gathered to see who’s the new addition to their ‘family’. To their surprise, it’s not another geek looking person but a cute yet elegant young woman smiling and bowing to them
“Hello, I’m Kang Minkyung, I’m honored to be able to work with you. Please give me your guidance”
None of the guys there can react fast enough being all charmed by her sweet smile, so the only girl there, Narsha had to speak up
“Welcome, Minkyung-ssi, since all the kids here seem to lose their ability to talk, let me take you around the company” She took Minkyung away, but not before noticing the dumbfound look on Kwon’s face ‘Ah, this’s gonna be fun’

Minkyung was like a new breeze into the company since there was only 1 girl before in their company, Narsha. And with her being the noona of the pack, they considered their company is a single-gender company (and often whined about that fact to the boss, only to get whacked by Narsha “Who am I? Your hyung??”). Minkyung was a nice girl too. She has always been polite and tried her best in everything so of course the guys were even more charmed. Kwon was no exception, Narsha teased him about Minkyung before but while Kwon’s loved for his fun personality, the history of being rejected by girls scarred him. So even as he had a crush on her, Kwon never thought of making a move. Until…

2 days ago,
During lunch time, after giving Narsha her lunch pack by Changmin as usual, Kwon brought his lunch back to the computer to eat. As he passed by the pantry, he saw Minkyung was trying open a jar of pickle
“Hey, do you need help?”
Hearing someone’s voice, Minkyung looked up to see Kwon, she smiled shyly
“Kwon-ssi, if you could, please. The lid is too hard”
Kwon tried to open but couldn’t so he brought the jar under the tap, turned to HOT and let the water flowed over the jar for a few seconds before trying again with a spoon, and “pop”, the lid was off.
“Here you go”
“Thank you, Kwon-ssi” Minkyung bowed a little and smiled to him sweetly. That little sweet smile made Kwon blushed a little.
“It’s.. nothing, Minkyung-ssi” as he prepared to leave, Minkyung spoke up
“Uhm.. Kwon-ssi, would you like to eat lunch with me? It would be more fun to have company when eating”
The two had a fun lunch and Minkyung’s subtle sense of humor enchanted Kwon even more. And he was sure that he would want Minkyung to pay more attention to him and maybe, ask her out later.


“So…… let me recap your story” Gain took a sip of her drink “you want to impress this.. Minkyung girl … by being manlier?”
“Yeah, you know how girls never take me seriously” Kwon looked at his best friend “But this time, I think I want Minkyung to look at my way!”
“Wah.. what happened to my best friend during the time I’m busy” Gain pretended to feel his forehead “OK, stop that look. And the pout. You just said you want to be manly”
“Gainnie~~~~~” Kwon whined. He loved Gain dearly, he really did, but there’re times he felt like he’s her dongsaeng instead of best friend with her way of teasing.
“And that too” Gain calmly stopped Kwon like it’s her everyday job “Kwon-ah, if a girl likes you, she will like your personality too. Kkap or not”
“I know, but Gainnie, I want to make sure this time. I want to show her a better image of myself” Kwon insisted
“You stubborn kid. Just be yourself. And from the story you told me, she seems to have some interest at you too. Just ask her out!”
“I want to do it right, Gainnie. Plus I have no experience in dating. Please help me!” Kwon pleaded. He knew, being the popular girl in school with hallway-long line of suitors and having already gone out with a few guys, Gain was the only one he trusted to help him. Even more than his Changmin hyung.
Gain sighed “If you insist. But I still think the best way is just be yourself. Never mind, Are you sure you want this?”
“Then my condition: you have to listen to whatever I say and my training method”
“Sure thing”
“OK. Then first thing first: Be my boyfriend!”
==End of Chapter==


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