[Fan Fic] Train Me – Prologue


What’s a girl to do when her best friend comes and asks for her help to impress his crush? Slap him on the back, laugh happily because “My best friend has finally grown up” and agree wholeheartedly to help him, right? That’s it… Right?

Character Introduction

Gain: 25 years old, Interior designer in a small company owned by herself and a group of friends. Kwon’s best friend since babyhood. The strong and mischievous one, always been popular since high school. Her line of suitors is long but she has never had an official boyfriend.
Kwon: 25 years old, only child. Web coder. Gain’s best friend since babyhood. Due to being the only child, Kwon likes to make friends a lot and always has a way to make people laugh. However, since his features are slender, soft, feminine, plus his joker personality, no girls ever taken him seriously.
Seulong: 28 years old, Car designer. Gain’s older brother. Used to babysit Kwon and Gain when they were young. Dislikes Kwon very much. He said because Kwon puked on him too much before.
Changmin: 28 years old, Chef. Seulong’s best friend and Kwon’s cousin. His parents currently reside oversea so he stayed with his brother, Jinwoon and Kwon. Gentle and kind, he’s more like the big mama in the house to Kwon and Jinwoon.
Jinwoon: 20 years old, 3rd year college student. Kwon’s cousin and Changmin’s brother. A musical talent in school, witty guy except when it comes to his best friend Nicole.
Miryo: 27 years old, in Gain’s group of close friends. Part owner of the company with Gain, in charge of Finance. Calm and smart. No one wants to mess with her. Only Seulong and her close friends knows how adorable she can become when she’s with them.
Jea: 25 years old, in Gain’s group of close friends. Part owner of the company with Gain and Miryo, in charge of Account managing. Loves food, Changmin’s loyal customer and ‘taste tester’. Fan of Kwon’s jokes and antics.
Narsha: 27 years old. in Gain’s group of close friends, Changmin’s girlfriend. Web designer, works in same company as Kwon. Witty, Kwon’s favorite noona.


18 years ago, Playground

“YAH. STOP” A petite girl ran across the sandbox and pushed the bigger boy away from an also petite boy. “Don’t you dare hit him”
“bleh bleh~~ girly boy Kwon always needs to be protected” The bigger boy taunted the little boy before he left. He knew he shouldn’t mess with that girl no matter how small she seemed. She knew how to bite
Only 2 of them left, Gain helped Kwon to stand up
“You babo, you have to fight back. Why you let him pushed you around like that?” She helped him dust off the sand
“I just came to ask if I can join the game” Kwon pouted “I don’t know why they don’t like me. But it’s ok, I already have Gainnie with me ^^” Kwon immediately smiled his adorable eyesmile to Gain, his best friend.
“Of course, I’ll never leave you, Kwonnie~~~” Gain smiled happily “Now, let’s go home. My mom is yelling at Seulong oppa because he let us run around without following us” The two kids happily held hand and skipped to home.

8 years ago, Last year of High school

“I’m sorry, Kwon-ah, I already promised Taecyeon to be his date for the prom” Yoona smiled apologetically.
“It’s ok. Have fun then” Kwon smiled to her but as she turned away, his face changed and sighed “I guess no girl wants to go to the prom with me”
“Hey ya~~” A familiar hand slapped on his back “What are you mumbling?” Gain hung her arm on his shoulder
“Yoona just rejected me” Kwon sighed again
“Who told you to be so late. Didn’t I tell you to ask her a week ago?” Gain pinched him
“Ouch..you bully… now I think I’ll skip the prom since I have no one to go with”
“Why? Go with me, I have no one to go with too” Gain stuck out her tongue
“What? the ever-popular Gain doesn’t have any guy to go with? I thought I saw a line waiting for you!” Kwon looked at her surprisedly
“Nah.. I ditch them all to accompany my best friend, Aren’t I the greatest friend ever?” Gain jumped in front of Kwon and spun around.
Kwon laughed “Oh yeah you are…” He clapped loudly and joined in her impromptu dance ” Thank you Gainnie. You’re always here for me”
“I promised you Kwon-ah, didn’t I?” Gain smiled “But I tell you this secret, all the guys asked me out, none gave me THE FEEL”
“So that’s why you agree to go with me??” Kwon pretended to gasp and sob “I know I’m just your backup plan”
“Yah~ You ungrateful brat. At least I asked you! Tsk.. have you ever seen ME asking someone out?” Gain slapped his arms
“Kekeke I know. I love you Gainnie~~” Kwon put his arm around her and the two best friends continued their way to class paying no attention the look everyone in the hallway gave them, envy from the boys and ‘is-she-serious-about-going-with-him’ look from the girls.


Hi all, My new piece … It’s inspired from my talk with my quad troll sistas (again…). I write very slow, so please bear with me.

My Special thanks to my Quad Troll Sistas for encouraging me, a shupah special thanks to Rua for helping me with the Characters (that has yet to appear)~~~~


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