[Ending 2]

*beep* a message came in. I took a look at the notification on my phone. Rascal, I grinned, there’s a reason for me to keep the ring on my finger even if the didn’t make sense in the MV, and I always thought the red gloves fit me better anyway. “Sorry, I think I have to go after the meeting” I smile apologetically. He sighed and waved me good bye.

I missed your simple kimbap greatly.

“Noona, when are you coming home? I miss you~~~”. Sent.

“Hyung, why are you looking so down?” He got startled briefly by the wetness on his cheek. Turning to his side, he saw his new puppy staring at him, licking his cheek, his friend holding the puppy up, looking at him with concern.

“Ah, nothing” He turned off the screen on the phone and took the puppy from his friend. A reply came in, he couldn’t contain his smile reading her response. He had some preparation to do. “Hyunnie ah, could you help me to take care of Gaga tomorrow night? You can stay here or you can take her to your place. I might not be home tomorrow night”

“Your filming schedule, hyung?”

“Ani, something more important” He flashed a smile before running out the door. He would have to check her fridge first before buying anything or she would scold him.


One Response to [Ending 2]

  1. ichi says:

    the date… September 20th… 2009??? their first WGM recording

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