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Hi all,
This is about the post below. As you can see, it’s password protected.. No, it’s not Rated… But it’s written as a birthday present to my dongsaeng Rua…so i like did in 2012 for WFIL:missing chapter, i gave her the password to share with whoever she wants ^^. If you want to take a look, please … chase her kkkk

Cheers and Happy Birthday to my Dongsaeng again~~~

Protected: For Rua’s Bday – Seoul Lonely ^^

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[2014.05] Adanes admins` messages regarding the closing of Daum Fancafe for Adam Couple

❝고난 역경 그리고 행복❣❞


Thank you all for everything….all these while.
I`ll cherish the lovely images of our sweethearts as beloved memories.
Until now, we`ve faced a lot of hardship and adversity…but there were also a lot of precious and joyful moments.
To everyone who has been with us to this point, supporting us…sincerely, thank you~
There`s no way there is no more interaction between those two at all~ㅋ
Two of them are both important idols….and as a celeb fan who is having fine a relationship…I also think those weren`t just manners…they got quite troubled burdened by it all the while…
I will continue cheering for them with all my heart….pretty Son Gangni, and cool master Kwon too.
And I will remember all of you, Adanes members.
Thank you.

This cafe will be open until the end of May~

 From other admins:


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For Adam. For Adanes.

Finally, half of Adam went public with her relationship. Therefore, blessing are in order, and it’s time to say goodbye to Adam.

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[Drabble] “Can you imagine…”

“Can you imagine a ring on here?”
Her head spun around looking in surprise at his casual-but-not-supposed-to-be-so question.

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[Fan fic] Train me – Chapter 7

“Why do I have to join you for this, Kwon ah?” Gain grumbled, having to open the door for Kwon at 8am on a Sunday. And her best friend just slipped into the house with his grin.

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